Mothers Give Your Children These 9 Foods For The Proper Development Of Their Brain.

This food is not just only good for children, they are also beneficial to adults.


Avocados are healthy that you can add to your child’s meal. You can put them in their salads, sandwich, or use them as a spread on bread, instead of butter or mayonnaise.

Avocado is packed with several of the brain’s most valuable nutrients like Vitamin C, vitamin E, and copper. Having it fresh each day will improve their problem-solving skills and memory.


Blueberries are tiny little berries that are delicious and packed with brain-boosting nutrients. Scientists have found they can increase brain activity, boost blood flow, and improve memory.


This is an ancient Indian herb that only gives curry its yellow color, it’s loaded with compounds and minerals, that have anti-inflammatory properties, along with being one of the best food for the brain.

The active ingredients in turmeric, curcumin, has a high concentration of antioxidants that boosts brainpower and keep cells healthy.


These are fishes like Titus, Eja Osan, sardines, and salmon. What makes them special is the natural presence of essential Omega 3 fatty acids, along with good fats. This combination helps in keeping your children brain and heart-healthy.



7. EGGS.



These foods are super good for the development of the brain and your children, also let them have enough good night sleep of 10 hours daily.

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How To Close The Door Of Poverty In Your Life, My Story

Hello there, am here again with another valuable piece.

Would you lend me just 3 minutes of your time because this is going to be brief.

When I talk on this I always get criticized, because of people that don’t want to change their poverty mentality.

May be you haven’t heard my story, let me tell you a bit of it.

I grew up in a family of 7. Being the last born gave me no choice but to bend to the leading and the mindset of my elder ones.

My Dad being systematic in his approach to the family was never exposed to any environment of the wealthy,so we just had to live with that mindset.

I remembered watching a VCD of Dr Myles Munroe talking about the mindset for the leaders of the next generation.

I was almost beaten up for watching that kind of video in the house.

I had no smart phone, so I gave up the mind of aiming high and becoming successful.

I grew up with the mindset of looking for money but the money never came.

But in me, I wanted to become great and successful but didn’t know how.

Until one day, Dr Myles Munroe told his story how he read 4 books a month.

The first day I tried to finish a book was the day I was knocked down by headache but SOMETHING WAS CHANGING.

I recovered and continued until I could finish a book in two sittings.


It is very simple.

Expand your mind by CONSISTENT READING.

How can you be successful with a LOCAL CHAMPION MENTALITY?

When I realized that I won’t make it the way I was, I started looking for ways for expansion.

Now am getting invitations to speak in different places.

Despite my poor background.



I believe you can make it.

You don’t have a rich uncle or Dad.


You don’t have a sponsor.


You don’t have money.


But you have a MIND.

But you have a BRAIN.

But you have access to BOOKS.

But you have access to EBOOKS

But you are reading this NOW.

The fact that you are reading this now means that you can make it and be SUCCESSFUL.



I believe in your success.


You are more than able to start that business.

You are more than able to be successful.

You are more than able to read that book to the end.

Feel free to ask your questions.

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To your continued success.

Don’t let anything or anyone LIMIT YOU.

Till we meet again.

Talk soon.

Reasons You Need To Learn A New Skill

People learn new skills for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you need new skills for your job to keep up with technological advances or to take advantage of newly developed techniques. When you learn a new skill, it has benefits that go way beyond the actual skill learned. Here are some of the biggest benefits of learning a new skill no matter what that skill is.

INCOME GROWTH: Learning a new skill could open opportunities to increase your income. You could monetize your skill and get paid for it. It can be a part time business, side income source, online business or offline business. 

FULFILLMENT: There is a certain kind of satisfaction you get when you immediately see the results of what you’ve just created putting your skills into use. Whether you’re seeing your skills or jobs on a client with a smile on their faces is rewarding 

SOURCE OF MOTIVATION: Gaining a greater understanding of a skill or hobby can be a powerful motivational tool. Everyone has goals and dreams in their lives, the dreams can either be small or big, but to achieve them it’s very important to have a skill that will help to achieve that. 

HELPS FIGHT BOREDOM: Learning new things keep your interest level high so you don’t easily get bored. Doing the same things over and over again everyday can quickly become repetitious and dull, but learning a new skill breaks that cycle of monotony and prevents boredom from setting in. 

FORM OF BRAIN EXERCISE: Whenever you are learning something new, you need to use more creative language, or more hand eye coordination. Whatever the skill, you’ll most likely be using a different part of your brain than you do on a day to day basis. In conclusion, keeping your brain active in learning can also improve your memory and ward off dementia!

Four Ways To Protect Yourself During Shoot Out.

It’s no longer a breaking news that many people have lost their lives in this ongoing protest.

It’s so sad and disheartening to see many youth becoming wounded while some lost their lives during fight for survival.

On the 20th of October, many people lost their lives during Lekki genocide, while many are still loosing their lives from the ongoing protest.

The most important thing for everyone is to make sure that they are safe, safety should become every one priority.

Here are the list of things you can do during shoot out either by police or thugs;

1. Prayer: During this period, as a child of God you are expected to pray feverntly for God’s mercy and repent of all sin and evil.

2. Wearing a Bullet proof Vest: Even though some bullet can penetrate some bullet proof first but it will surely reduce the damage the bullet will do to one’s body.

3. Hide Out: During a shoot out of spray bullet, kindly find a safe place to hide yourself, make sure the place is safe enough to protect you from any bullet.

4. Stay At Home: To guide yourself fully, kindly stay at home, do not leave home, though we do not pray for bad incidence, but the safest way is to stay at home, if you do not have anything to do outside.

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#EndSARS: The Youths must stop protesting, this is the only solution to Nigeria’s problems – Ecjionline

The EndSars protest has definitely been the most trending topic in the country for the past 2 weeks. Youths from different part of the country, has come together to appeal to the government to put an end to brutality caused by the Nigerian police.

In over 10 states in the country, the youths have emerged out on the streets to protest. But let’s think about this. It obvious that the government is not ready to listen to the citizens.

One way or another, the peaceful protest has turned into crisis and riot, with a lot of youths losing their lives.

The question is, how long will this continue? When will the government listen? When will Nigeria get better?

Well no one has the answer to these questions, and it seems like the idea of protesting against the government is actually backfiring on the citizens.

What do you think is the Solution?

As we can see, all physical means have failed, instead of getting what we ask for, we are getting worse. We have to go on our knees, we have to pray to God.

If the government don’t hear us out, God will. God will deliver us, God will change the situation. Lets use the same energy we use for protest and pray to our maker, He is the only way.

Prayers and not protest that’s the solution to Nigeria’s problems.

Meet a lady for the first time? These 10 things you shouldn’t say to her

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Some guys always wonder why they are never good with ladies; it might just be the things you say when you meet her for the first time. Some guys just don’t know the kind of things to say to a lady they meet for the first time. First impression matters and you need to ensure you don’t ruin your chance.

If you want to start a conversation with a woman you meet for the first time, you should avoid these lines

1. The word of the day is legs. Let’s go to your house and spread the word.

Sex shouldn’t be the first thing you talk about with a lady, she isn’t a prostitute.

2. Are those space pants? Because your butt is out of this world.

Can you just avoid making reference to a woman’s butt the first time you meet a woman?

3. Do you mind if I call you mom?

That’s so not nice, are you insinuating she is old enough to be your mum?

4. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past again?

5. Your father must be a fear monger since he made a bomb. 

This makes you look immature, not something you ought to utilize. 

6. You have something on your butt. My eyes! 

No reference to a lady’s butt the first occasion when you meet her. 

7. My adoration for you resembles loose bowels. I can’t keep it in 

Well that is so gross, never attempt this. 

See the source picture 

8. Would i be able to get you a drink or do you simply need the cash? 

Jeez, she isn’t a whore so you shouldn’t do that please. 

9. Hello young lady, what’s going on? Prepare to have your mind blown. It’s your day of reckoning. Out of the apparent multitude of young ladies here, I picked you to converse with 

So who the hellfire do you think you are, sir? 

See the source picture 

10. In the event that I was a fly, I’d land on you first. Since you’re the poo. 

Indeed, even a 8-year-old young lady won’t locate this interesting, never utilize this line. 

So in the event that you truly like the young lady and would like to begin a discussion with her, at that point you ought to abstain from utilizing these lines I referenced. 

Women, you can likewise include lines you figure folks shouldn’t utilize when they meet a young lady unexpectedly.

Bipolar depression

It’s common for people to experience ups and downs, and with the state of the world currently, there may be more downs than ups. However, bipolar depression is a whole different animal. It can be severe depression with bizarre behavior that lasts for an unreasonably long amount of time.
It’s essential to recognize the signs of bipolar disorder so that you or whoever is suffering from it can get the help they need before severe consequences occur. By recognizing the signs and symptoms early, you may even be able to prevent the depressive episode from getting worse. In this article, you’ll learn a little about depression from bipolar disorder plus 12 symptoms that psychologists say you should never ignore.
If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you already know what bipolar disorder is. However, if you don’t, make sure you read this section.
Bipolar disorder is a disorder in which the affected person has severe shifts in mood, thinking, behavior, and day to day operation. Everyone might have an off day, but people with bipolar disorder have extreme off days that are noticeable and possibly dangerous. Even worse, they may not be aware of the change.
Bipolar depression is a “state” of bipolar disorder. People with bipolar disorder can have shifts from manic episodes (extreme, erratic highs of feeling euphoric) to extreme lows, which is the depression state. Neither state is good, but the depression state can quickly become dangerous to the affected person and the people around them.
If that’s not bad enough, affected people can experience both episodes simultaneously. These people will be extremely depressed while being unusually energized. It might be one of the most bizarre things you’d ever encounter. Unfortunately, the disorder is more common than you think.
There are three types of bipolar disorder. They are defined by the moods that the affected person may experience. They are:
Bipolar I disorder – characterized by manic episodes lasting at least a week and depressive episodes lasting at least two weeks. May require hospitalization.
Bipolar II Disorder – deals more with depressive episodes than manic episodes. There could be hypomanic episodes (not quite full-blown manic).
Cyclothymic disorder – defined by the cycling of depressive and hypomanic episodes over at least two years. It can be only one year for children.
Occasionally a person can display a bipolar type that doesn’t correspond with any of these three. In this case, it may get labeled as “other.”
Unfortunately, there is no cure for bipolar disorder. This means that it must be managed well to keep it from getting out of hand. That’s why it’s so vital that you don’t ignore the signs of a depressive episode. Below are 12 of the most common symptoms of depression from a bipolar episode. If you are someone you know are displaying them, don’t delay getting treatment.

