See 4 foods that will cleanse your prostate, flush out infection and make you healthy.

The prostate gland is essential to men’s reproductive health. When it is healthy, it takes the shape of a doughnut and wraps around the urethra, the tube through which men urinate. (This is why an enlarged prostate makes urinating difficult.)

There is little doubt that food is essential for men with prostate disease to keep a healthy prostates and reduce discomfort.

According to Medicalnewstoday, the following foods can help with prostate cleansing.

1. Tomatoes

Cooked tomatoes are essential in minimizing the occurrence of prostate cancer. A study found that men who ate cooked tomatoes on a regular basis had a 28% lower chance of acquiring prostate cancer than those who did not. Tomatoes high in lycopene have an antioxidant impact on prostate tissue.

2. Green tea.

Green tea includes catechin polyphenols, which are antioxidants that may aid prostate health. Green tea contains 10% to 20% of the caffeine found in coffee. If you want it, look for decaffeinated green tea made with water and carbon dioxide as the solvent (effervescence). This decaffeination procedure is recommended since it retains the majority of the catechins.

3. Fruits and vegetables 

Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and phytochemicals (plant nutrients). Combining these nutrients may enable your prostate to stay healthy on its own. Consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Choose green, yellow/orange, red/purple, and white fruits and vegetables to get a good mix of phytochemicals that are beneficial to the prostate. It is critical to consume a diversity of fruit and vegetable colors.

4. Fatty fish

Fish is a natural and healthy meat replacement. Fattier fish, such as salmon, mackerel, herring, trout, and swordfish, contain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA). Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to improve heart and prostate function.

Create a deep soul connection by these 6 ways

To have a happy and healthy relationship, you must develop a deeper soul connection with your partner. So, here’s how to do it.

1. Define a clear plan for the relationship from the start. How do you want it to work? This includes freedom of expression, and everything else. If trust is an issue for you, you must also be strict about it. Discuss all of these issues with your partner in detail.

2. Remember that your partner is not you. He or she comes from a different background than you. They think and feel differently, and they deal with stress and difficulty in different ways. As a result, they will not react in the same way that you do. And you must accept your and your partner’s differences. In the long term, this will lead to mutual respect.

3. Arguing is inevitable in every relationship, and according to relationship experts, it brings partners closer together. So, don’t try to disguise your true feelings in order to avoid trouble. Because when we stop being ourselves, it becomes more difficult for two individuals to connebct. So, if you disagree with something, express your feelings.

4. Always respect the other person’s values. This strengthens the bond. People can hold opposing viewpoints, but they cannot treat others unfairly because of that.

5. You and your partner should create an environment in which you can both be vulnerable. The bonding will never be healthy if you can’t be yourself and express your true feelings. This phase also aids in the healing of each other’s childhood wounds. When you and your partner improve, you begin to rely on one other. This strengthens the relationship.

6. Show love in your actions every day. For example, you can choose to like your partner’s annoying habits. That allows you to love someone who isn’t flawless. Love isn’t a word; it’s an action. Every day, there are numerous ways to express love to one another.

See 88 years old man who impregnated 22-year old lady


Alphonse, an 88-year-old father of 7, has impregnated a 22-year-old lady, who he claims to be deeply in love with.

Alphonse got married to his first wife in 1954 at age 24. After having 7 children, his wife died due to old age and Alphonse was left alone because his children have also moved out.

He began a search for someone who could help him around the house and also offer him companionship. Two years ago, he met Chibalonza when she was 20 years old and despite their 66-year age gap, they fell in love.

Not caring about the age difference, Chibalonza was ready to get married to the octogenarian. She is now pregnant with his child even though they are not yet married.

Alphonse and Chibalonza. Source:Legitng

Alphonse says they already did their traditional marriage and he had also taken a crate of beer and a live goat to her family.

His only concern of marrying Chibalonza is how his children will treat her when he dies. He is afraid they’ll maltreat her as all his children are older than she is. His first son is 66 years while his last child is 50.

He’s sad that he’s unable to build a separate house for his wife because his financial situation is not as good as it was in his younger days.

See 2 countries where a woman can get married to more than one man at the same time.

Some countries across the world allow monogamy as a norm in many cultures. In China and Nepal, a woman marrying two or more men is a matter of custom according to their traditions. The Tibetan region in China practices this type of marriage, especially in the Tsang and Kham areas. Tribes like Monpa, Tamang, Qiang, Sherpa and Lhoba are seen performing this type of marriage.

According to BBC, women in such marriages are at times not obliged to name the father of their children who is one of their husbands. This is done to protect the relationship and love between the husbands.

In Nepal, one of the poorest countries in Asia, monogamy was banned in 1963 but communities in the Humla, Dolpa and Kosi areas continue this practice. According to them, monogamy is part of their tradition which they cannot easily give up. They respect their traditions more than the law.

It is a common occurrence that you may find the whole village having families with this type of marriage. The practice is also common in tribes in the North and northeast of the country such as Bhote, Sherpa and Newbie

These are 7 causes of low energy in men

According to an article published by the medicalnewstoday, 7 causes of low energy in men.

A man may have persistent weariness or poor energy for a variety of causes.

We go over several potential causes of a man’s low energy levels below.

1. Diet

People may experience low energy levels due to poor diet or nutritional inadequacies.

A man’s energy levels can be increased by eating a balanced diet that includes lots of vegetables, whole grains, and proteins.

Fatigue and low energy levels might result from eating a diet short in calories or deficient in important nutrients.

These deficiencies are most prevalent in older men who are malnourished or who are not eating enough, as well as in younger men who may be heavy lifting or exercising frequently.

2. Exercise patterns

Those who go for an extended period of time without exercising may experience a decline in their energy levels. Adrenaline and energy levels rise during exercise.

Lack of exercise over time can make muscles weaker, which can make performing simple tasks exhausting.

Excessive exercise can also make you tired. It’s crucial to strike the right balance for maximum energy.

3. Reduced testosterone

The main hormone involved in male sex is testosterone. It is crucial for maintaining both physical and mental vitality.

The amount of testosterone that men’s bodies naturally produce decreases with age.

Low testosterone levels, commonly known as male hypogonadism, can make men feel depressed, tired, and low in energy. As a man ages, male hypogonadism becomes more prevalent.

4. Sleep apnea

Low energy levels might result from sleep issues.

A person with sleep apnea experiences breathing interruptions while they are asleep. A few times each night, they might stop breathing for around 10 seconds at a time.

Men experience sleep apnea more frequently than women do, as do obese persons.

5. Sleepiness

Men who experience insomnia or other sleep issues may feel lethargic. Insomnia can affect males of any age, however it is more prevalent in older folks.

Insomnia can have many distinct physiological, psychological, and emotional causes.

6. Depression

Many guys suffer from the medical condition of depression. Men and women may experience various signs of depression.

Men who are depressed could have extreme fatigue. They could become disinterested in their interests, career, or family.

7. Anemia

Iron-deficiency A common dietary deficiency brought on by a lack of iron is anemia.

Although it can also occur in women, the most typical cause of this kind of anemia in men is bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, such as from an ulcer or gastritis.

3 Benefits of moringa

Moringa leaf is one of the first seventh leaves in the world that are great when it comes to several health benefits. Moringa is a natural supplement that is capable of preventing and treating many health problems.

Medical science has shown that consuming moringa on daily basis is very important as it can do more good than bad. In this article, we shall be looking at three impact moringa has on men that is important every man knows.

May promote prostate health

According to “Healthline”, moringa is one of the best herbal supplements that is rich in sulfur-containing compounds called glucosinolates, which may help prevent prostate cancer and improve its health.

May alleviate erectile dysfunction

Having erectile issues can sometimes be troublesome as it can also prevent men from having a happy marriage. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep a hard that’s firm enough for intercourse.

May improve fertility

Men are estimated to cause or contribute to infertility problems in about 40% of cases, with a less or reduced production of the male reproductive cells and problem 

See 10 romantic bedroom ideas for married couples

If you’ve been dating for a while, you might run out of romantic bedroom ideas. To help you make your life more romantic, I’ve put together a list of romantic master bedroom ideas.

Finding romantic bedroom ideas for freshly married couples is critical because their first house is so important.

The sections below contain wfor romantic bedrooms for couples.

Here are 10 bedroom decoration suggestions for newlyweds to make your living together even more enjoyable. While some of these ideas will touch your heart, others might help you deepen the closeness in your marriage.

1. Storytelling wall.

Every couple aspires to have a wall that chronicles the story of their romance and adventure. This is the best choice if you’re looking for romantic bedroom ideas.

