Coronavirus: The way should a post – pandemic world look like.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a general feeling that the entire world is at an historical turning point, that everything will not be the same again.

Of a truth, the coronavirus wreaks havoc across the world, national and local government have taken a charge in directing the fight against a pandemic which is by definition global and would necessitate global action one would imagine.

People are rallying around their governments as they expand their authorities in every sphere of life, with little or no legislative oversight or prospect for giving them up once the outbreak is over.

Whatever change would be, the change must be bottom – up, leading to less authoritarian, more transparent, accountable and democratic governments. Humane economy, policies that put citizens needs above corporate greed, not arms stockpiles, sustainability and requires unity of purpose.

The author can be reached on twitter: @IkechukwuErnes2

Published by Ernest I.

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