    This symptom is one of the classic and most recognized signs of bipolar depression. However, it’s also a symptom of unipolar depression (usually just called depression). The way you can tell the difference is if the person also has manic episodes. Keep in mind that the depression that comes with the condition isn’t merely feeling a little down. The person will feel utterly hopeless.
    People suffering from bipolar depression can experience a loss of interest in life. This lack doesn’t mean just the things they usually love to do. This means everything .
    Being interested in life is not something they can turn off and on. It’s not a choice that they’re making. They don’t have the motivation to be interested in anything. This symptom ties into the next symptom on the list.
    If they’re experiencing a loss of interest in life, it makes sense that nothing will make them happy. For something to affect their mood, they have to care about it one way or the other. Bipolar people suffering from depression may be unable to manage.
    In a case like this, it’s helpful not to care when dealing with stressful situations. We may all wish we could let those roll off our shoulders. However, not caring or feeling anything at all is no way to live.
    Depression from bipolar disorder affects the brain on a chemical level, and those changes can interrupt sleep patterns. Some of it comes from a lack of pleasure and care. They may not have the motivation to get up. The rest of it is simply changes in their mental and physical health. If they’re not sleeping enough, it could be due to the next symptom.
    The affected person can’t seem to settle down. The person is antsy, agitated, and not at peace. Their minds may be running a marathon all the time, and you would be able to tell because they may be speaking in a rapid manner. They’re restless and can’t sleep.
    This is also a symptom of stress, so you would need to look for other signs of bipolar depression to go with this one. However, keep in mind that stress can trigger bipolar depression.
    With chemical changes in the body, interrupted sleep patterns, and possibly elevated stress levels, it’s no surprise that the affected person’s energy level would plummet. The body and mind are likely going through a taxing ordeal during a depressive bipolar episode, so all of their energy is being diverted to survival. This is especially true if they’re not getting enough sleep to replenish their energy.
    Depression from bipolar disorder can make a person feel guilty for no reason at all. It’s possible that they didn’t even do anything wrong, but the feelings of guilt can manifest themselves out of nowhere. It’s even worse if they did something. However, it’s probably nothing that they should continuously feel guilty about. Unfortunately, the disorder makes it seem like the worst thing in the world.
    With so many things going haywire, primarily mental and emotional things, it’s no surprise that a person’s concentration may be broken. Again, stress is a common cause of this, but stress can also aggravate bipolar disorder. The inability to concentrate can come from the fact that you’re easily distracted. This is another concentration-related symptom of bipolar disorder.
    They can’t seem to settle on anything and are anxious about a decision. They’re doubting every move they make and may even have a bit of fear deciding on something. Being indecisive is a sign that a depressive bipolar episode is around the corner. If you can recognize it, you may be able to stop the attack from progressing into full-blown depression. If they’re already there, indecisiveness will be one of many symptoms.
    Children who are suffering from a bipolar depression episode may display their depression as irritability. They don’t know how to express themselves adequately, and they’re suffering from raging hormones. This is during everyday life so having a depressive bipolar episode makes matters worse. They may be aggressive towards siblings, parents, or even other children at school. They may even get into fights.
    Psychosis is one symptom that you or others around you won’t be able to ignore. With
    depression from bipolar disorder, psychosis appears in the form of hallucinations and paranoid delusions. It’s similar to schizophrenia. Psychosis can also be characterized by incoherent thought patterns and rapid speech. Don’t ignore this – whoever is suffering from it could seriously hurt themselves or someone else.
    Suicide is nothing to play around with. Research has found that as much as 60 percent of people suffering from bipolar disorder will attempt suicide and that as much as 20 percent of them will succeed. The depression can get so heavy that they feel like suicide is their only way out.
    If someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, seek help immediately. You can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    Here are the seven main warning signs of double depression.
    Depression from bipolar disorder is a severe disorder to deal with, but it doesn’t only affect the sick person. It affects everyone around them. It’s a stressful condition, but if managed properly, the affected person can lead an everyday life. The key is recognizing signs of depressive episodes before they become full-fledged.
    Depression, whether it’s from bipolar disorder or not, is nothing to ignore. Ignoring it can have devastating results. Pay attention to these signs listed above and seek help for the affected person as soon as possible.

6 Sacrifices You Must Make If You Want to Be Successful In Life

The road to success is very narrow and it takes only the determined and the people who are ready to fight against every odd to be able to attain the greater height call success, having to be among the successful people in the world takes more than the ordinary, you have to fight and win a lot of battles.

For the success like mind, the people who have work their way in and out over the years before they were able to acquire success will agree that the road to success is not easy as you have to sacrifice a lot of thing before you finally get to that height called success. Same goes to you, if you want to attain success there are a lot of things you have to let go of so as to be able to achieve the desire aims and objectives which will pave the way of success for you, there are various things successful people have sacrifices before they attain success, here are few things they had to sacrifice for success;

1. Desires

People who are paramount about success often have less time for their immediate desires, they might feel hungry at a point due to busy schedule they might not have time to fulfill their immediate desire to eat and so many other things.

2. Sleep

People who have high aims about life and success often have less time for sleep, their day and night are always fix up on how to attain success, they often see the need to think of new idea and once they got a new idea they try implement it. These is another big of sacrifice the great people in the world have had to sacrifice for their success.

3. Stability

For the people who’s aim in life is to achieve immeasurable success, there is always something which is lacking in their life activities, they often lack stability, the things they need to achieve and buy every time is not stably as they often spend and enjoy their money when enough is left after a lot of business. For them to be able to attain that height they were willing to sacrifice their stability.

4. Health

Often times people who are paramount about success often have less time to take good care of their health, they are often fix up and have no or little time for their health, these is one the big sacrifice you have to let go.

5. Time

For the people who are paramount about success, they always have less time to do other things as most of their time is fix to planning on the things they need to do. They have less time for pleasure and more time to plan on their work.

6. Personal life

One of the things successful people have had to let go is their personal life, they often have time for a lot of fun as most of their time is fix up with work and great ideas on how to implement life. If you ask from 80% of those that are successful but are still single about why they are not dating, their answer will always be because of their busy schedule.

6 Sacrifices You Must Make If You Want to Be Successful In Life

The road to success is very narrow and it takes only the determined and the people who are ready to fight against every odd to be able to attain the greater height call success, having to be among the successful people in the world takes more than the ordinary, you have to fight and win a lot of battles.

For the success like mind, the people who have work their way in and out over the years before they were able to acquire success will agree that the road to success is not easy as you have to sacrifice a lot of thing before you finally get to that height called success. Same goes to you, if you want to attain success there are a lot of things you have to let go of so as to be able to achieve the desire aims and objectives which will pave the way of success for you, there are various things successful people have sacrifices before they attain success, here are few things they had to sacrifice for success;

1. Desires

People who are paramount about success often have less time for their immediate desires, they might feel hungry at a point due to busy schedule they might not have time to fulfill their immediate desire to eat and so many other things.

2. Sleep

People who have high aims about life and success often have less time for sleep, their day and night are always fix up on how to attain success, they often see the need to think of new idea and once they got a new idea they try implement it. These is another big of sacrifice the great people in the world have had to sacrifice for their success.

3. Stability

For the people who’s aim in life is to achieve immeasurable success, there is always something which is lacking in their life activities, they often lack stability, the things they need to achieve and buy every time is not stably as they often spend and enjoy their money when enough is left after a lot of business. For them to be able to attain that height they were willing to sacrifice their stability.

4. Health

Often times people who are paramount about success often have less time to take good care of their health, they are often fix up and have no or little time for their health, these is one the big sacrifice you have to let go.

5. Time

For the people who are paramount about success, they always have less time to do other things as most of their time is fix to planning on the things they need to do. They have less time for pleasure and more time to plan on their work.

6. Personal life

One of the things successful people have had to let go is their personal life, they often have time for a lot of fun as most of their time is fix up with work and great ideas on how to implement life. If you ask from 80% of those that are successful but are still single about why they are not dating, their answer will always be because of their busy schedule.

7 Things Men Do That Make Each and Every Woman Melt

Sometimes modern girls believe that chivalry exists only in books or movies. But we want to assure you that it’s not actually like this. There are still true gentlemen in our world.

I have no doubt that nowadays there are real heroes among men who make girls’ hearts beat faster. Here are 7 everyday gestures that turn a man into Prince Charming.

1. Opening doors

man who is not too lazy to get out of the car and open the car door for his lady is certainly attentive and well mannered. It’s important for him to realize that his woman has a sense of security and comfortable. Each young lady will appreciate this gesture that may appear to be inconsequential from the start. 

2. Saving the last bite of food 

Everybody knows that the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Regardless of how silly this sounds, it’s actual. If a man spares the last bite of his meal for a lady, it means he cares for her and loves her earnestly. Trust us, it’s really a serious deal. 

3. Spending bunches of time with your family 

If a man is really interested in your infant pictures, funny stories about your siblings, and he chooses to spend time with your parents instead of going to play soccer with his colleagues toward the end of the week, you can be certain he’s “the one.” Even little gestures toward your family show that your significant one loves and qualities you and all your close individuals since family is the most important thing for everybody. 

4. Introducing you to everybody 

A genuine man of honor knows without a doubt that if he doesn’t present his woman when he meets a friend on the street and decides to talk with him, the helpless young lady will feel unwanted. A mindful man won’t let such a circumstance occur, as he cares about his woman and has to realize she feels comfortable. 

5. Giving presents for reasons unknown 

Today’s princes don’t need any special occasion to send flowers to their ladies or give them a gift. It’s simply that irregular day when, returning from work, he notices a flawless bouquet in a shop window, remembers his girlfriend, mother, or close companion, and decides to get it since it will make his favorite individual smile. 