Affix gorgeous little labels to photos of memorable events, such as your engagement or wedding day. You can also opt to add images from your wedding and honeymoon.

2. Invest in a reliable lock.

Not only are bedrooms used for privacy, but they are also where most valuables are kept. Good locks will protect your security and privacy while also preventing your grown children from snooping around during private moments.

3. Pillow fight.

For some reason, having lots of pillows when it comes to beds and bedding improves the environment.

Even if it might not be your idea of romantic elegance, having a lot of cushions around could increase desire.

4. Ensure the room is well-ventilated.

You can keep your bedroom fresh and lit by natural light by keeping it well aired. This is important for designing a cosy bedroom because scents and winds can significantly improve your mood.

6. Install blackout curtains.

Because they keep the light out during mid-day naps and early mornings when you don’t want to be up with the sun, blackout curtains are a great option for the bedroom. Having blackout curtains will provide you some privacy if your neighbours are nosy.

7. Pay attention to the bathroom.

A crucial part of the bedroom is the master bathroom. Make it a point to watch the bathroom closely. Add attractive curtains, a bathtub, and candles to your bathroom so you and your partner may have a relaxing shower or bath whenever you want.

8. Add flowers.

Flowers are a wonderful way to incorporate colours and scents into your bedroom. Bring in fresh flowers every other day to maintain the atmosphere romantic and the room smelling lovely.

9. Power outage.

How can you prepare your bedroom for a romantic evening? There is nothing better than setting a date for a power outage, lowering the lights, and lighting the candles.

10. Remove clutter.

A romantic bedroom environment shouldn’t have filthy clothing and shoes lying about. Any mess, especially if one of the parties is OC, might ruin the mood. In any romantic bed arrangements, there isn’t clutter everywhere.

10 Sweet pet names to call a Yoruba girl to win her heart

The Yoruba individuals are an African ethnic gathering that possesses western Africa. The Yoruba comprise around 44 million individuals altogether. Most of this populace is from Nigeria, where the Yorùbá make up 21% of the nation’s populace. 

Here are the sweet pet names you can call a Yoruba woman to win her heart and significance 

Any Yoruba Girl Will Be Yolurs If You Call Her Any Of These 10 Sweet Pet Names 

1. Ife mi 

This signifies “my affection” and can be utilized for both a bobo and Sisi 

2. MoreNike 

Morenike; I (have) found an individual to spoil 


Morenikeji; I have discovered my second (better) half 


Adunbi; one who is sweet to bring forth 

5) Ekundayo 

Ekundayo; tears have become delight 

6) Adunke 

Adunke; one who is sweet to spoil 

7) Fadekemi 

Fadekemi; utilize the crown to spoil me 

Adunni; one who is sweet to have 


Ifemi : An amazing delight 

9) Ayo 

Ayo; implies delight 

Iwalewa; great character is excellent 

10) Ariyo 

Ariyo; one who is euphoria to view

4 Foods that prevent blindness and Purify ones eye.

Many people in their 50s, 60s and above are prone to different kinds of eye conditions and some of them tend to take different kinds of concoctions and drugs in order to purify their eyes. According to an article written by healthline, I will educate you on some of the foods you need to eat on a regular basis in order to purify your eyes and prevent blindness in your 50s and above.

1. You should try your best to eat a sufficient amount of fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, trout, mackerel and a whole lot of others due to their high amount of Omega-3 fatty oil. If you take this Omega-3 fatty oil on a regular basis, it can help to prevent your eyes from drying out.

2. You should eat various types of nuts such as cashew nuts, peanuts, almond nuts and a whole lot of others because of their reasonable amounts of Omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin E, and a whole lot of minerals which can protect your eyes from age-related health conditions. So you should take more nuts on a regular basis.

3. Try to eat leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and others on a regular basis because they contain lutein, zeaxanthin, and vitamin C.These nutrients can help to protect your eyes from free radicals.

4. Carrots contain a reasonable amount of Vitamin A and beta carotene which can improve your vision and your eye health. So, you should eat more carrots.

9 Things to do when somebody stops breathing and collapses

Cardiopulmonary resucitation (CPR) is a technique used to treat someone when they stop breathing or their heart suddenly stops beating. In this article, we will examine when and how to perform a CPR.

Generally, CPR is used promptly to prolong the survival chance of someone who is unconscious, unable to respond to stimuli,and appears to be asleep. They may even stop breathing or their pulse may become faint. CPR should be performed immediately before medical help arrives.

An article by Healthline lists the step-by-step guide on how to provide first-aid to an unconcious victim as follows:

1. If they’re not breathing, begin a CPR immediately

2. If they’re breathing, take steps to get them into the recovery position

3. Check their airway to make sure there’s no obstruction.

4. Check for any site of bleeding and apply pressure, or wrap with a neat cloth to control it

5. Keep an eye on their condition, and remain with them until medical help arrives.

How to perform a CPR

1. Lay the person on their back on a firm surface.

2. Kneel next to their neck and shoulders.

3. If they’re an adult:

a) Place the heel of your hand over the center of their chest. 

b) Put your other hand directly over the first one and interlace your fingers.

c) Make sure that your elbows are straight and move your shoulders up above your hands.

4. If they’re a child , only place one of your hands over the center of their chest.

5. If they’re an infant , only place two fingers over the center of their chest, a little below their nipple line.

6. Using your upper body weight, push straight down on their chest at least 1.5 inches for infants and 2 inches for everyone else. Then release the pressure.

7. Repeat this procedure again for 100 to 120 times per minute. This is very possible if you’re determined.

8. Continue until help arrives or there are signs of movement.

9. Once you see an sign of movement even before help arrives, you can place them on their side.

The reason why the first cry of a baby is important

They are all waiting for your child to make his or her presence known when he or she exits from your body and enters the actual world. As soon as a baby’s first cry is heard, he or she has entered the world for the first time. Does it really matter if a baby screams or not? No, after a few minutes, kids stop crying and return to normal. Exactly what does each of these screams mean? A baby’s health can be determined by the responses to these and other questions.

Why do newborns cry after birth?

According to healthline. The ideal case is when a newborn baby begins to cry shortly after birth. At birth, doctors use a suction tube to remove any remaining fluid from a newborn’s nose and mouth. When this occurs, the body’s systems kick in, resulting in a cry. He or she will begin to cry and take their first breath if the baby does this on his or her own, causing the infant’s lungs to come into operation.

Why is Birth Cry Important?

If you’re a new mother, you may become irrationally obsessed with your baby’s incessant cries. When a baby’s first cries are heard, it is usually a joyous time for the mother to celebrate. With this, you can rest assured that your child has met one of the most important survival criteria.

During the mother’s pregnancy, the placenta meets all of the baby’s oxygen requirements. Lungs grow slowly in newborns and are one of the last to be fully formed. The lungs are unnecessary because the baby is entirely buried in amniotic fluid. The only way for the baby to get nutrients and oxygen is through the umbilical cord and placenta.

Do Newborns’ First Cries Aid in Breathing?

Definitely. Only late in pregnancy do the lungs begin to work, and even then only a little. Because of the evaporation of lung fluid during childbirth, the baby’s lungs can perform normally. There is a progressive change in size and shape. It is normal for the lungs, airways, nose, and mouth to contain a small amount of fluid and mucus. Your lungs will not function properly until this is removed. Cries are more furious when the air is taken in more freely than when they are accompanied by a gurgle.

What if your baby is born without crying?

Newborn babies may not cry after birth in a variety of circumstances, according to doctors. Seeing your child appear to be dead may be a shock to the system.

You can tell when your baby’s lungs are ready to take in air by the sound of their cries. If your baby does not cry right away, it is not necessarily a bad indication. The weeping of newborns who are healthy, rosy, and alert—complete with limb movements—is not uncommon. A healthy, pink-hued newborn may display signs of distress, and medical professionals are aware of this and take extra care. The suction pump is used to immediately remove any obstacles from the route. In the event that nothing else works, a doctor may choose to employ spanking as a last resort to bring out a child’s cries of pain. ICU patients only receive artificial oxygen tubes if other therapies fail.

“I paid a man to pregnant me” Check out what happened

” I Paid A Man To Make Me Pregnant” Check Out What Happened To Jacqueline.

Courage doesn’t mean that you are not afraid, it means that you do not let fear stop. This is Jacqueline, a lady who faced what she calls the worst. She was born into a big and happy family she had parents, brothers, and sisters. They lived with a lot of joy until one day that everything suddenly changed.

This happen when she was 10 years of age. They we were sleeping at night and some people broke into their house. They had machetes and they said that they were going to kill them all. The killers attacked her and the entire family was murdered right in front of her. She screamed as if it was all she could do about it.

