US President Donald Trump is a Pius Leader.

Since the out break of coronavirus in late 2019 at Wuham a geographical location in China. Trump the US president has been making good statements as regards to ascertain the real source of the virus which has pose a great danger to the entire human population of the world. He has accused WHO of global conspiracy to have not let the world know the original source of the virus. In addition, he has not spared China Republic as he verbally attack China as regards the source of the virus. Some people’s assumption that the first case of coronavirus was from China, it then means that the source of the virus could originate from there.

However, the US president, Donald Trump has not left his citizens alone as he constantly shown concern to them by giving them words of hope and relieve materials. To buttress the fact, Donald Trump is a Pius leader was when he told the people in the state of New York to “stop complaining”. That statement is a proof of his high level of christian faith. In Christianity, it is expected that one should draw closer to God rather than complaining in times of difficulties. Because everything that happens to mankind in this world, God is aware. God alone possess the quality of omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. With God on everyone’s side, one will surely come out of every challenge strongly.

Once again, I cherish the level of faith of the US president and his concerns to his citizens. I hope the US and the entire world will come out of coronavirus pandemic challenge strongly.

Make your comments on the ways to overcome coronavirus pandemic. Has the US president put in his best on this pandemic?

Published by Ernest I.

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