6. Always protecting you 

It’s one more small gesture that not every girl will notice. However, it’s quite obvious that by choosing to walk on the outside of the sidewalk a man is determined to protect his lady from any unexpected situations and any serious consequences. Without any doubts, this is a gesture of real gentlemen!

7. Always helping you to put on a coat 

Of course, a lady can put on her coat herself, but it’s not a question of ability. A polite man always holds out your coat for you or gives you his when it’s cold.

Ladies, do you agree with me on this? Drop your opinion in the comments!

How To Woo a Girl During an #EndSARS Protest

At the #EndSARS protest, there are so many girls that would be single and ready mingle. Beyond protesting, you can still meet the love of your life. Here is how to woo a girl during this #EndSARS protest.

However, do not allow this to make you lose focus!

1. Know What You Want: know what interests you in a lady and go for that lady that interests you.

2. Do not be afraid, after all the girl won’t slap or beat you.

3. Do Not Be Aggressive: No girl will want to date an agressive man. Hence, be polite and greet. You can start a discussion about the protest before starting your mission.

4. Timing Is Important: Time your approach right. Do not woo a girl when she is visibly angry or trying to organise herself.

5. Exchange Contacts: If you are really interested in her, you encourage her to give you her number to continue the conversation.

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15 High-in-Demand Everyday Commodities That Can Make You A Millionaire.

Step 2 to get N10,000,000: (1) Find a product that needs a million people and (2) sell to them each at N10. Simple!

Well well. It’s easier said than done, but you have to accept that the plan is simple.

Wealthy people have been carrying out this plan for centuries. Therefore, they become richer. Dangote can express what it takes to build a refinery; The name and wealth come mainly from the sale of everyday items to millions of people: sugar, cement, salt. People can’t do without them, and Dangote knows it.

You won’t be able to become a threat overnight, but you can go rich if you find some common things that people use every day and find ways to give them away.

I will list some of these articles in this article – 15 of them. These products are in high demand for consumer goods. You can take part in the campaign through production or distribution. Whichever way you choose, there is great potential in these goods due to the high demand among people.

So here it goes …

15 high-demand daily goods in Nigeria

1. Information

There are many things I want to mention as the number one on this list, but the information is above. You are reading this article because you want information. Knowledge is power, right? This blog exists because I know that millions of young Nigerians need information to get out of poverty and succeed. I don’t sell this information, but I still make money because I can satisfy people’s hunger for money. The most expensive information on the planet, which is in great demand, is information. What information do you have about the people you need?

2. Liquid soap and detergents

You will agree with me that soap is a daily thing. Everyone in Nigeria uses soap. Soap, whether in solid, liquid or powder form, is in high demand all over Nigeria. Commonly used for bathing and showering. So if you are looking for a fast selling product, soap is definitely one of these products.

3. Power bank

Power banks offer a way to extend battery life and charge your phones at any time. They have different qualities and are very portable. Given the epileptic nature of the power supply in most parts of the country, many people in Nigeria, especially young people, will look for an alternative energy source to charge their mobile phones. You can’t produce power banks, but you can ask cheap aliexpress or alibaba prices and sell to people in need.

4. Hair extensions

It is said that he is never caught between a woman and her hair. This list would not be complete without hair extensions. Nigerian women love it and are willing to spend a lot of money. Synthetic extensions and hair come in a variety of styles and textures, from Peruvian hair to Brazilian hair and more.

5. Shoes and clothes

Clothing and footwear are still relevant in Nigeria. There are different pieces of clothing and footwear for men, women and children. In addition, different outfits are required in different situations. Most people in Nigeria have more than one pair of shoes and many diapers. As the fashion trend continues to grow, there will be a great demand for clothing and footwear.

6. Cooking gas

Gas stoves have become very popular in most homes in Nigeria. Although electricity in the country is weak, it is considered cheaper than kerosene; people are looking for a relatively cheaper and faster way to prepare their meals. Another advantage of using gas for cooking is that the flames do not emit smoke and thus keep stainless kitchen utensils normally associated with the use of a kerosene stove. In addition, it is a pure energy, so it loves its surroundings.

7. Tiles

Floor tiles are a trend in most Nigerian homes. Durable, more affordable and covers a variety of styles and designs. Preferably on ordinary cement floors. Most homes have modern cement floors with hardwood floors, and even apartments are neglected. Demand for tile land in Nigeria is constantly growing as new homes and government offices choose it better.

8. Water

Water is probably the most consumed commodity in Nigeria. I should have been first or second on this list, but I never said that the list was in a certain order

People need clean, clean water for many things. Most people have simply acquired wealth by satisfying this basic need of life. You can still take part in the action.

9. Food

Many products are classified as food, and all of them are very important for survival, so I will not hurt them. Raw, cooked or unprocessed food is always a good thing.

10. Cosmetics and makeup kits

This is a hot cake for young and old Nigerian women. Most women will not step out of the house without makeup. In Nigeria, at least 9 out of 10 girls wear makeup, which creates a growing demand for goods.

11. Computer and phone accessories

Items such as memory cards, flash drives, headphones, modems, phone screens, external hard drives are included, the list goes on. These devices are needed to enhance the enjoyment of your computers or phones. As long as people use telephones and electronic devices, there will always be a high demand.

12. Books

They say Nigerians don’t read, but the days are over. Now we read, there is so much money in books. You can write, distribute or publish. Books are an important part of disseminating information, so it’s always a good thing.

13. Generator

In Nigeria, there will always be a growing and growing demand for generators (at least until the power supply improves). Unfortunately, the country’s electricity supply is declining and many people are starting to choose alternative energy sources for industry and daily activities.

14. Construction materials

Various objects fall under this umbrella. As more people move from tenants to landlords, new buildings are constantly growing. Blocks, cement, iron rods, aluminum roof, shovel, hood, etc. As building materials are currently a hot product on the Nigerian market.

15. Car trackers

The increase in vehicle thefts has made Nigerians more aware of security. These are the latest technological inventions that help car watchmakers not to miss a glance. More and more people are starting to ask themselves questions.

Well, there it is; 15 of Nigeria’s most popular assets: These are not only, but a good place to start. I recommend diligently planning and researching this product. These may contain the key to the wealth you dream of. If you give N10 articles to every million people, you will earn N10 million. Nothing could be simpler.

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Confusion As Trailer Was Seen Carrying Aeroplane In Edo State

One of the great things I love about my country Nigeria is the ability of the people to make impossible things possible, the courage to use unconventional means to achieve a particular desired objective which naturally may be considered as weird. Also, we have creative youth population with ideas, passion and zeal to live up to their dreams. This is so wonderful.

People are confused after sighting a trailer with heavy aeroplane strapped on its back being transferred to another destination in Edo state. First, it is not often that such sightings occur in Nigeria considering the fact that aeroplanes are only seen at airports where they are operate from. It gave people some sort of amusement to see a heavy machinery as an aeroplane being transported on the back of a truck.

Also, there are large number of Nigerians who have never been to airport talk less of flying in a plane, so, it is not so common that these people see aeroplane on the ground because the only time they see a plane is when it is flying in the sky.

The List of What Nigeria Youths Want Federal Government to Do Before They Can Call of Their Protest


Philosophy: Life is not about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship.

I love this,
Life is not about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship. It’s not how we care in the beginning, but how much we care till the very end.
Some people always throw stones in your path. It depends on what you make with them; a Wall or a Bridge? – Remember you are the architect of your life.
Search for a good heart, but don’t search for a beautiful face, coz beautiful things are not always good, but good things are always beautiful.
It’s not important to hold all the good cards in life, but it’s important how well you play with the cards you hold.
Often when we lose all hope & think this is the end, remember God and pray, it’s just a bend, not the end.’ –
Have faith and have a successful life. One of the basic differences between God and humans is, God gives and forgives. But the human gets and forgets. Be thankful in life…
If u think it is your alarm clock that woke you up this morning, try putting it beside a dead body and you will realise that it is the Grace of God that woke you up.
If you are grateful to God, forward this to all your friends to inform them that it is JUST BY THE GRACE OF God that we are alive…

Temperament: Find out why you act the way you do

Why are some people always happy and cheerful? Why do others look sad or moody? What makes some people noisy? Why are others quiet? It is as a result of something called Temperament .

Continue reading to find out more on Temperament.

Temperament can be defined as personality traits which are inbuilt in each individual, it is considered to be biological, it is inmate, hence we are born with it. In simple terms, temperament tries to explain why you act the way you do, why you are always happy, why you are hard working, why you are lazy and so on.

Types of Temperament.

  1. Sanguine
  2. Choleric
  3. Melancholic
  4. Phlegmatic

1. Sanguine ( The Talker)

People with this temperament are usually expressive, the talk alot most of the time. They are lovely, warm, humourous, interesting, a person with this temperament finds it easy to make friends and they barely hold grudges, they are also sincere at heart.

However, a sanguine finds it difficult to finish tasks, they are always late, they are sometimes disorganized. People with this personality love to impress people, they love luxurious lifestyle and they spend alot.

In q nutshell, a Sanguine is an extrovert.

2. Choleric( The doer)

People with this temperament are usually energetic when it comes to them achieving their goals, they have leader like tendencies, they also like to dominate most of the time therefore this trait makes them goos leaders because they love authority.

However, they are considered to be insensitive because they care little about the feelings or opinions of others, this trait is usually common in men.

Cholerics can be unnecessarily bossy, impatient, easily angered and they like to control everybody. They are also extroverted.

3. Melancholic( The thinkers)

People with the trait are mostly thoughtful and cautious. They are independent and highly creative, they enjoy art or literature or even healthcare. They are mostly pessimistic hence they get so involved with trying to make the world a better place. They are reserved, artistic,creative talented, neat, highly organized, serious, economical and determined, the are extremely selective with who they make friends with

However they take life too seriously hence they get hurt easily and they can be predisposed into depression and sadness. Also, they have low self esteem and are over conscious plus they are constantly struggling with their self image.