They grabbed her and cut her body, the face, the right eye embedded and her hands were cut off. They thought that she was dead and they left them all there.

They removed her right eye and cut most of her body and they thought that she was dead and they walked away. She later works up from the hospital and from then her life became a complete disaster sometimes she always wants to end it. She says that with the way she looks no man would want such a lady for a wife. She failed to find a man who will love her for who she is and so she decided to pay for one.

She worked for years and years so that she could get money to pay a man to get her pregnant. She gave birth to this child. She says that her life is still miserable because she is trying to do everything in her arms. She takes care of her daughter and herself every day.

Though she is physically disabled, she does a lot of things that a lot of people do in their homes such as cooking, and other duties that help her to survive.

Thank you for releasing this article. Follow me and stay safe.


When your car does not go in reverse, do these.

When your car won’t go in reverse, it’s natural to feel worried or agitated. This is usually an indication of transmission issues. However, this does not always imply that the entire system must be replaced. You may only need to replace the transmission fluid and filter in some circumstances. On the other hand, the problem can be resolved by changing the automatic transmission linkage. If everything else fails, you can totally rebuild the part.

According to, the easiest workaround is to quickly go from Park to Low, repeating the action multiple times. Doing so will dislodge the rust or corrosion in the system. Consequently, it allows the computer signal to be correctly read, allowing the switch to move again. 

There are some instances in which you might be able to keep on driving your car even though it won’t go in reverse. But in general, you should try to steer clear of driving a car that appears to be having transmission trouble. You could make the problem a whole lot worse if you have a car with low transmission fluid or another semi-serious transmission issue. You’re going to be much better off driving down to an auto repair shop to have your car looked at right away.

Here are additional things to do when your car doesn’t go in reverse.

Transmission Repair.

For instance, if your automobile will not go into reverse because it is spilling transmission fluid, all that has to be done to fix the problem is to repair the component that is leaking. The same holds true in more extreme circumstances, such as when there is damage to the reverse gear.

Transmission Rebuild.

Rebuilding the transmission may be necessary if the condition is relatively severe, which requires dismantling the transmission and inspecting each component. Obviously, this one requires a lot more time and effort, which equals a larger price tag. Fortunately, the reversing issue will not be the only one receiving attention. In place of that, your transmission will be thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and fixed (if needed). After this, you’ll feel a lot better about yourself.

Transmission Replacement.

Naturally, if the defective reverse gear is simply one portion of a gearbox that is in poor shape, you should probably think about replacing the entire transmission rather than just the one part that is broken. A replacement might be an easier solution to implement, depending on the level of damage that has been sustained. It’s true that buying a brand-new transmission will run you quite a bit of money, but you may cut those expenses by opting instead to purchase a used transmission that’s in pristine shape.

Brazilian doctor filmed putting male organ in woman’s mouth during C-section.


  A Brazilian doctor has been filmed assaulting a sedated pregnant woman while she underwent C-section. According to UK Sun , the anaesthe…

A Brazilian doctor has been filmed assaulting a sedated pregnant woman while she underwent C-section.

According to UK Sun, the anaesthetist identified as Giovanni Quintella Bezerra has been arrested for “r@pe”.

This followed after he was secretly filmed sticking his male organ into the mouth of the woman who was unconscious.

It was said that he had heavily sedated her at the Hospital da Mulher in São João de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the anaesthetist could be seen undoing his fly and assaulting the woman as other doctors performed the C-section on her less than a metre away behind a surgical curtain.

It was said that the other doctors were worried about the number of drugs he administered to the woman, so they fitted a secret camera.

The police and other state authorities said they’re investigating whether the anaesthetist has other victims.

It is understood that Bezerra only completed his medical training in anaesthesia two months prior.

Speaking on the development, the health foundation of the state of Rio de Janeiro and the secretary of state for health said: “We inform you that an internal investigation will be opened to take administrative measures.

“The Hospital da Mulher team is providing full support to the victim and her family. This behaviour constitutes a crime, which must be punished in accordance with the legislation in force.” 

Your breasts hurt after removing bra because of the 4 reasons below

Breast pain is an uncomfortable experience that might occur due to certain reasons such as injuries, infections, pregnancy, and so on.

Some ladies experience breast pain after they take off certain bras and in this article, we would be taking a look at the reasons why you experience boobs pain after you take off your bra.

1. Your bra does not provide adequate support.

According to “Women’s health mag”, Bras are supposed to provide adequate support for the boobs and if they fail to carry out this task properly, your ligaments could stretch. Also while carrying out tedious activities like aerobics, you need to put on well-fitting bras to avoid sore feelings and pain afterward. Also whenever you get a new bra adjust the straps to fit you appropriately.

2. Wearing an extremely tight or small bra

Most ladies do not know their bra cup size which might make them opt for bras with smaller cups than their actual size. Doing this puts pressure on your boobs, which often leads to pain and discomfort.

3. The underwire of your bra can cause pain when it sticks out.

If you opt for underwire bras, make sure that the underwire does not stick out because it can lead to injury when you wear them. To avoid any form of discomfort, you can avoid wearing an underwire bra or you can simply fix the underwire of your bra if you notice it sticking out.

4. You wear ill-fitting or old bras.

According to “Healthline”, most ladies make the mistake of wearing old bras which are probably ill-fitting. After you wear a bra for too long, it begins to lose its elasticity, and will eventually cause it to lose its support. This can lead to boobs pain because the boobs won’t stay in place. So always try to replace your old bra with new ones to avoid breast pain.

8 Things that women find it very difficult to resist in men.

Women are drawn to men in the same way that men are, and some men have characteristics that most women find attractive.

While some women may summon the courage to approach the man, few women have the courage to initiate contact with a man.

We’ll look at some things and qualities in men that women find difficult to resist in this article. Take a peek at what’s going on here:

1. His attire

One of the first things a woman notices about a man is his appearance. We all agree that one’s appearance says a lot about them. They will assess the man’s neatness and the appropriateness of his attire for the event. Of course, they aren’t expecting you to be on the beach in a suit. To them, you’ll appear odd. A man’s sense of style is also expected. Any woman will be drawn to a man like this.

2. The guy’s hairstyle

Another aspect of a man’s appearance that attracts women is his haircut. Various haircuts appeal to different women. Hair must be tidy and free of tangles. Hair should be brushed, not just seem rough. Women prefer males who shave their heads to men who have unruly hair.

3. Self-assurance and a confident walking posture

Any lady will be drawn to you if you move confidently and energetically. A bossy walk gives the impression of a man who is trustworthy and ready to face any challenge. You should never approach her while your head is buried in the earth. Any woman can tell if she is confident. You will never be able to capture a woman’s heart if you lack confidence, no matter how brilliant you appear.

4. Height/weight

According to studies, women prefer males with a muscular physique, albeit the degree to which this is true differs from woman to woman. Women feel comfortable in the arms of this type of man because of his inverted triangle body.

5. Make an inquiry about my footwear

Many men overlook the significance of their footwear, but what they wear on their feet might reveal a man’s level of responsibility. This has nothing to do with wearing high-end footwear, but rather with keeping the shoes clean, not ripped, and dust-free.

6. The way you look.

Depending on the girl’s preferences, a man’s facial expressions to her will transmit the wrong or right message. Despite the fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, many women would prefer certain expressions to any male who speaks to them.

When your eyes continuously shift from one direction to another, for example, you’re delivering the impression that you’re not honest. The list goes on and on, so be certain you read it all. Women enjoy being around witty men, and you can always tell when someone is having a good time just by looking at them. In fact, most women prefer knowledge and intellect to a strong sense of humor.

7. Accessory for the male

The accessories that a man wears might reveal a great deal about him. One will, for example, be wearing chains around their necks, and others will be wearing earrings and other jewelry. When a woman sees a lot of accessories, she assumes you like to flaunt your wealth, but a man who keeps it simple can get a lot of points from any woman.

Hands, number eight

Women will notice a man’s hands. They’ll be able to tell whether you’re hardworking or not just by greeting you. They don’t expect to find a ring on any of your fingers, either. They will appreciate your clean hands, and it will demonstrate to them that you are capable of looking after them.

How do you feel about this article? Comment below with your opinions, and don’t forget to link to and share this article.

Study shows that HIV could be defeated with single injection

LAGOS – Hope rises after many years of search for the Human Immune Virus (HIV) as a new study from Tel Aviv University proposes a novel AIDS treatment that could be turned into a vaccine or a one-time treatment for people living with HIV.

A report on Friday confirming the breakthrough cure noted that the research explored modifying type B white blood cells in the patient’s body to release anti-HIV antibodies in response to the virus. 

