Relationship: 2 types of Engagement.

The two types of ngagement are:

1. Engagement for sex (Free browser to V-region).

2. Ngagement for marriage (genuine engagement).

The former has no benefit for both men and women who are involved in this. It leads to depression, confusion and even create enmity later between the man and the woman and their respective families.

This is also an act of fornication, because the two adults involved sees it as free access to individual bodies. In this type of engagement sexual intercourse is the Paramount aim.


But the later is a good engagement which is good for both the male and female who endulge in it. This helps both parties to plan and walk together into marriage. Which along the line results to good family set-up, where there will be mutual understanding between the husband and his wife. This also unites the two families together.

Therefore adults are advised to go for the later; engagement for marriage.

What is your opinion?

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