Because of how extremely caring they are, they make good doctors, teachers and nurses. A menlacholic is extremely loyal to his/ her friends, that’s why there’s a popular saying, ” if you have a melancholic as a friend, you have a friend for life. They are mostly introverted

4. Phlegmatic( The watcher)

People with this temperament are usually quiet and calm, they are usually cool, collected, kind, empathetic, balanced, they take their time in making decisions. They also avoid conflict and they make alot of friends, they are very peaceful and sometimes reluctant.

However, often times they tend to worry about everything, they want to get extremely close to their friends, they can be selfish, judgemental, and they can also transfer aggression easily. They are sometimes introverted.

An individual usually possesses two temperaments, a person can be both melancholic and phlegmatic although one trait will be dominant than the other.

I am Majorly melancholic, what’s your temperament?

Note: Images were used for illustrative purposes.

SUBEB:More States Publish Shortlisted Candidates; Check here For more Lists.

The long awaited lists of successful candidates for Federal Teachers Scheme have been published. The shortlisting of successful candidates commenced on Monday, 12th October, and its still ongoing. Now, some of the candidates who applied for the two-year Federal Teachers Scheme have been relieved for having been shortlisted.

So far, the State Universal Basic Education Board in some states have published lists of shortlisted candidates in their respective states.

However, there are some states that are yet to publish the list. For such states, their lists are here in this article. Just follow check it carefully to check if you have been shortlisted.

Moreover, it is obvious that the list is usually published at states secretariates which are likely to be located at states capitals. This might make majority of candidates to have difficulty in assessing the list easily. So here, the lists are made available to all applicants online.

Check the list for your state below:

The above lists are for Yobe State Candidates. For other States, check below:

The above lists are those of Ebonyi State Shortlistedcandidates.

Follow my page for lists of other states.

Remember that after this shortlisting stage, the next stage will be the screening test which will be computer based.

Candidates will be notified accordingly on the dates and venues of the test in all the 36 states of the Federation and the FCT.

Occult: Be careful with who you have romantic relationships with

Some people are very dangerous and consult somethings that would shock you. Be careful as to who you allow in your life and who you enter into a relationship with. This world can be a cruel and dark place. 

There are some people who use their partners destiny to become filthy rich.This applies to both males and females irrespective of ones sexual orientation. Gone are the days whereby men where the prime suspects of stealing people’s destinies. Today’s society knows no bounds as females also do this including the queer community. 

Most of these people who are energy vampires can see when you have a star and that is when they take it away from you to prosper.

Some take their victims from clubs, social media, church anywhere as long as you have a “Star” you will be very useful to them. 

Their modus operandi is to study their victims very well and get to know what is their weakness. If they are lonely they will fill that void very well. If their victim is enchanted by a lavish lifestyle and materials of this world,they will gladly provide opulent gifts and all that comes with being blessed by a blesser. 

After meeting with a partner, you have intercourse with them. During the intercourse they uses a cloth to wipe you. Then they will take it to something like a shrine. This shrine is always in the house. 

From there they will start uttering words and do whatever they were taught.

For others they have a one night stand and never again speak or have any contact with their victim. They drop them their victim like a hot potato as they have acquired what they wanted from them. They have served their purpose and aren’t needed any more.

You might be useful to the person for 3 months 6 or a year. After getting what they want, they move on to the next victim. These people use you mercilessly and will cut ties once their mission has been completed. The relationship will end abruptly with no warning or explanation as to what happened or where did you guys go wrong. 

So please be very careful.

Finally, their secrets has been revealed” See what some rich guys do to get money (screenshot)

As we all know, not all that glitters is gold. it is a pity when some people see young guys, that are driving exotic cars with huge net worth, they start to look down on theirselves and ask God when. 

I stumbled upon this post, and decided to open your eyes to see the terrible things, some very rich dude does, all because of money. 

That is why, people should learn how to be satisfied with what they have, so that they can not fall into temptation. stop envying some people’s wealth, that you know nothing about.

An anonymous fellow, took to a popular group to seek advise of a particular issue, that he has got himself involved in. According to the young guy, he feels intimidated by the wealth of his age mates, and decided to seek for their help to start making money like them. but was shocked to here what they do for money.

See screenshots of the post below.

The most “stupid” part is that this young man agreed to it, and even asked people to pray for him to get a very rich “Man” that can pay all his bills, so that he can start leaving a wealthy life, like his friends.

The things people are ready to do for money these days is so heartbreaking. what advise will you give this young man?

I hope you learnt something from this. do not envy anyone. please do not forget to share to create awareness and follow Vickygblog for more.

7 Most Common Bad Spirits That Delay Guys From Getting Married on Time

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7 Bad Common Spirits That Delay Guys From Getting Married.

Marriage they say is sweet when the two persons involved loves and understand each other perfectly. In this article I will be lecturing you on 7 common bad spirits that delay guys from getting married on time.

Note: the photo used in this article is for illustrative purposes.

1.FEAR OF COMMITMENT : Most guys are afraid of the commitment that follows marriage. As we all know when a guy get married, his responsibility will increase as he won’t be caring for himself alone, but will be caring for his wife and kids (if any).

2. I’M THE FIRST BORN IN THE FAMILY: Every first born in the family has alot of responsibilities and obligations to the family, they are considered the head of the family after their father. Most guys are afraid of getting married on time as they feel the responsibility will be too much for them to handle since they are the first born of their family.

3. FREE SERVICES/MINISTRATIONS: This spirit is usually fueled by our young ladies who refused to keep their body clean till they got married. Most guys don’t want to get married, as they are already enjoying the benefits of being married with little responsibilities compared to when you are married.

4. BEING OVERLY SELECTIVE: Some guys have issues in selecting their dream woman, they want a woman that has it all.

5. MUMMY’S CHOICE: Although this is a thing of the past (old) but some guys still does it today. Most guys are still single today because the woman they want to marry may not be the one their mother wants for them.

6. I MUST BE A MILLIONAIRE FIRST: This mentality is usually commonly among the men of nowadays, they want to make it in life before getting married as they believed the philosophy that with money, marriage vis sweeter.

7. LORD OF THE RINGS:Some guys believed the fact that once you put a ring on the finger of a lady (engagement) she is already yours and so they find it difficult in getting married to the lady officially as the lady is already giving them what they would get when they are married officially.

I hope you have learnt something today, kindly share for others to benefit. Thank you!

Nigerian Youth Investment Fund’s Applicant? Here is good news for you!

About the N-YIF program of the president Muhammadu Buhari administration, is to promote entrepreneurship for young men and women, President Buhari launched the program this week, young entrepreneurs can register for subsidies.

Secondly, if you do not register your business, you can get a subsidy of up to N250,000 and those who register their business with the authorities or Company Limited Liability can get it. up to three million (N3,000,000)

However in this program one must obtain a Certificate of Training from one of the FEDERAL MINISTRY OF YOUTHS AND DEVELOPMENT ENTREPRENEUR DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (FMYD EDI).

This training is online as announced, and will take 5 days to complete, upon completion of which a person will be sent a Certificate of Demonstration for online training, which is followed by an Online Certificate you will receive this support.

This training is very simple.

Here’s how to do the training:

1. You can download the “ZOOM” Application in the Play store, which is an application that you can attend online meetings, or read books.

2. Then sign-up.

3. When you do the N-YIF Training they will send you a Username and Password, or they will send you a link to take you to the Training online.

You will watch the video of the training, and they will send you a question about what they are talking about and you will give them answers (Most questions are Objectives) that is chanki-chanki of A, B, C or D as answers.

If you are over the age of 35, you will not be able to participate in this program, whether you are a man or a woman, and if you are under the age of 18, you will not be able to participate in the program.

But I can assure you that anyone who does this 5 day training will get this support.

If you have not registered to apply for this grant, go to the link where you will register as follows:

May Almighty God help us.

YAHOO is not what some of our youths do online, Check out what they do to make millions online.

Money has left the streets, it is now online. Gone are those days you have to work your life out before you can make ends meet. Nowadays, the internet has made money-making ‘easy’. Easy in the sense that if you can dedicate your time and skills, you will be able to make money online.

Sometimes, you begin to wonder how someone who hasn’t left his room for over a week managed to afford a brand new car. Don’t jump into conclusion that he/she is a fraudster. Even the Bible asked us to verify everything before concluding.

Factual Story:

During my third year in the university, I have this neighbour who hardly comes out to see the light of the day. He is in his final year and has fewer lectures. He is always in his room and goes clubbing with friends during the weekends. One thing about him is that he is always looking good, wears quality clothes and his apartment is well furnished. One day, I eavesdropped his conversation with one of his friends. His friend was advising him to suspend the plan of buying a car and focus on how he is going to graduate. Because cars are liabilities as he would spend more trying to maintain it.

A lot of thoughts begin to hover my mind, how will a guy who sleep every day have millions sitting in his account? 

Later I got to know that apart from being an engineering undergrad, he is a computer programmer and a blogger. 

He had partaken in many freelance web development projects during his early days in the university online and owns a web application.

These skill does not require one to leave the comfort of his home.

Amid the turmoil in the country, I discovered a lot of people still have the archaic mentality that one has to leave the comfort of his home to make money.

While some are looking into diving to the new trend some are busy tagging the youths fraudsters.

The truth is that before one can make money online you need these three things.

1. Determination – consistency and hard work make you earn money. Remember, if it is easy, nobody will pay you to do it! 

Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook initially with thousands linea of codes. 

2. Skill – before you can sell yourself online you need a skill. Don’t fret, you can learn anything on YouTube and other educational websites for free, ranging from graphic design, Web development, copywriting, web design, Forex trading, Cryptocurrency trade, SEO, Blogging etc.

3. The Tools – save money for a good mobile phone or a PC and an Internet connection. Carpenters don’t hit nails with a stone, the same applies to works online.

The question is How do our youths make money online?

Here are the top 3 things they do.

1. Web Development:

Some days ago, two Nigerian guys identified Ezra Olubi and Shola Akinlade sold their web application to a company in the US at the rate of 200 million USD. Aside from the money they made with the app before selling, they still own shares with those that acquired the app. 

They are the founder of Paystack and millionaires.