Dr Adi Barzel and PhD student Alessio Nehmad led the study, which was conducted in partnership with the Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov), the George S. Wise department of life sciences, and the Dotan Center for Advanced Therapies. 

The study was carried out in cooperation with other researchers from Israel and the United States. The findings were published recently in the renowned journal Nature Biotechnology.

The lives of many people living with AIDS  have improved during the past two decades as a result of the administration of medicines that have transformed the condition from fatal to chronic. 

However, the report says,  “We have a long way to go before finding a medication that can offer patients a permanent cure. Dr. Barzel’s laboratory pioneered one feasible method, a one-time injection. His team devised a technology that employs type B white blood cells that are genetically altered within the patient’s body to release neutralizing antibodies against the HIV virus, which causes the disease.

B cells are white blood cells that produce antibodies against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Bone marrow is where B cells are formed. When they mature, B cells move into the blood and lymphatic system and from there to the different body parts.

Dr. Barzel explains, “Until now, only a few scientists, and we among them, had been able to engineer B cells outside of the body, and in this study, we were the first to do this in the body and to make these cells generate desired antibodies.

The genetic engineering is done with viral carriers derived from viruses that were engineered so as not to cause damage but only to bring the gene coding for the antibody into the B cells in the body.

Additionally, in this case, we have been able to accurately introduce the antibodies into a desired site in the B cell genome. All model animals who had been administered the treatment responded and had high quantities of the desired antibody in their blood. We produced the antibody from the blood and made sure it was actually effective in neutralising the HIV virus in the lab dish.”

The genetic editing was done with CRISPR. This is a technology-based on a bacterial immune system against viruses. The bacteria use the CRISPR systems as a sort of molecular “search engine” to locate viral sequences and cut them in order to disable them. Two biochemists who had figured out the sophisticated defense mechanism, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, were able to reroute for the cleavage of any DNA of choice. 

The technology has since been used to either disable unwanted genes or repair and insert desired genes. Doudna and Charpentier earned international recognition when they became chemistry Nobel Prize winners in 2020.

PhD student Alessio Nehmad elaborated on the use of CRISPR, “We incorporate the capability of a CRISPR to direct the introduction of genes into desired sites along with the capabilities of viral carriers to bring desired genes to desired cells. Thus, we are able to engineer the B cells inside the patient’s body.

“We use two viral carriers of the AAV family, one carrier codes for the desired antibody, and the second carrier codes the CRISPR system. When the CRISPR cuts in the desired site in the genome of the B cells it directs the introduction of the desired gene: the gene coding for the antibody against the HIV virus, which causes AIDS.”

Currently, the researchers explain, there is no genetic treatment for AIDS, so the research opportunities are vast. Dr. Barzel concludes, “We developed an innovative treatment that may defeat the virus with a one-time injection, with the potential of bringing about tremendous improvement in the patients’ condition.

“When the engineered B cells encounter the virus, the virus stimulates and encourages them to divide, so we are utilizing the very cause of the disease to combat it. Furthermore, if the virus changes, the B cells will also change accordingly in order to combat it, so we have created the first medication ever that can evolve in the body and defeat viruses in the ‘arms race’.”

He continues, “Based on this study we can expect that over the coming years we will be able to produce in this way a medication for AIDS, for additional infectious diseases and for certain types of cancer caused by a virus, such as cervical cancer, head, and neck cancer and more.”

Church of Satan Co-founder gives life to Jesus Christ

One of the co-founders of the South African Satanic Church (SASC), Riaan Swiegelaar has resigned his position the head of the controversial church. Swiegelaar also resigned from the church council and his membership to the body.

In a live video broadcast on Facebook, Swiegelaar said, “To be very honest, I initially thought I’d quietly slip out the backdoor and I didn’t think people would be so interested in why I do what I do.”

He said he engaged in Satanism because it resonated with him at the time, and because he was “very sad and very broken, without realising it”. “I think a lot of people resonate at Satanism when they come from a very broken place.” ”

“I have met thousands of Satanists over the past year and they are extremely hurt and broken—that’s the one thing they all have in common,” Swiegelaar added.

He burst into tears and added, “To this day, there have only been four Christians in my entire life who have shown me what unconditional love is. ”

Adele Frey, one of the people who supported him, messaged him, saying she just did a simple thing by showing him love. “People, showing love for others is everything. You showed me the love of Christ, I saw it in you”.

He adds that Frey showed him unconditional love at a time when he was an “ugly monster”, and when he adopted Christians who do that. “You showed me unconditional love. ”

In mid-May, Swiegelaar conducted his last interview as a member of the SASC on the CapeTalk radio station, not knowing it would be his last radio interview as an oldie.

Swigelaar said in the interview that he does not believe that Jesus Christ exists. A lady from the radio team walked up to him after the interview and hugged him in a way he had never been hugged before.

A week later, he saw on WhatsApp that the woman is a Christian. “I never had a Christian do that. I have never experienced a Christian show so much love towards a self knowing satanist. ”

“And it stayed with me, though. ”

A week later, when Swiegelaar had to perform a ritual to see “what the next phase is to gain more influence and power”, he did the ritual and during the ritual Jesus appeared before him.

He said, “If you are Jesus, you have to prove it. “Dizzy says he is overflowing with the most beautiful love and energy. “And I recognized it right away, like the woman at the radio station pointed it out to me. ”

“This is how I recognized the love of Christ. ”

Dizzy expands more about his experience in the live Facebook video that’s over 30 minutes long.

Impostor said he would not answer queries from the media, and that the video is his testimony.

A press release by the SASC, whose member number according to Swiegelaar is growing by the day, reads: “We, as the SASC Council, want to thank Swiegalaar for his contribution, both as the pastor and the co-founder of the SA Satanic Church. We wish him success in all his future endeavors. “

Can too much sex lead to loose private organ in women?

The connective tissue that makes up the wall of women private organ is extremely dense and has a healthy blood supply. This region connects several nerves. The vulva is more “skin-like” than the private organ thanks to the lining of special skin cells. It also has the largest blood and nerve supply of any place on the human body.

The private organ and vulva’s anatomical structure means that, like other body parts, both can have collagen and elastin degeneration, ageing, and stretching to the point where it doesn’t bounce back. The result of this stretching is what we refer to as a “loose” private organ.

According to Healthline, there are various misconceptions about female private organs, including ones about their “looseness” and “tightness.” Despite the fact that these falsehoods are, of course, completely without foundation, they continue to circulate. It’s crucial to bust those beliefs and get right to the facts since they can be detrimental to a woman’s self-esteem and perception of herself. So exhale in relief and continue reading to find out the reality about loose private organ and what it can indicate to you if you find yourself experiencing this problem.

Does too much intimacy cause loose private organ?

To stop women from having too many intimate partners or from experiencing intimacy before marriage, this myth was created long ago. It is completely untrue, though, and even too much intimacy does not cause the private organ to become “loose” according to Healthline.

Therefore, it’s totally untrue that too much intimacy can cause the private organ to loose it’s elasticity.

Pelvic muscles can, however, be weakened or momentarily stretched due to other circumstances. For instance, childbirth might temporarily extend the private organs, but after around six months, especially for younger moms, they return to their former shape. But the likelihood that childbirth will have an impact on a person’s pelvic floor muscles increases with time.

All of the body’s muscles deteriorate with time. With time, pelvic floor muscles also lose part of their power and suppleness. The private organ may also feel drier and less elastic after menopause, which is followed by a decline in oestrogen levels. But even this is not long-lasting. Experts advise elderly people to use kegel exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, which over time can increase strength and suppleness if they are experiencing issues with intimacy or urinary incontinence.

Jumpsuit outfits for plus size ladies

Some ladies are worried about what to wear in other to become a good fashion inspiration to others. Some plus-size ladies have been distancing themselves from some fashionable and beautiful trending outfits because of their size.

Every lady irrespective of her body shape and size, height, and tribe can never go wrong in fashion when you carefully choose the right outfits to put on, especially when you have a place to go.

As a plus-size lady, I want you to be confident in yourself join the latest fashion trends, choose the perfect styles that will suit your body shape, wear them and chase away the shyness in you.

In today’s article, I will be sharing with you some beautiful and decent jumpsuit outfits for plus-size ladies to rock at any event.

Jumpsuit outfits have been trending for some years now. It has been popular and well known in every country around the globe because of the dazzling beauty it offers to our women.

The jumpsuit outfits are suitable to be worn on many occasions like office, public gatherings, dates, outings, birthday parties, and other casual occasions. With the availability of different materials in the market, you can sew your jumpsuit outfits with any fabric of your choice.

