CORONAVIRUS: I am bored and lonely and want to see my friends but cannot go out due to COVID 19. I wish there was a way for me to stay in contact with people.

Can you think of three reasons why this person is facing this problem and list them here.

Based on the reason above, what do you think your user needs to solve this challenge?

She is afraid that she may contact COVID-19 when she go out. She lives in an isolated and confined environment; inability to see her friends.

She engaged in routine activities, with out indoor recreational activities.

She doesn’t have enough money to purchase airtime, data and internet services to connect with people via imo calls, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, video calls, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms to reach out with people.

What she needs to solve this challenge……

Internet of things (IoTs) be made available like electronic chips that serves as censors to notify her friends that she needs to be in contact with them. So that they can see each other via screen.

She needs a smart phone to engage in social media, indoor recreational activities like ludo, whott etc.

She should not be afraid of COVID 19, since Matthew’s medicine can prevent and cure COVID-19.

She should occupy with something doing, live in a lively and opened environment.

She should connect with friends via social media platforms. Interact with people, practice social distancing, hand sanitizing. Before she goes to bed at night, she should review her activities, if she suspects or feels insecure of COVID 19, then she should take Matthew’s medicine.

With Matthew’s medicine, engage in your usual activities, live your normal life without being afraid of catching COVID-19.

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