Web Development requires technical Know-how, you can start by learning online or enrol in a school.

2. Blogging.

Linda Ikeji ordered a 2020 range rover autobiography for his 40th birthday. She is one of the pioneers of blogging in Nigeria.

She started in 2006 after graduating from the University. Since then, she has been making a huge sum of money.

In blogging, you are required to post articles to help solve a particular problem or disseminate information to people online.

3. Graphics Design.

The picture above should tell you how one can make ends meet through graphics design. Their skills are required daily for event banners, church posters or fliers, event banner, pamphlets, book cover design etc. The beauty of graphic design is that you get to earn more when you have great design skill. Also, your previous work advertises you.

3. Social Media Ads.

Reputable organizations will pay you on social media to help advertise their products. This applies to those who take their time to build their followers on social media. There are different ways to build followers, it includes comedy skits, motivational posts, Gossip, Prank Videos, posting helpful tips etc.

The likes of Abiola make ends meet by advertising brands on social media.

Other skills include Copywriting, freelancing, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Cryptocurrency trading, Online tutorials, Forex trading, Video Blogging, Content Creation etc.

Iya Rainbow Shares Beautiful New Photos As She Turns 78

Nollywood veteran mama Rainbow is what you will call an Ageless beauty as she looked absolutely stunning in her birthday photos. The screen star proved to us that she is nothing but a number as she looked breathtakingly beautiful in her birthday snaps.

The TV star who turns 78 today looked every inch like a 40 year old as she flower and stunned every step of the way. Mama Rainbow shared the stunning photos from her birthday shoot on her Instagram page and we are in love with the glam that she is serving.

Her birthday look was styled and out together by ace fashion stylist Tiannah Styling and she did an amazing job on the birthday girl. Mama Rainbow in her post said she feels ever young as she turns 78 and the one desire that she wants is to impact more lives, her family and her country.

She encouraged fans to also subscribe to her YouTube channel as she will be putting out a lot of content there. Happy Birthday to one of the very first faces of nollywood. Many more years of happiness and joy.

Numbers: Do you know what comes next after TRILLION?

You may never have bothered to ask, or even tried to find out what comes next after trillion when counting your numbers. In fact, some people do not know even know what comes before trillion, so before I get to reveal what comes after the trillion, let us go back a little so that we can easily move forward.

During our nursery and lower primary school days, many of us were taught about place values, and how to count in units, tens, and hundreds. As we advanced a little further, our teachers also taught us about place values of thousands, ten thousand, and hundred thousand when counting. We learnt how to read and write numbers within this range, from units to hundreds of thousands, and all other numbers beyond were usually referred to as ‘uncountable’.

PHOTO showing a female teacher putting a young learner through during class

As we climbed up the school ladder, getting to the upper levels of primary school and junior secondary school, numbers beyond hundreds of thousands started having names, but many of us never knew beyond trillions.

After learning about hundreds of thousands, we got to know about million, tens of million, hundreds of million, billion, tens of billion, hundreds of billions, trillion, tens of trillion, and hundreds of trillion. What follows became unknown, with only a few knowing beyond what they were taught, and some of the few forgetting soon after secondary school.

PHOTO showing a student standing in front of a board, looking confused at the Mathematical symbols written on it.

When writing numerals, it is proper that larger numbers are arranged in groups of three. A figure like; thirteen billion, six hundred and eighty five million, nine hundred and thirty seven thousand, two hundred and forty nine, is properly arranged as: 13 685 937 249 without a comma, but with spaces inbetween instead.

From our previous knowledge, we can recall that a million has six zeros, a billion has nine zeros, while a trillion has twelve zeros. What will a number with fifteen zeros then be called, say 1 000 000 000 000 000?

I’m sorry if I have delayed you a bit, or kept you in suspense, I was just making sure that everyone reading this is carried along.

However, to end all form of curiosity, and reveal the names of a few of those numbers beyond the trillion, here is a list showing figures and what their rightful name is;

1 000 = One thousand

10 000 = Ten thousand

100 000 = One hundred thousand

1 000 000 = One million

10 000 000 = Ten million

100 000 000 = One hundred million

1 000 000 000 = One billion

10 000 000 000 = Ten billion

100 000 000 000 = One hundred billion

1 000 000 000 000 = One trillion

10 000 000 000 000 = Ten trillion

100 000 000 000 000 = One hundred trillion

PHOTO showing an illustrative image of a man, thinking about what comes next after the Trillion when counting his numbers.

1 000 000 000 000 000 = One quadrillion

10 000 000 000 000 000 = Ten quadrillion

100 000 000 000 000 000 = One hundred quadrillion

1 000 000 000 000 000 000 = One quintillion

10 000 000 000 000 000 000 = Ten quintillion

100 000 000 000 000 000 000 = One hundred quintillion

In order to reduce the stress of counting the zeros, I will have to summarize in the following way;

👉 Million (6 zeros)

👉 Billion (9 zeros)

👉 Trillion (12 zeros)

👉 Quadrillion (15 zeros)

👉 Quintillion (18 zeros)

👉 Sextillion (21 zeros)

👉 Septillion (24 zeros)

👉 Octillion (27 zeros)

👉 Nonillion (30 zeros)

👉 Decillion (33 zeros)

👉 Undecillion (36 zeros)

I hope after reading this, you will no longer have issues reading numbers beyond the trillion?

Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES)

President Buhari led Government is aimed at Empowering the Youths of Nigeria to help alleviate them from poverty and unemployment.


This administration had before now began the N-POWER Program which has helped 500,000 Nigerian youth fight unemployment by engaging them in different aspects of the program like N-POWER teach, Agro, Tech, etc.

Amidst the ongoing protest by the Youths of the Country to end the Brutality perpetrated by members of the Nigerian Police Force’ Special Anti-Robbery Squad, popularly known as SARS, President Buhari has launched another program still focusing on the youth of Nigerian.


This took place shortly after the presidential address on National TV.

This was made known by the President’s Media Aide, Femi Adeshina who took to his Facebook page and share photos of this new program.

The newly launched Youth empowerment program is called Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES).

Here are photos showing the equipment and tools President Buhari Launched for the P-YES Program:


The scheme differs a lot from the N-POWER Program as mostly Artisans will benefit from it.

Five truths people don’t know about crypto currencies

The 21st century comes with her cashless society idea. For the purpose of making life more easy people around the world are looking for a time where Cryptocurrency while substitute cash. This is a time where cash would not be necessary for any transaction.

BBC news highlights that The DCEP is not a crypto-currency. Instead it is a digital version of China’s official currency the yuan, which is issued and backed by the central bank. It is part of China’s push for a cashless society, a process which is already well advanced.×250&!2&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=w6bkxkO1Az&p=https%3A//

Not just China but the whole world is moving to an era where cash would not be use. There will soon be cashless society. These are some truth about Cryptocurrency that will suprise many.

1. Cryptocurrency is digital money. That means there’s no physical coin or bill — it’s all online. You can transfer cryptocurrency to someone online without a process, like a bank.

2. Bitcoin and Ether are well-known cryptocurrencies, but new cryptocurrencies continue to be created. Today there as much as many Cryptocurrency.

3. People might use cryptocurrencies for quick payments and to avoid transaction fees. Some might get cryptocurrencies as an investment, hoping the value goes up. You can buy cryptocurrency with a credit card or, in some cases, get it through a process called mining.

4. Cryptocurrencyy is stored in a digital wallet, either online, on your computer, or on other hardware. Before you buy cryptocurrency, know that it does not have the same protections as when you are using U.S. dollars. Also know that scammers are asking people to pay with cryptocurrency because they know that such payments are typically not reversible.

5. Cryptocurrency, debit cards and credit cards has legal protection. if something goes wrong. For example, if you need to dispute a purchase, your credit card company has a process to help you get your money back. Cryptocurrency payments typically are not reversible. Once you pay with cryptocurrency, you only can get your money back if the seller sends it back

What will happen to those who are not computer literate?

What will the society look like?

Will there be issues of stolen cash?

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25 English Plain and Pattern Combination Styles for Pretty Ladies.

Trending 25 English Plain and Pattern Combination Styles for Pretty Ladies [See Photos]

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Hello Beautiful People, Today’s update i decided to go on English Plain Sewings, so i bring below adorable trending 25 English Plain and Pattern Combination Sewing Styles that can be rocked to any Special occassions.

Talking about Plain and Pattern Styles, they are unique sewings that have really evolved over the “fashion years”. English plain and pattern combination styles is the best fashion and enjoyed because it’s easy to match different outfits that will be pleasing to sight.

And there are also different patterns one can as well choose from, which are Stripes, Tartan, Check, Animal prints and many more. But they Key is to ensure you keep it simple so it can be pleasing to any sight that beholds it. So in sewing, for your’s to be unique, you can Make either the blouse, skirt or trousers patterned. But only do the both Skirt and Blouse Pattern if your tailor is good at mixing patterns.

With no doubt, English Plain and Pattern Combination Styles are one of the best that can make a lady look responsible and adorable because they are Beautiful Business Casual Attire and can be worn to special occassions.

And also what makes you beautiful and adorable as a lady, comes from the perfect combination, so below are Trending 25 English Plain and Pattern Combination Styles you can try out. See photos below:

So what do you think about the above Trending 25 English Plain and Pattern Combination Styles? Hope you enjoyed them? Drop your Opinions in the comment box.

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70 Latest Hairstyles For Trendy Ladies

70 Latest Senegalese Hairstyles For Trendy Ladies 

Hair making is one of the unique ways in which every lady make use to look god and gorgeous at all is the beast part of living both almost men and women of this era.senegalese hairstyle is very trendy and classy way of beautifying oneself at all revolves around a lot of things and out of which is hair making serves an integral part.there ar various exotic hairstyles in the world today and out of which is the up do,cornrows,patewo,two steps and many more.

Hair extensions are used to make the look more outstanding they come in differnt colours as one times,various hair accessories are used to help improve the look.cornrows ar very common as it is very convenient and easy to rock it can also be styled in differnt ways and manners.

Stylists have helped in improving the fashion world by creatively and innovative designs which are made.Below are some stunning styles which are now the latest in vogue.