Take a look at these beautiful and decent jumpsuit outfits I have for our plus-size ladies to wear at any event of their choice.

See 5 habits that kill sperm cells, 4 types of food to eat and 4 foods to avoid.

Thanks to advances in technology and research, the issue of infertility has been reasonably controlled over the past few years. Studies have also ensured that much of the blames that are often placed solely at the feet of the female folks when there is infertility is being reassessed, thanks to revelations that in some cases, infertility is caused by men-related problems.

Photo credit: Pinterest.

For most men with an infertility problem, it has been observed that sperm count and sperm quality are two of the most important contributing factors. According to the Mayo Clinic, low sperm count is a particularly crucial factor in most cases of infertility, with this capable of decreasing the odds that a man’s sperm would fertilise his partner’s egg to bring about pregnancy.

According to the Mayo Clinic, low sperm count is said to occur when the semen ejaculated by a man during an orgasm contains fewer sperm than normal i.e a man with a low sperm count would have fewer than 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen. But be that as it may, it is believed that some men can still impregnate their partners despite having a figure below the aforementioned figure.

Photo credit: Pinterest.

However, despite this, a man’s sperm cells should be kept healthy to avoid some of the challenges that do come with infertility. Unfortunately, several men have certain lifestyles or habits that often lead to the death of their sperm cells. A few of such habits that should be avoided by men, according to the Mayo Clinic, are examined below:

1. Drug use

In their bid to stimulate strength and growth, some men often engage in the act of using anabolic steroids including cocaine and marijuana. However, this is bad for such men’s fertility as those drugs often lead to the shrinkage of the testicles, decreased production of sperm, and reduction in the number and quality of sperm.

2. Alcohol use

While alcohol might be great for the body, it is often advised that men limit their intake of it to two drinks per day, as any extra consumption would be counterproductive to health. One of the things that inadvertently get affected when men drink alcohol excessively is sperm, as alcohol can lower men’s testosterone level, leading to decreased sperm production.

3. Smoking

Smoking is not only bad for your lungs, but it is also bad news for your sperm cells. According to the Mayo Clinic, smoking is linked to lower sperm count, and thus should be avoided by men.

4. Lack of physical activity

When a man lives a sedentary lifestyle which involves a lack of physical activity and sitting idly for long periods of time, such a man would be doing his sperm cells a huge disservice. This is because such a man would become vulnerable to obesity, which can, in turn, directly impact sperm and cause hormonal changes that reduce his fertility.

5. Overheating the testicles

Also according to the Mayo Clinic, men can kill their sperm cells and increase their chances of infertility when they expose their testicles to elevated temperatures. This is because elevated temperatures impair sperm function and production and this can happen when men sit for long periods, wear tight clothing, or work on a laptop computer for long periods.

In maintaining the health of sperm cells, food also plays a crucial role. Some foods have been particularly found to hamper the well-being of sperm cells, thus, should be avoided or limited by men. A few of such foods are briefly examined below:

1. Processed meats

Processed meats such as hot dogs, sausage and bacon are all delicious but beyond that, the effect they have on the body means they are not healthy to be consumed regularly, especially by men. This is because their increased intake by men is linked to decreased sperm counts and altered sperm motility.

2. Trans fats

According to studies, trans fats just don’t affect the heart, they also affect sperm cells and can significantly contribute to infertility in men, as their intake is linked to decreased sperm counts. Trans fats are present in foods such as cakes, cookies, pies, shortening, french fries, doughnuts, frozen pizza and microwave popcorn.

3. Soy products

The consumption of soy and soy products should also be watched by men as their high intake is linked to infertility. No thanks to the presence of phytoestrogens in soy products, a high intake of them can significantly decrease sperm concentration, thus leading to infertility.

4. High-fat dairy products

The intake of high-fat dairy products including whole milk, cream and cheese should also be watched by men as their intake is linked to decreased sperm motility and abnormal sperm shape.

Having considered some of the foods whose intake can have undesirable effects on sperm cells and male fertility by extension, what then are some of the food whose intake is beneficial to sperm health? A few of them are examined below:

1. Fish

Thanks to the high levels of omega-3 fatty acids in fatty fish such as mackerel, tuna, herring, salmon, and sardines, they are often recommended to be consumed regularly by men as their intake is linked to better sperm motility.

2. Fruits and vegetables

A high intake of foods such as green leafy vegetables and beans is also recommended as these foods are high in antioxidants such as co-enzyme Q10, vitamin C, and lycopene, with these nutrients all linked to higher sperm concentrations and better sperm motility.

3. Walnuts

Walnuts should also feature more prominently on the diet plans of many men as their intake and those of other nuts have been proven to be beneficial for male fertility. According to studies, the intake of walnuts is associated with significant improvements in sperm vitality.

4. Eggs

Eggs are a superfood but apart from some of the health benefits that have come to be associated with their intake, eggs also help improve male fertility, thanks to their high content of vitamin D, a crucial nutrient for fertility in both males and females.

Useful guide to know fake bank alerts

Have you ever been scammed through fake alert? If you have not, definitely, this article is for you. Read to the end of this article, as you will learn how to detect fake bank alert.

How to Detect Fake Bank Alerts - Simple Guide

How to Detect Fake Bank Alerts: Have you ever been cheated by a fake alert? If you haven’t already, this post is for you. Continue reading to the end to learn how to detect a fake bank alert.

A lot of Nigerians have been scammed through this fake bank alert , this is a true life story that happened to a POS business man in my area called Osadolor around Edo state, one young man worked up to his shop and make a fake bank alert to his account N50,000. he received alert confirming the money has been deposited into his account without knowing it was a fake bank alert. Later on, the POS business man checked his account balance, discovered the 50,000  is not in his account and the guy has gone.

For you not to fall victim like Mr osadolor, GoldenNewsNg has decided to write this educative article to enlighten you on how to detect fake bank alert and how fake alert is done

Here are what we are going to discuss in this article, you can click jump to the content you which to read.

How to Detect Fake Bank Alert?

What are the red flags to look out for?  You might want to scroll past this thinking you might not need it. Only victims understand how important knowing what the red flags are because they have dealt with it first-hand and it must have really hurt to see money that they’ve kept “safely” stolen without trace.  

Remember, this could happen to anyone, but to prevent you from falling victim, here are the things to look out for.  

  • Check out for misspellings. 
  • They will ask for your account number which is not out of place, and also ask for your phone number, and THAT is out of place. That’s a red flag. No one needs your phone number to send you money.  
  • Your account balance will not be credited. The real bank alert will show you how much you had before the alert and after the alert.  
  • Have a precise knowledge of how much was there before, and if it corresponds with the previous amount then you’re on track. If not you might just be about to be scammed.  
  • If you were sent a mail, check the email source and look out for the official email address of your bank.  
  • Check the authenticity of the mobile app used.  


Let me show you how fake bank alert looks like,

  Credit Alert!

     Acc#: xx0*******xx45


     Desc: 00100001000

     Diamond Bank

Nurudeen Ojo

     Time: 20/10/21/10:00PM

     Avail Bal: 100.000.09

     Total Bal: 100.00.10

So, this is how Diamond bank alert format looks like. Those scammer will send you your bank alert format, this will make it be like a real bank alert.

This is How to Detect Fake Bank Alerts

  1. First of all, any time your receive alert, Check the message where its located, maybe its located to inbox where your bank real message use to be. If its not among the other, its means something is wrong
  2. Secondly, Check whether the amount sent top up your balance. If not, it fake alert be that, because they cannot know the total amount in your bank account
  3. Thirdly, check the alert format, because some of them dont know all bank formats
  4. And lastly, check your account balance. It is adviceable to use your bank mobile app so that anytime money is sent to you, you will quickly login to the mobile app to confirm the payment.

Codes To Check Bank Account Balance

  • Access bank *901*5#
  • Eco-bank *326*0#
  • Fidelity bank *770*0#
  • First bank *894*0#
  • FCMB *329*00#
  • GT bank *737*6*1#
  • Heritage bank *322*030#
  • Stanbic bank *909#
  • Keystone bank *7111*1#
  • Sterling bank *822*00#
  • UBA bank *919*00#
  • Unity bank *7799#
  • Wema bank *945*0#
  • Zenith bank *966*00#

How does Fake bank alert done?

bulk sms is used in this process. Bulk SMS is an act of sending message to large number of people, its less expensive and easy to use.

When this scammers get the information they need to perform this fake bank alert, the will do it successfully. So, to avoid been scammed by this people, you need to hide that information from them. And if by any means, this information is review to them, there is a way you can detect fake alert.

