Why the three tiers of Nigerian government must stop paying her workers salaries.

Nigeria is a mono-economy country in which her major source of income is crude oil. Since the drastic fall of crude oil price because of the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic, the country has been begging international bodies to give her loan.

Because of high cost of governance, some agencies and parastatals like Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), National Haji Commission of Nigerian (NAHCON) and Nigerian Christian Pilgrimage Commission (NCPC) will be scrabed, but that will not be enough as the country is totally bankrupt.

In this trial time, every citizen is expected to pay sacrifice to alleviate the suffering of ordinary Nigerians. Imagine in a period like this, a working class person goes home with huge amount of money despite not going to work, while his/her fellow compatriots go hungry.

I suggest that government at various levels should stop paying her workers but be giving palliatives to all her citizens through Biometric Verification Number (BVN).

You are encouraged to throw more light on this topic to assist policy makers.

Published by Ernest I.

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