To become rich: 7 Ways to Attract Money You Should Follow, No. 2 is Very Important

We all work for different things in this life and we all strive to achieve different goals and objectives we have set for ourselves. Goals set are usually different depending which aspect we are diverting our planning to. It can be in terms of financial, social, physical or spiritual well-being. 

One of the great thingsy many of us work to achieve in this life is being able to attain a stable level of financial well-being and the ultimate tool require for this is money. Money has proven itself to be one of the most sourced for commodities in the world due to the potential freedom, happiness, honour that can be earned in life due to its acquisition. 

However, having money requires some levels of hard work and creativity to be able to stand on oneself in order to have the desired amount and be well established in order to attain a particular status of financial self-sufficiency.

I will be laying out some 7 important ways to attract money in this life, if followed strictly They include: 

1. Educate Yourself 

Every thing worthwhile of achieving in this life requires knowledge and this can be sourced either by going to school, mentorship or through training on specific aspects of life you are willing to excel at. This can also be achieved through various online tutorials or courses designed for people of goals similar to yours.  

2. Networking 

This simply means the ability to relate with people and grow extended connections with people. It is mostly said that the level of your success in life usually depends on the quantity of required people you associate yourself with. Those people we include mostly those you need to help you progress through various stages of life. They can include your friends, families, colleagues, etc.  

3. Discipline Yourself 

There is virtually nothing that can be achieved in this life without a disciplined and trained mind. Discipline remains one of the virtues required during the time when everything seems impossible or you are exhausted. The ability to keep forging ahead is stimulated by the intensity of discipline one possesses. 

4. Share Your Knowledge 

By sharing your knowledge with fellow individuals, you will notice you will begin to experience progress in life since you will always be in the urge to keep getting ahead of things you’ve already known and you will also be able to gain from others with whom you have shared knowledge with.

By passing on your financial knowledge to others, this can be an investment opportunity, you may need corrections in some aspects and can also be exposed to new ideas you have not come across before.  

5. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help 

It is usually affirmed that those who seek directions dont get derailed. Information about various things in life requires help and seeking directional help also minimizes the rate at which errors and mistakes are usually committed. 

6. Learn from the Successful 

In order to be successful, you must be able to live the kind of life the successful has lived before they were able to become successful or able to reach where they are.

You must be ready to pass through different stages they must have been to and endure some difficult processes on the way to success. Move closer to successful people and seek their guidance on what it takes to achieve and reach their level of accomplishments. 

7. Learn from Failures 

Failure are usually avoided by many because of the perceived negativity attached to it by many. But, looking at it from the other side, failure proves to be a blessing in disguise and we shouldn’t be afraid to fail in life because we learn from those failures we have experienced in life and those mistakes we have made before are usually impossible to be committed next time we are embarking on the same task. We should endeavor to keep learning from our mistakes in life and we should forget that “a winner is a loser who only tries one more time”. 

I hope all these 7 steps highlighted above will serve their main purpose for which it was discussed earlier if followed with determination. 

Interviewer: Bill Gates what is the secret of your success? And this is what he said

Bill Gates is a famous business magnate and is one of the richest people in the universe with a net worth of over 114 billion United States Dollars.

One day during an interview, the lady interviewing Gates asked, “Sir, what is the secret of your success?” Instead of answering her verbally, he gave her a cheque from his chequebook and told her to write the amount that she wanted on that cheque. The lady laughed and said, ‘This is not what I mean, Sir’, and she repeated the question in a different way. He handed her the cheque again and she declined it again. Bill Gates tore the cheque apart and said to her “the secret of my success is that I do not miss opportunities as you did now. You could have been the richest broadcaster in the world of you did not let the opportunity pass you by.”

Never let opportunities pass you by. Take risks, follow your heart. Do whatever it takes to make money. Have multiple streams of income.

5 Ways to become rich at young age.

(1) invest wisely: to become rich at your young age you have to invest wisely, with the little you have. do not spend your resources anyhow, think of profitable business you can invest on it.(2) don’t think of cost, think of the profit: to become rich and successful at your young age, think of the profit you will make in future from your business. thinking of the profit, will help you to work hard in achieving your dreams .(3) make friends who think positive: the type of friends you make, determine your success. if you want to become rich at your young age, make friends who share the same ideas and goals with you.(4) write down your goals, you want to achieve : to become rich at your young age, you have to write down your goals. this will help you to work harder and meet up with it. writing down your goals, will give you guide line to avoid mistakes in life.(5) Read books and make a research : for you to become rich at your young age, you have to read motivational books and carry out a research, on how successfully people achieve their goals.

2 Things that can make a relationship last long

Forget love and money, only 2 things can make a relationship last longer

Every relationship has a fuel that makes it burn and flow according to weather.To some its plenty of money, while to some it’s unlimited love between partners.

But one I noticed is, despite all the money available to make the relationship of the category A wax stronger,it couldn’t stand the test of time.

Same goes to category B, where love is the order of the day. They seem to be doing fine with love leading them through, but along the line,the love fades and the relationship hits the rock.

Looking at both categories, I discovered they lack 2 major ingredients: patience and perseverance.Because ,before money could do what love ought to do in a relationship , a lot of patience.

Likewise,a lots of patience and perseverance is needed for love to do what money ought to do in a relationship.

If this key elements is missing in a relationship, no matter the quantity of love or money that fuels your relationship it will definitely crash one day.

Only Patience and perseverance can make any relationship survive the crash.Without patience, people will easily give up and therefore they will not be able to achieve their relationship goals.

Even in the absence of money and love, Patience and perseverance can make any relationship stand the test of time.

What do you think?

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5 powerful healing scriptures that can heal any type of sickness

Sickness is one of the tools the devil uses to weaken the faith of a child of God because it is written in the bible that the devil has come to steal, kill and to destroy but God promised you that he has come to give you abundant life.

No matter the type of sickness, be it terminal sickness or major sickness it’s not permitted to last long, it should be for a moment that is why you have to read these powerful healing scriptures to any type of sickness.

It is recorded in the bible that healing is the children’s bread and once you are a child of God, you are not permitted to be sick and paraventure it comes, use these powerful healing scriptures to chase it away.

Isaiah 41:10, KJV

Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

Here God has promised that he will be with you and uphold you so fear not

Isaiah 53:5, KJV 

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

This scripture reminds you of all the strokes of Cain he received for your sake so you cannot suffer sickness because by his stripes, you are healed.

Jeremiah 30:17, KJV

For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord; because they called thee an Outcast, saying, This is Zion, whom no man seeketh after.

Here God has promised to feature health to you. No matter the type of sickness tormenting you, remain God of his promises.

Isaiah 57:18, KJV

I have seen his ways, and will heal him: I will lead him also, and restore comforts unto him and to his mourners.

This scripture is self explanatory, God has promised to restore health to you and comfort you on every side.

Jeremiah 33:6, KJV

Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth.

Rejoice because God has healed you and given you abundant peace.

God bless you as you read these powerful healing scriptures and I wish you quick recovery.

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How To Produce Laundry Soap For Sale

How To Produce Laundry Soap For Sale
Even if you’ve never made soap before, you can quickly whip up this easy homemade laundry soap from scratch

Even if you’ve never made soap before, you can quickly whip up this easy homemade laundry soap from scratch. It’s perfect for stain removal or for making soap-based laundry detergents.
Laundry soap is just a soap meant for washing clothes.
(1) Palm kernel oil (P.K.O)-30kg
(2) Caustic soda solution-15kg
(3) Ash soda solution-3.75kg
(4) Sodium sulphate solution-3.75kg
(5) Bicarbonate-3kg
(6) Sodium silicate-3kg
(7) Dye-if required-as desired
(8) Perfume-if required-as desired
(1) Melt oil by heating if it is solid and allow to cool before measuring.
(2) Measure the quantity of P.K.O as required.
(3) Add caustic soda required gradually to the oil and mix for 2-3 minutes.
(4) Add sodium silicate and mix
(5) Add bicarbonate of soda and mix
(6) Add perfume and dye if required and stir for 2-3 minutes.
(7) Pour the molten soap into moulds to which nylon (polythene sheet has been spread.
(8) Allow to cool for 12 hours before cutting and shaping.
(9) Air dry the soap further for 48 hours (2days) before packaging and sales.
Do not mix for a long time otherwise it will cause glycerol to separate. This may also cause lack of uniformity in the soap and not allow the soap to set in time.

Smart Contract: Forsage Xgold

I urge you to give smart contract another chance…
As we all know
Were familiar with
X3(1×3 matrix)
X4 (2×4 matrix)

We know of this in forsage and also all other smart contract that came out

But this time forsage is bringing something unique and special
Called the Xgold ….

Forsage is adding Xgold matrix in 25 hours time
And i urge yall to join

The Xgold is the most intelligent thing that has happened to smart contract

And you shouldn’t miss this opportunity…
Forsage is the only contract with a matrix like Xgold
Where it doesnt matter how active your team is

As you can earn from ur 4th generation upline
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2nd generational upline
Direct upline
Direct downline
2nd generation downline
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4th generation downline as well

Is only forsage Xgold that can do this

We all know about X4 matrix it produces spillovers if you dont refer( but that Spillovers comes from ur Direct upline alone, which means ur upline must be active) and thats why people are not earning
[10/13, 3:06 PM] Chizy Bida: X-GOLD EXPLANATION.