What information do these fraudsters need to send you fake bank alert?

1. Your phone number
2. Your account number

Without the above information, it is impossible for them to send you fake messages, and when you eventually figure out what they’ve done, it would be impossible to track them.

The reason is, they have a dedicated SIM card for perpetrating this evil. They figure out the format that your bank uses to send you credit or debit alerts, and copy to send to you.

How to Avoid fake bank alert

After anyone claims to have sent money into your bank account ensure you confirm with the necessary account linked to your bank account , the first account is Email.

1. Check your email 

Check your email that is linked to your bank – the one that is registered with your bank. If you don’t have an email for bank alerts, then you can open one and link it to your account to help you clear your doubts about the financial transaction that took place. 

With this email, you also get access to your bank statement and your account balance, all in your email. 

Once you received the suspected bank alert, check your email source. 

2. Check account Balance

This can be done using your bank USSD code or mobile banking app, you can also check your account balance through internet banking or ATM machine. A fake bank alert will never reflect in your account balance or statement. 

3. Check the credit alert you received if it contains your available bank

Fake bank alerts will not  contain your available balance so you can easily detect the fake alert  if your account balance does not reflect along with transfer payment done by your customers/buyers. 

 4. Avoid clicking on links that request your bank account details or given out your bank information to stranger either via email, phone call or online platform. Be warned and stay safe. 


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please be aware of fake bank alert and I hope you find this article helpful? If so, share to your friends and family to keep them aware of bank alert scam 

5 Problems you might encounter when you abstain from sex for a long period of time

Most people eventually have a dry period in their intimate lives where they forgo intimacy for a considerable amount of time. You might be curious about how abstinence can effect your health if you find yourself in a period of it.

With that in mind, read on to learn five possible effects of not having intimacy, according to WebMD

1. Stress and anxiety.

Endorphins and the hormone oxytocin are released into the body during intercourse. These neurochemicals can aid in controlling the effects of stress or anxiety. The added benefit of oxytocin is that it promotes sleep. Your body might release these hormones less frequently if you don’t engage in intimate activity frequently, which could make it harder for you to handle stress.

2. Your blood pressure can spike.

Everything in the world can feel better after a terrific night of making love. Even if your boss won’t quit micromanaging you and you have a lot of deadlines, you are continuously getting hired, making all of those issues seem incredibly manageable.

That’s not a coincidence, according to science. In fact, a 2006 study published in the scientific journal Biological Psychology discovered that persons with regular intimate relationships had lower blood pressure than those without them.

3. Weakened Bladder.

You already know that the best exercise for your kegel muscles, which help your bladder hold onto pee, is engaging in intimate activity. Additionally, studies reveal that if you don’t engage in regular intercourse, you’ll be running to the bathroom far too frequently unless you’re routinely performing other kegel exercises.

4. Weakened Vaginal Walls.

Blood flow in a woman’s private organ is increased by increased intimate activity, and when she doesn’t engage in enough intimacy, the tissues of her vaginal walls weaken and dry up, causing it to become loose and thin.

5. Reduced intimate desire.

It is thought that infrequent closeness impacts a person’s desire, or intimate drive. You can anticipate a decline in your intimate drive if you and your lover are not cuddling up in bed. The postpartum period is anticipated to include a period of celibacy;

Beautiful and decent jumpsuit outfits for plus size ladies to rock at any event

Some ladies are worried about what to wear in other to become a good fashion inspiration to others. Some plus-size ladies have been distancing themselves from some fashionable and beautiful trending outfits because of their size.

Every lady irrespective of her body shape and size, height, and tribe can never go wrong in fashion when you carefully choose the right outfits to put on, especially when you have a place to go.

As a plus-size lady, I want you to be confident in yourself join the latest fashion trends, choose the perfect styles that will suit your body shape, wear them and chase away the shyness in you.

In today’s article, I will be sharing with you some beautiful and decent jumpsuit outfits for plus-size ladies to rock at any event.

Jumpsuit outfits have been trending for some years now. It has been popular and well known in every country around the globe because of the dazzling beauty it offers to our women.

The jumpsuit outfits are suitable to be worn on many occasions like office, public gatherings, dates, outings, birthday parties, and other casual occasions. With the availability of different materials in the market, you can sew your jumpsuit outfits with any fabric of your choice.

Take a look at these beautiful and decent jumpsuit outfits I have for our plus-size ladies to wear at any event of their choice.

See 10 things about the penis that men and women need to know

Knowing the male genitalia and its particularities – not only in terms of its size – can help men and women to have a more satisfactory intimate life. Below, according to Men’s Health, experts talk about ten curiosities about the organ.

1 – Does size matter?

The item is the first on the list because many men still worry about the size of their genital organ. According to the SBU (Sociedade Brasileira de Urologia), a normal male genitalia measures from seven to 17 centimeters erect. And it is important to stress that potency and size are not proportional. This means that the concern about not satisfying their partner because they think their member is small is unfounded.

Only physical and psychological problems can make a discharge during intercourse difficult, which is the well-known erectile dysfunction, but this is not related to the male genitalia size. The woman also makes no sense because they are the first five centimeters deep in the female genitalia the richest in nerve endings and, therefore, more sensitive.

2 – Does not increase or decrease during life:

Still on the subject of size, the organ does not change after reaching adult size, which happens around age 18. Surgeries to enlarge the male genitalia are not indicated for aesthetical reasons and, even in cases of micropenis (when it does not reach 2.5 cm flaccid or 7.5 cm erect), the gains are small and the risks are very large.

Surgical procedures with this purpose may cause instability of the member in secretion, limiting the ability to penetrate and, consequently, harm the individual’s intimate life.

3 – It may seem smaller than it is:

According to Sidney Glina, urologist at Hospital Albert Einstein, in São Paulo, most people who think they have a small penis are mistaken. What happens is that when these men go to compare their organs, in a locker room, for example, they are in a stressful, tense situation. The male genitalia has a muscle called dartos, located below the scrotum, which contracts during these moments, making the organ seem smaller than it is. To compare, just observe how he reacts to the cold too.

4 – Sensibility:

The glans, more popularly known as the head of the male genitalia, is the most sensitive part of the male reproductive organ. It is not possible to affirm the number of nerve endings it has (or the male genitalia as a whole), but the region provides a lot of pleasure to the man. Intense touches and strong friction may generate more discomfort than pleasure.

5 – Temperature of the testicles:

The region also presents heightened sensitivity, since it is composed of vascularized glands, through which the blood flow passes. It produces spermatozoa and testosterone (hormone) and therefore needs to be one degree below the internal temperature of the abdomen, which is 37ºC.

Sleeping without underwear helps maintain the ideal temperature of the testicles, favoring the production and quality of the spermatozoids. But nobody needs to be naked all day, it’s just an extra care. Wearing clothes that don’t squeeze the region is also favourable.

6 – Self-stimulation is not a necessity:

Some men say that staying a long time without discharging can be harmful, “weighs” the scrotum and other arguments. All myth. According to experts, there is no physiological reason to put semen out of the body. “If you do not discharge, you will eliminate in the urine. This need is something cultural, purely for the pleasure that orgasm causes, with intercourse for two or self-stimulation. Discharge is not fundamental for s3xual health, there is no scientific study about it.

7 – Circumcision does not affect sensitivity:

Postectomy is the surgery performed to remove the foreskin – a fold of two layers of skin and mucous membrane that covers the glans of the male reproductive organ. The procedure is not obligatory, but is necessary in some situations, such as when the man has balanopostitis (inflammation by fungus in the region) and for religious reasons (case of Jews). As the sensitivity is in the glans, removing the foreskin does not affect it at all. If any difficulty persists, seek a doctor.

8 – Male Genitalia “breaks”:

The organ does not have bone, but it may suffer lesions in the cavernous cavities if it is bent or bent quickly. The most common way this happens is during intercourse, when the woman is on top. With discharge, the male reproductive organ becomes very rigid and, if it escapes during intimacy, it can hit the woman’s perineum and seriously injure it. It makes a noise, the man feels a lot of pain and the rupture is visible because of the bleeding, which leaves it with a dark purple colour.

Experts advise, in the face of an accident like this, seek medical assistance immediately, because the injury will not heal itself and, often, surgery is required. The most common sequel is Peyronie’s disease, which leaves the penis crooked when it is erect and prevents penetration. In these cases, a new operation is required to correct it. The specialist says that this type of case is different from congenitally crooked penis, which only needs to be repaired when it is harmful to a man’s intimate life.

