Any harsh truth from World Health Organization (WHO) about the source of coronavirus may lead to world war III. The coronavirus has caused a lot of havoc to the world’s economy, countries like Spain, US, Italy, have been hit harder by the virus. Western countries have suffered a lot from the scourge of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, countries like USA, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Israel and so on will descend aggressively on any country that masterminded the development of coronavirus.

For example, if WHO investigation reveals that the virus which was initial suspected at Wuhan in China was a biological weapon by Chinese government to unseat USA from world power position for the purpose to control the global economy, then there will be danger in the world. Because US and its allies will not take it lite with China.

Consequently, China and its allies like Russia, Iran, North Korea may defend China as they don’t have good relationship with USA.

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Published by Ernest I.

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