🎁XGold Level 1:🎁
You Activate Level 1 with 200 Trx.
After completing 1 cycle, you receive 2,240 Trx.
If you complete 10 cycles in level 1, you receive 22,400 Trx.
Remember, you can cycle as many times as possible infinitely.🛒🛒

🎁XGold Level 2:🎁
You Activate Level 2 with 400 Trx.
After completing 1 cycle, you receive 4,480 Trx.
If you complete 10 cycles in level 2, you receive 44,800 Trx.
Remember, you can cycle as many times as possible infinitely.🛒🛒

🎁XGold Level 3:🎁
You Activate Level 3 with 800 Trx.
After completing 1 cycle, you receive 8,960 Trx.
If you complete 10 cycles in level 3, you receive 89,600 Trx.
Remember, you can cycle as many times as possible infinitely.🛒🛒

🎁XGold Level 4:🎁
You Activate Level 4 with 1,600 Trx.
After completing 1 cycle, you receive 17,920 Trx.
If you complete 10 cycles in level 4, you receive 179,200 Trx.
Remember, you can cycle as many times as possible infinitely.🛒🛒

🎁XGold Level 5:🎁
You Activate Level 5 with 3200 Trx.
After completing 1 cycle, you receive 35,840 Trx.
If you complete 10 cycles in level 5, you receive 358,400 Trx.
Remember, you can cycle as many times as possible infinitely.🛒🛒

🎁XGold Level 6:🎁
You Activate Level 6 with 6400 Trx.
After completing 1 cycle, you receive 71,680 Trx.
If you complete 10 cycles in level 6, you receive 716,800 Trx.
Remember, you can cycle as many times as possible infinitely.🛒🛒

🎁XGold Level 7:🎁
You Activate Level 7 with 12,800 Trx.
After completing 1 cycles, you receive 140,000 Trx.
If you complete 10 cycles in level 7, you receive 1,400,000 Trx.
Remember, you can cycle as many times as possible infinitely.🛒🛒

🎁XGold Level 8:🎁
You Activate Level 8 with 25,600 Trx.
After completing 1 cycle, you receive 280,000 Trx.
If you complete 10 cycles in level 8, you receive 2,800,000 Trx.
Remember, you can cycle as many times as possible infinitely.🛒🛒

🎁XGold Level 9:🎁
You Activate Level 9 with 51,200 Trx.
After completing 1 cycle, you receive 560,000 Trx.
If you complete 10 cycles in level 9, you receive 5,600,000 Trx.
Remember, you can cycle as many times as possible infinitely.🛒🛒

🎁XGold Level 10:🎁
You Activate Level 10 with 100,000 Trx.
After completing 1 cycle, you receive 1,120,000 Trx.
If you complete 10 cycles in level 10, you receive 11,200,000 Trx.
Remember, you can cycle as many times as possible infinitely.🛒🛒

So on and so forth up to level 15

🎁XGold Level 15:🎁
You Activate Level 15 with 1,300,000 Trx.
After completing 1 cycle, you receive 14,560,000 Trx.
If you complete 10 cycles in level 15, you receive 145,600,000 Trx.
Remember, you can cycle as many times as possible infinitely.🛒🛒


Forsage ETH produced MILLIONAIRES in USD but Trx Forsage will produce BILLIONAIRES in USD.

No reasonable person wants to miss this tremendous opportunity.

✅ Upgrade your X3, X4 and XGold as high as you can.

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You will get spillovers in addition to your effort.

✅ Encourage your downlines to also recruit as many people as possible and also upgrade as high as possible.

🚀🚀In this LAUNCH, we are sailing beyond the Moon, beyond the Solar system and reaching beyond the STARS💥💥

Struggling Financially: 5 Ways To Attract Money And Wealth Into Your Life.

If you are struggling financially currently, I want to tell you that all is not over because a man drowns not by falling into the river but by staying submerged in it. I want to first start by telling you that riches and wealth is just a mindset. There is no way you can be rich without having the mindset of riches. There are people who are poor and are comfortable with that poverty, but the painful truth is that such people can never get out of poverty.×250&!2&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=QwMwVt57eN&p=https%3A//

If you want to be rich and attract wealth into your life, start doing these things.

1.    Drop that poor mentality

The reason for the title is that we are living magnet and we become what we think about. There is no way you have a poor man’s mentality and expect money to come your way. A man who believe that money is the root of all evil can never be rich, a man who believe that God has selected a few people to be wealthy cannot be rich hence you have to drop all those mentality before  money and wealth can locate you.

2.    Start reading books about finances and wealth

Wherever you want to go in life, there are people who have been there so study about them. Read books written by successful people about finances. Read and study books written by people in you field. Financial intelligence is more important than money itself and it can only be gotten through reading. Money cannot come to you when you don’t know anything about it so learn about it first.

3.    Practice the act of giving

There is a more spiritual meaning to this but I am giving out this point because it is a principle that God has ordained. Be very generous, pay your tithe, and give gifts to men and women of God, give to the poor and needy with the little you have. Remember the story of Elijah and the woman in the bible. When you give, nature will find a way to return it back to your in double. This principle has worked for me and it can also work for you. You don’t need to have 1 million naira before you give, from the N1000 you have, give N200 out of it and see how things will go in your favor.

4.    Take calculated risk

Those who believe all online business is a scam will have a hard time attracting wealth into their lives, those who are afraid to take risk cannot be wealthy in life. Mark Zuckerberg will say “ it is a risk not to take a risk” . Life itself is a risk so you will do yourself no good by being comfortable in your comfort zone. You need to go out there are start working, take calculated risk. Sandile Shezi became the youngest millionaire in South Africa at the age of 23 after investing his entire tuition fees into the stock market, a risk which later paid off. If you don’t learn to take calculated risk, money cannot come your way, don’t always play it safe when it comes to money issues because you cannot reap where you do not sow Warren Buffet became a Billionaire just by investing at the right place at the right time so get out of your comfort zone and try things.

5.    Associate with good friends

17 bilionários que começaram suas fortunas em casa | Forbes Brasil

Mark Zuckerberg once said “I invited five people to my room at Harvard to discuss a business opportunity but only two came to meet me. Dustin Moskovitz  and Eduardo Saverin. Today, all three of us are billionaires. When a friend talks to you about a business opportunity, listen and open your mind. If he came to you, it’s because he saw something great in you.” The simple lesson I can derive from this speech is that just one good friend with the right idea can turn around your life for good.

Stop associating with people that have no potential in life. even the psalmist began by saying in psalm 1:1 that “ blessed is the man who walks and lives not In the counsel of the ungodly, not stands in the path where sinners walk, nor sits down where the scornful gather”. Wrong people with poor mentality can ruin your life. Don’t settle for the less in life.

Remember that life will not give you what you want but what you deserve so get up and work and see how nature will bring riches and wealth to you. Please I want to live you with this last quote “in your quest for riches, don’t lose the things that money cannot buy”.

I believe this article have given you all the possible information you will need to acquire wealth.


You can be a lucky winner today

10 Animals That Can Kill A Lion

A lion might be called the king of the jungle, but some animals might kill a lion. I know it’s weird for some of you, but trust me it’s the animals that kill the lions.

Here is a list of animals that kill lions

(1) Gorilla: The gorilla has so much power and stamina to kill off a lion in a physical confrontationIf the lion gets close enough and scores the right bite, he can end the fight before it even begins. However, the gorilla is a powerful foe with more stamina and frightening power.

(2) Tiger: If there is a match, the tiger wins every time.A tiger is usually physically larger than a lion. Most experts prefer the Siberian and Bengal tigers to the African lion.

(3) Black and white rhinoceros

The rhino is a large, bulky, tank-shaped herbivore with a convenient sword protruding from the face.I think it would be easy for this animal to kill a lion who decided to play with him.

Fortunately for the lions, they are quick enough to escape rhinos most of the time. Anyway, here are some cases where a rhino killed lions

(4) Water buffalo

Water buffaloes are known for their aggressiveness and are no exception when it comes to lions.After the initial shock of a lion attack, these animals often attack cats. If the lion doesn’t get out of the way, Buffalo will attack and wait for a painful death.

(5). Crested porcupine.

Porcupines may be small, but they have deadly feather-like armor.These sharp protrusions can cause devastating injuries, and unfortunately, most animals cannot remove them when nailed to a post. Some cases where lions killed or injured this bristling insect

(6) Giraffes: being so large that giraffes are quite invulnerable to most African predators, but when a desperate lion attacks them, let’s say they don’t react too well.Like zebras, giraffes have fatal blows known to injure or kill lions.

(7) Nile Crocodile: Lions are the kings of the animal and crocodiles are the masters of the water.Although lions rarely enter the water when in danger of being drowned killed by a crocodile on their land, it is incredible to watch. if the lion is not careful, the crocodile might take it for a food

(8) Hyena: Armed with a very strong jaw and muscles, it’s easy to see why hyenas don’t fly, Lions often try to steal them or they steal from lionsthese animals will have to come into battle, and in these battles, lions are killed multiple times when outnumbered

(9) Hippopotamus: Like rhinos, hippos are incredibly powerful and built like chariots. With their strong bite, they can crush most animals without thinking.Luckily for lions, they’re quick enough to avoid most conflicts with these nearsighted mammals.

(10) Saber antelope: Due to its deadly horn, it is often referred to as a saber antelope. Often faced with an attacker,saber antelope will attempt to kill their attacker. They are known to kill lions this way.

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Pray with this psalm by 12:00midnight today to restore all that the devil has stolen from you

The prayer of restoration is a prayer that all believers must pray. From the fall of Adam we realize that the mandate God gave man was stolen by the devil through Adam act of disobedience. John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

But the Bible made it clear to us that Christ has come to redeem and restore unto us all that we lost through the fall of Adam in the garden of Eden. 1 John 3:8 He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

Now that Christ has been made manifest to us it is now our responsibility to dig deep to know the level of damage the devil had caused us thereby taking relentless effort to reclaim them through Christ.

With this understanding I urge you to say these prayers for restoration:

Father, I thank you for your son Jesus Christ whom you sent to undo the works of darkness over my life and family.

Lord, I ask for all round restoration for all I have lost to the devil through sin, disobedience, ignorance or carelessness in Jesus name.

Father, I take advantage of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross therefore I put off the yoke of the devil off my life now in Jesus name.

Psalms 126:1 (A Song of degrees.) When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.

Psalms 126:2 Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them.

I pray for divine restoration in your family, career, marriage, business, ministry and academics in Jesus name.

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Buhari Launches Another Empowerment Program For Nigerian Youths (Photos)

Amid all the ongoings all agitations by Nigerian Youths, president Muhammadu Buhari addressed the nation earlier today about the end police brutality and SARS protests. Shortly after the address, President Muhammadu Buhari did something else on behalf of the Nigerian Youths .