9 – Nocturnal discharge and orgasm:

Men spend 20% of their sleep time with the male genitalia in discharge. Several can occur, more precisely during REM sleep (stage in which dreams occur), and they last 30 to 40 minutes each. According to specialists, the man only notices the discharge when he wakes up in the middle of the night wanting to pee, for example.

It is not possible to specify the average time of a male orgasm, but it is estimated to be milliseconds. The male orgasm is one of the most understudied things. The subject is not explored much because men don’t have as many questions about it as women, who don’t always manage to achieve it.

10 – Danger signs and hygiene:

Men have an advantage over women when it comes to identifying problems in the reproductive organ. As the male genitalia is external, any stain or sign that there is something wrong is easily perceived. If it hasn’t appeared due to something that justifies alteration, like a more intense self-stimulation, the ideal is to look for a doctor.

The lack of hygiene of the area is associated with several diseases, not as a cause, but as a facilitating agent. Therefore, washing with water and soap all the genital region and dry, without leaving moisture, helps in prevention. For those who have foreskin, pulling the skin and exposing the glans to wash it is also important.

5 Things a cultist will never tell you – Pastor Shina Ayomi

Pastor Oluwasegunfunmi Oluwasinaayomi, a pastor at the Christ Apostolic Church in a recent post on his official Facebook page spoke about “Shun Secret Cult.” And as a former cult member, he explained 5 things a Cultist will never tell you and they are:

(1) They Stand A Chance Of Being An Abuser Of Drugs:

He said that this is obvious because there is no way you can carry out cult activities without being under the influence of drugs. No normal human being will butcher a fellow student like him except under the influence of dangerous drugs. These harmful drugs taken all under the name of a secret cult can cause long time damage to the body organ. “It which will eventually ruin your life and career in future. It almost ruin mine if not for the Blood of Jesus Christ,” he said.

(2) You Live Perpetually Under Fear:

He said that the only binding forces among the different secret cults are rivalry and violence. Therefore, as a cult member, you are no longer free to live in peace because you can be attacked anytime. In the class, hostel you are afraid, everywhere you go, you will live under fear. There is no peace for the wicked. As a cultist, you are contaminated by the satanic act.

(3) You Posses The Risk Of Death:

He said that so many students and youths have died during the night of initiation because you will be manhandled all in the name to test your manhood, and in the process, you might get killed. Sometimes, the parent of the person will also get killed may be due to an error during the initiation of their son.

(4) You May Loss Your Admission:

He said that when he was at the University of Ibadan, he was expelled from school when he was about to cross to the teaching hospital. Secret cult membership is unlawful in our societies. You risk losing your admission if in any case, you are caught by the police or the school security. You will be expelled immediately.

(5) You May Lose Future Opportunities:

As a secret cult member, there is a possibility of losing future opportunities. We human beings live for the future and the future is more important than any other thing. We are students today because we want to prepare ourselves for the future in order to be able to contribute our quota to the general development of the country. This potential will be lost when you are a member of a secret cult.

Finally, he said that they’ll only tell you advantages and will never tell you disadvantages until you enter into it. The only thing you can achieve been a cult are death, setback and regrets but if you can denounce it today and genuinely confess your sin and accept Jesus Christ, His protection is sure over you. “I have done it before and He (Jesus) saved me and turned me to His vessel of honour. Stay safe, cultism is not a thing of joy but a thing of destruction,” he said.

See Owambe Styles to help you nail your next wedding guest look

Going to weddings as a guest becomes more exciting when you have the perfect outfit. What do you think would need to nail the perfect Owambe look? What are the criteria needed to be the most admired at that event? Now is the time to check out some cool styles that would help you nail your next Owambe look.

Women who love fashion are always in search of more and more ways to look better. This is a very good attribute of anyone who wants to stand out in the fashion world. You need to keep looking for new ways to improve on what you already have. The moment you become too relaxed, you start missing out on some great styles.

Styling an Owambe outfit is one of the most exciting ventures you can engage in. The after-effect of that is something elegant.

You don’t always have to wait for the last moment to start planning your wedding guest look. A good fashionista should plan whatever event she has.

Thankfully, you do not have to break a back before seeing the right outfit. You can easily get the nicest styles from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is take the style you desire to your tailor and make that killer look you need for that event.

You can nail your Owambe look like a lady. Let these styles guide you and give you the best ideas on how to style a good outfit.

Get into the business of starting early. Planning your outfits on time will increase the chances of turning out better. Start now and nail your next wedding guest look.

Do these 7 things before 7:30 a.m to be successful

Successful people come from all walks of life, yet they all have one thing in common: where others see impenetrable barriers, they see challenges to embrace and obstacles to overcome.

Their confidence in the face of hardship is driven by their ability to let go of the negativity that holds so many otherwise sensible people back.

This perspective helps successful people to think differently to everyone else, which is important, because if you think like everyone else, no matter how smart or experienced you are, you’ll hit the same ceiling. By thinking outside the box and going against the grain, successful people rise above their limitations.

And it all starts with their morning routines. Here’s how ultra-successful people utilize the first hours of the day:

  1. They drink lemon water.

Drinking lemon water as soon as you wake up spikes your energy levels physically and mentally. By improving nutrient absorption in your stomach, it gives you a steady, natural energy buzz that lasts the length of the day. You need to drink it first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach) to ensure full absorption. You should also wait 15-30 minutes after drinking it before eating (perfect time to squeeze in some exercise). Lemons are chock full of nutrients, such as potassium, vitamin C, and antioxidants. If you weigh less than 150 pounds, drink the juice of half a lemon (a full lemon if you’re over 150 pounds). Don’t drink the juice without water because it’s hard on your teeth.

  1. They exercise.

Richard Branson, Tim Cook, and Disney’s Bob Iger all wake up well before 6:00 a.m. to get their bodies moving. While their ungodly wake-up hours and exercise routines may seem crazy, research supports the extra effort. A study conducted at the Eastern Ontario Research Institute found that people who exercised twice a week for 10 weeks felt more competent socially, academically, and athletically. A second study conducted by researchers at the University of Bristol found that people who exercised daily had more energy and a more positive outlook, which are both critical for getting things done. Getting your body moving for as little as 10 minutes releases GABA, a neurotransmitter that makes your brain feel soothed and keeps you in control of your impulses. Exercising first thing in the morning ensures that you’ll have the time for it, and it improves your self-control and energy levels over the course of the entire day.

  1. They disconnect.

Howard Schultz starts his day with a motivational e-mail to his employees, after this, he disconnects and dedicates his time to exercise and family. When you wake up and dive straight into e-mails, texts, and Facebook, you are far more likely to lose focus, and your morning succumbs to the wants and needs of other people. It’s much healthier to take those precious first moments of the day to do something relaxing, which sets a calm, positive tone for your day.

  1. They eat a healthy breakfast.

Eating anything at all for breakfast puts you ahead of a lot of people. People who eat breakfast are less likely to be obese, they have more stable blood-sugar levels, and they tend to be less hungry over the course of the day. And these are just the statistics for people who eat any breakfast. When you eat a healthy breakfast, the doors to a productive day swing wide open. A healthy breakfast gives you energy, improves your short-term memory, and helps you to concentrate more intensely and for longer periods.

  1. They practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness meditation has become increasingly popular among highly successful CEOs. Its growth in the business world is largely due to the huge dividends it pays in productivity and overall well-being. Research shows that mindfulness fights off stress by reversing the fight-or-flight response, improves your ability to focus, boosts creativity, and increases your emotional intelligence (EQ).

  1. They set goals for the day.

Benjamin Franklin was obsessive about planning his days. Each morning, he would wake up at 4:00 a.m. and meticulously piece together a schedule. There’s a clear message to take from Franklin’s habit: prudent goal setting pays dividends. When you plan out your day as carefully as possible, your chances of successfully accomplishing your goals skyrocket. I like to set my daily goals after my mindfulness practice, because the added calm and clarity help me to set effective, specific goals.

  1. They say no.

No is a powerful word, which will protect your precious mornings. When it’s time to say no, avoid phrases such as “I don’t think I can” or “I’m not certain.” Saying no to a new commitment honors your existing commitments, and your morning time is an important commitment. Research conducted at the University of California in San Francisco showed that the more difficulty that you have saying no, the more likely you are to experience stress, burnout, and even depression.

These are the 9 things that women see as being romantic

1. Holding her hand in public. It’s a sweet way to show that you don’t care who knows you’re both together. Holding hands is also an intimate gesture; just the touch of someone’s hand can make a woman feel cared for.

2. Remembering her friend’s birthdays. And anything else that is important to her but kind of obsolete for you. Remembering details of important events is a romantic gesture because it shows how much you care.

