The respect Africans have for their elderly ones have Socioeconomic benefits.

In Africa, young people respect their elderly ones. This is done by rendering assistance to their elders especially in carrying out tasks that involve physical strength. The elders use their wealth of experience to issue out directives on how tasks are to be carried out.

This leads to cordial relationship between young and elderly people, which brings about intimacy, love and affection within them.

More so, there is sharing of ideas and knowledge among them; impartation of knowledge too.

This is helpful for preservation of cultural heritage, in which decency of the society is the order of the day.

The above reasons lead to maximum utilization of the physical strength of the young ones and the wealth of experience of the elderly ones. These have great impacts in carrying out daily activities in Africa. Which is of importance to African socioeconomic development.

Published by Ernest I.

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