In the mid hours of today, President Muhammadu Buhari’s Aide on media and publicity, Mr Femi Adeshina, took to his social media page, facebook precisely, immediately after the national address, to announce that, President Muhammadu Buhari has launched another empowerment program for Nigerian Youths.

According to what was made public by Mr Femi Adeshina, President Muhammadu Buhari launched the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES) today, being twelfth of October, 2020.

This scheme is far different from the N-power empowerment program because, for this one, it is more like those who are artisans would mostly enjoy it.

Below are pictures showing the tools, which were also launced by the President on the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES):

Buhari Launches Another Empowerment Program For Nigerian Youths (Photos)

Amid all the ongoings all agitations by Nigerian Youths, president Muhammadu Buhari addressed the nation earlier today about the end police brutality and SARS protests. Shortly after the address, President Muhammadu Buhari did something else on behalf of the Nigerian Youths .

In the mid hours of today, President Muhammadu Buhari’s Aide on media and publicity, Mr Femi Adeshina, took to his social media page, facebook precisely, immediately after the national address, to announce that, President Muhammadu Buhari has launched another empowerment program for Nigerian Youths.

According to what was made public by Mr Femi Adeshina, President Muhammadu Buhari launched the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES) today, being twelfth of October, 2020.

This scheme is far different from the N-power empowerment program because, for this one, it is more like those who are artisans would mostly enjoy it.

Below are pictures showing the tools, which were also launced by the President on the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES):

A Girl With These Characters Is Not A Wife Material

Relationship is a two way thing, both the boy and the girl should assemble hands and make the relationship a functional one. Since adoration is an unrestricted sentiments, So the two lovers ought to have it for one another. 

1. When you notice she picks her calls outside the room immediately quit the relationship, because she’s not a wife material. 

2. If you notice she gossips in your neighborhood, she’s not a wife material. 

3. If she insults your friends, presumably calling them names always, benevolently search for another other option. 

4. If she boasts about her own family alot. That implies she has pride so leaving her could be a better choice. 

5. When you notice she eats alot, quit the relationship since she won’t be contentend with what ever she has. 

6. If your lady’s cell phone is consistently on mystery code or example, at that point realize she has something she is avoiding you. 

7. If she quorels frequently and presumably reacts to you discourteously. Quietly leave her and look for a wife material.

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How To Draw Crowd To Your Small Business

How To Draw Crowd To Your Small Business
In this article am going to discuss a business with you. How to grow your business, how to attract customers to your business.
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 10,040
In this article am going to discuss a business with you. How to grow your business, how to attract customers to your business.
Most people always complain how they are not doing well in their business activities. Before planning how to start a business you have to think of how, were to set your business.
Before you plan a business you have to think very careful not to run at loss, everybody motivate is to make profit not to run at loss.
Now let me deal with how to draw crowd to your business.
Try to be friendly to all your customers. Be friendly to your customers will attract a lot of customers to your business. By doing this, people will always talk about you and it will attract more customers to your business.
Reducing the price of your products. By doing this more people will come to your business even people that are very far from you will come and do business with you.
Make sure your business’s place is very clean. As we all know cleanliness is nearest to God. If your business’s place is clean it will attract more customers to you.
Creat entertainment center for your business. You can play music which will bring more people to your business.
Make sure your products are genuine. Always buy products that are updated not the one that are out of date.
Always smile with your customers no matter what. Smile is a good way to attract more customers to yourself. Don’t get angry with your customers even if they are talking to you in a bad manner, always give a smile to them to bring them back to you next time.

These are 5 romantic words your husband wants to hear every morning

These are 5 romantic words your husband wants to hear every morning (HallaNaija Blog)

Start his day on a high note every day, and you’ll have a happy man on your hands 24/7!

These are 5 romantic words your husband wants to hear every morning (HallaNaija Blog)

So while it’s fine to blush and feel good when he starts your day with reassuring words and a reminder that you are still the best woman in his life, you should never forget that you’re not only the only one who likes to hear those kind sweet words.

Whether it’s a simple compliment to kick off his day or something deeper, these words of affirmation are the kind of stuff your man wants to hear every morning and saying them to him will really strengthen your bond.

1. Tell him you’re lucky to have him

“Men take great pride in feeling like they’ve bettered our lives,” says Susan Winter, New York City-based relationship expert and dating coach.

If you’re feeling lucky in love, don’t keep those thoughts to yourself: Tell your significant other exactly how you feel.

2. Appreciate him

“Love can be fickle and desire could wane over time. Letting your partner know that you appreciate all they do for you will incentivize them to continue their good — and wanted — behavior,” Winter says.

3. Tell him he’s a good father

Men are usually measured by how responsible they are for family and their homes. So it means a lot to men to hear that they are not messing up on that front especially when it comes to how the kids are being nurtured.

“This compliment reinforces their work and sacrifice for the family, increasing their desire to continue. That, in turn, strengthens the family unit and creates a bond of pride and greater involvement,” Winter says.

4. Apologise when you’re wrong

Women are famed for always wanting to be right even when they are blatantly wrong. It is a common thing to hear people say that a man must be willing and ready to apologise every time even if he’s not the wrong one.

By reversing this silly rule, you show him that you are more concerned about making things right than with your ego.

5. I’m proud of you

“Men are very sensitive to performance issues,” says Dr. Sue Johnson, author of ‘Hold me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love.’

They worry about disappointing you. Telling him that he’s the best, most loving man has a megawatt positive impact. Men need reassurance that they are doing a good job.”

Reassurance and validation will go a long way in making him know that he’s doing right by you.


Relationships are not meant to be perfect. There will be good times and bad times. Sometimes you will want to give up and leave your partner. Other times you will think deeply about all you have been through together and just choose to stick by them no matter what.

To love is one thing, to remain forever in love is another and as far as relationship is concerned, staying forever in love seems to be one of the hardest things to do, because feelings are never stable.

It takes more than a romantic proposal, some candle lights and bells all ringing with birds chirping beautiful songs to have a sustained married life especially in this age where divorce is just a paper away.

Basically, there are five main stages in which relationships go through. Of course, not all relationships get to go through all the five stages because some relationships end as early as when they are in the second stage. Also, how long one stage lasts varies from couple to couple. Even for the most admired couples, most of them have gone through these main stages in their relationship:

1. Romance and attraction. This is what we basically see in the movies. Couples are so much in love and can’t get their hands off each other. They see each other as perfect and nothing can tear them apart. It’s also called the honeymoon stage and everyone who looks at the couple think they are perfect. Sadly, it doesn’t last long.

2. Reality stage: This is the stage where things get so real. The masks peel off and you begin seeing another side of your partner that you didn’t know before. Both partners are comfortable to be themselves around each other and there’s no faking. This is the stage where you get to know if your relationship can actually work since you get to see the bad side of each other. Unfortunately, some couples are not able to go through this phase successfully and the relationship thus comes to an end.

3. The stability stage: Now that you both have survived turbulent times together, you have also learned a lot about each other and from the fights you have had. You know that your partner hates it when you don’t clear the table after dinner and when you don’t put your dirty socks in the laundry basket. This is a peaceful stage but it can also get too comfortable if you are not cautious.

4. Commitment stage: After being through hell and back with your partner, it is at this time that you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with nobody else but your partner. So you choose them, again and again, no matter how hard things get.

5. The bliss: By this time, you have both learned what works for you as a couple. You work as a team and you even have a project together. You trust each other, love each other, and yours is a beautiful love story.

Do This To Permanently cure ulcer and malaria within 2-3 days

emulsion for ulcer

a peptic ulcer is also called gastric ulcer

this emulsion is for all ulcer sores on the lining of the stomach causing excess of stomach acid and heart burn, bacterial infection making the digestive system malfunction and have many small bubbles of gas in the stomach.

this emulsion will join them and help system release the gas and heal you in 5 days.

things to use:

👉 akamu pap or smooth corn flour

👉 one liquid tin milk

👉 one raw egg


put one portion of akamu in a plate or three spoon of any smooth corn flour if in your country you cant see local akamu use smooth corn flour…..

then add tin milk and stir to dissolve dont add any water, use only the tin milk, mix well then add one raw egg and mix the three well together before drinking. it should be taking once a day for five days. to be free totally

7 Signs To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Going To Be Rich

Women, few out of every odd person is an individual from the fortunate sperm club. Only one out of every odd helpless person today merits putting resources into. Some are basically miserable and will never become famous. 

Some are absolutely moguls really taking shape. However, to save you from getting up one daytime acknowledging you’ve contributed your time, exertion and youth to no end, here’s the general guideline I’ve used to filter out great penny stocks. 

*.1. He knows he is good at something… Knowing his value is generally the initial move towards riches creation. Child sitting, preparing, cultivating or whatever inasmuch as he perceives that the aptitudes he sharpened are replaceable for cash. 

*.2. He is self-disciplined… 

He can focus on future monetary objectives without influencing from regular undertakings that will lead him there. Regardless of how exhausting or horrendous. 

*.3. He blames himself, not others… 

He believes it’s forever his flaw. Either somewhat or completely. It may appear to be somewhat vicious yet it’s him really realizing that he has command over his condition, choices and at last his own future. 

*.4. He lives below his methods…

It doesn’t mean he’s a grumpy person. He decides to aggregate more riches instead of to surrender to fleeting joys of purchasing a Rolex or a BMW. Somebody in the relationship needs to make this penance toward the start. If not him, who else? 

*.5. He is a doer… .. 

He doesn’t gab endlessly about how he will accomplish something incredible. He simply does it. He doesn’t gripe about doing stuff. He simply does it. 

*.6. He is extremely curious… . 

He requires significant investment and exertion to make sense of the stray pieces of why things work or don’t work. Opportunity once in a while emerges when he discovers an unserved specialty. 

*.7. He is tick skinned… 

He has the balls to execute his insane plans. Whatever they might be. Disappointment doesn’t concern him. Or on the other hand should I say he isn’t apprehensive about being chuckled at on the off chance that he didn’t succeed. He rehashes 6 and attempts. Putting resources into men is generally founded on characteristic worth. You’ll win a few and you’ll lose a few. However, when you do win, ensure you win enormous. So best of luck women. May the dating market be always bullish.. I

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