God is set to do a new thing in our lives as members of His Church.

Before we continue, let us first do a definition of the word ‘new’ for us to have a better and clearer understanding of the topic.

There are two Greek words used for the English word ‘New’ as we know it today:
The first word is: ‘Neos’, which means new in point of time. When a Greek man uses ‘neos’ it means that thing has just come into existence. It doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been something like it before, but simply
means that that particular one is new. Neos has more to do with time.

The second one is ‘kainos’ which has to do with quality. If a Greek man uses the word kainos, it means that there hasn’t been anything like it before; kainos means that it is the first of its kind and this is the one we are considering in our topic.

In Acts chapter 2:1-4, something ‘kainos’ happened to the believers who at the time were in a sort of lockdown, just like us today. Everyone who witnessed happened at Pentecost, knew it was extraordinary. The Holy Spirit came upon the Church in the form of tongues of fire resting upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Spirit and began to speak in tongues. That brought an end to their lockdown. The same way God will bring our own lockdown to an end by the same Spirit.

Another example of a kainos, a new thing that had never been seen or heard before is the miracle of turning water into wine at by Jesus, which took place at Cana of Galilee. It was something that had never happened before.

Our God is a specialist in doing new things, both new in point of time (neos) and new in point of quality (kainos). For example, if you have gone out of stock, God is able to replenish your stock; If it is a new miracle that hasn’t happened before you need, He also able to do it for you.

In the book of Isaiah 43:18- 21 we read that God is doing a new thing for us. But after carefully meditating through the lines of the above verses and others cited before, i realize that God wants us to do the following to make this new thing come to pass in our lives:

  1. Forget the former things. Certain things have to depart our lives for new one(s) to come in.
  2. We have to see what
    God is doing.
    God says, “See, i am doing a new thing..” He caused Abraham to look at the sand on the Sea shores before given such numbers as descendants to him. If you don’t look you can’t see; if you don’t see, you can’t take delivery of what you’re been given. It is often said that you have to picture it, in order to capture it. So God wants us to open our spiritual eyes and look at what he is doing before we can have it.
  3. Embrace the Holy Spirit’s leadership and enablement to make new things happen in your life
  4. Do whatever he tells you to do. This was the counsel from Jesus’ mother, Mary to the servants in the house Cana, where Jesus turned water to wine (Jn 2:5) Total obedience to the Lord’s instructions is very important if God would do anything new in our lives.
  5. “That they may proclaim my praise” (Isa 43:21). This was God expressing His heart desire. Whatever God does in the life of his people, he does it to keep his promises but also to generate praises for Himself. Therefore, we must endeavor at all times to proclaim his praise. We are to do this with our lives, our words and actions, in doing business, at work and wherever we find ourselves. This will make us enjoy new things from God continually.

Prayer Points

  • Lord help me to forget the things that are past
  • Open my eyes to behold what you’re doing for me and my future
  • Do something new in my life, family, job, business and finances etc
  • Help me to remain receptive to your Spirit always, as he is the greatest Gift you have given to Mankind
  • Help me to be totally obedient to your instructions, Lord.
  • Make me an instrument of your praise. Help me to proclaim your praise all the days of my life.

May answer our prayers and do a new thing in our lives in Jesus name!


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