3. Planning outings that involve her friends. A woman wants to know that you accept all of her; that includes her friends. Planning things that involve her friends is romantic because you’re letting her know you accept all aspects of her life.

4. Sharing your feelings. There’s nothing more romantic than letting a girl know how you feel. Men have been taught to suppress their emotions and relaying yours will be a breath of fresh air. Women want to know how you feel about them, even if you assume they know.

5. Texting her throughout the day. Sending a woman texts throughout the day shows her that you’re thinking about her. If she likes you, chances are you’re crossing her mind throughout the day. It’s nice to know that feeling is mutual.

6. Asking about her past. It’s hard for women to open up their past. A lot of women are worried that people will run when they start to talk about that. When you ask, it creates space for an intimate connection to form between you two.

7. Remembering the little things. Anything from the meeting she has that week to knowing that her favorite show comes on every Thursday. Asking about those kinds of things is a very romantic gesture.

8. Unexpected surprises. This can be as little as a slice of cake from that one bakery she loves. Surprises don’t have to be big and grandiose to be considered romantic.

9. Validating her feelings. You don’t necessarily have to agree with what created her feelings, but validating them will remind her how much you care. So if she comes home and tells you how stressful her day was, let her know that it indeed sounds like it was very stressful.

Avoid eating these 7 foods for breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but the truth is that if you start by choosing poorly what you eat as soon as you wake up, the tendency is that the rest of the day will continue with not so healthy habits.

By opting for a healthy breakfast, you are preparing for a day that will be more productive and energetic. A bad choice, on the other hand, can make it slower and far from productive.

According to WebMD, here’s a list of popular breakfast choices that are best avoided – and you might be surprised at some of them – especially number 15!

1. Sweetened or highly refined cereals

Most of these are marketed to children, but are also enjoyed by many adults, but being a ‘children’s’ product, they are not healthy at all.

Cereals are an easy and nutritious way of what to eat in the morning, but only if they are made with whole grains and contain no added sugars.

The most popular cereals are often made with absurd amounts of sugar. In addition to overconsumption of sugar, a sweet breakfast is very quickly digested, sustaining us for a short time while our bloodstream is flooded with sugar.

Once the sugar is digested, we will soon feel hungry and probably go back to eating a not so healthy food.

Read the labels, choose a whole grain cereal that is high in fibre and will keep you satiated for longer. Choose whole wheat cereals, corn flakes that are not coated in sugar, oatmeal, and mueslis and granolas with no added sugar with or without added dried fruit.

2. Bread with margarine

No, it’s not about the bread. Even a bread made from white flour, it is in the choice of what you put in the bread that you get it right. Wholemeal bread contains more fibre and nutrients, but it is the margarine that is the biggest mistake.

Margarine is a type of processed fat that may have added trans fatty acids, also known as partially hydrogenated oils.

Trans fat has a potential link to some health problems, such as high blood pressure and high levels of fat and blood sugar.

Butter, although also a source of fat, is a better option as it is not as processed and contains no trans fats. But in any case, don’t overdo the quantity! Or prefer something more protein-based, which will give you more satiety.

3. Fruit juices

Relax, there’s nothing wrong with drinking a glass of natural fruit juice (about 150ml) to boost and balance your breakfast. The bad choice is if you drink a lot more every day.

Think about oranges, they are healthy of course. How many of them do you eat at once? One or two, right? And how many do you squeeze to make a glass of juice? Maybe twice as many or more depending on how many you prepare.

Fruits contain fructose, which is a fruit sugar. So if you eat one or two oranges, you don’t consume much fructose at once. But if you eat four or more oranges at the same time, in liquid form, you are consuming more sugar than you think.

Also, fruit juices can remove the fibre from the fruit, depending on the type of preparation. If it is carton juice, it is even worse. Therefore, prefer to eat whole fruits and keep fruit juices to a minimum. And of course, fruit juices without added sugar!

4. Low-fat or fat-free yoghurt

Yoghurt, whether made with animal milk or a non-dairy alternative like soy, is a healthy option because it is rich in protein and probiotics (good bacteria that help keep your gut healthier).

Many people think low-fat or fat-free yogurt is the even healthier choice. But be careful. As well as compensating for their texture by adding additives to their composition, the seemingly healthy fruit varieties often contain more added sugar than the whole-fruit varieties!

By removing one component from the composition of a food, the other is usually added to improve the taste. So if a product is advertised as low in fat, always check the ingredients list and nutritional information to see if they have not compensated in sugars. These may be listed as sugar, sugar syrups, honey, glucose or dextrose.

The best option is whole natural yoghurt. For added flavour, add fruit of your choice and add oats or granola for a deliciously healthy and satiating breakfast.

5. Cereal bars

A food that has emerged as a healthy option when it is not, are the famous cereal bars. Seen as a practical and nutritious alternative, it is necessary to be careful when consuming cereal bars, even more so at breakfast time.

Once again, it is important to read the label. Like many cereals, some cereal bars have high added sugar content, most often from sugar syrups, corn and honey.

By eating just a few of these bars for breakfast you will probably soon feel that hungry again.

In the rush, prefer low-sugar bars, with no added sugars and a protein bar, but of good quality.

6. Bacon and other processed meats

Bacon, sausages, hams, salami and even the innocent turkey breast, are processed meats high in sodium, rich in saturated fats and processing techniques used to enhance flavour.

The salt content often found in this type of meat can, at best, make us feel very thirsty and dehydrated. In addition, processed meats have nitrite and nitrate which are linked to stomach and intestinal problems with prolonged consumption.

It doesn’t mean you should never eat bacon, sausages etc again. If you enjoy eating them, save them for the occasional weekend breakfast and avoid eating them every day.

7. Saltines and crackers

Many people like to eat the innocent and “light” water and salt biscuits for breakfast. And even with margarine… But come on, I’ll explain. The cracker is not healthy at all.

Even the integral, are poor in fiber, full of saturated fat and sugar, yes that’s right, sugar. Besides they are very caloric. 4 crackers have the same amount of calories as a French bread. What makes you fuller?

These are some options that may be ruining your breakfast, when many times you think you’re making an effort to be as healthy as possible. With these tips, your breakfast and your day will be so much better!

See 5 Most Dangerous Cities on Earth

The world as beautiful as it is can also be a very scary place. Some cities are just inhabitable due to the lack of laws that govern while others are forbidden for entry because of the sacred dangerous tribes that run which is why today we’re going to look at five of the most dangerous places on earth.

5. Juarez valley Mexico

Also dubbed murder valley, this place is run by the Narcos and the town is so dangerous that police are too scared to enter it.

Juarez valley originally had a population of 60 000 but by 2015 that number dropped down to only 5 000 people.

Filled with kidnappings and murders, crime seems to be a norm in this town. The remaining residents constantly live in fear as no one is safe, not even the cartels because they even fight amongst each other over control of the area.

The city essentially looks like a ghost town as buildings are covered with graffiti while houses and stores are abandoned and in ruins with no doors or windows. In some random areas, you can even see lines of gravestones spanning along the roads.

An employee at a local gas station once said that over time you just get used to seeing dead bodies in the streets.

For every 100 000 residents, Juarez valley averages 160 murders.

4. North Sentinel Island 

The forbidden land is located in the Bay of Bengal and is one of the most dangerous places for any outsider. No tourists or locals from surrounding islands are allowed to enter here because it’s heavily guarded and kept sacred by the native people who inhabit it.

The tribe of people who live here live in their old traditional ways and have made it very clear that they want nothing to do with the outside world, usually when it comes to forbidden places like this certain experts are still able to make a breakthrough and create some form of contact but not these people.

Anyone who finds themselves on their land is immediately captured and killed. The last incident we know of was when an American tourist paid a visit to the island and was essentially taken out.

To add more reason as to why no one should visit this place, the island is protected under the aboriginal act of 1956, making it illegal for anyone who’s not a resident of that island to come in within five nautical miles of its shores and also for that reason there isn’t too much information on the people that live there.

It’s estimated that the population is around 500 and DNA analysis from related tribesmen suggests that their generation dates back seventy thousand years.

3. Ilha da Queimada Grande 

Brazil’s snake island, 30 kilometers off the coast of Sao Paulo brazil.

This island is probably one of the deadliest places on earth. It’s so dangerous that the country’s navy stepped in and forbid people from going there.

They say that there are 5 snakes per square meter so they’re pretty much all over the ground but if that’s not bad enough a good majority of them stay up in the trees to hunt birds. Anyways these snakes aren’t just little ones either, they’re quite a healthy size, and for people that say size doesn’t matter, yeah your kind of right except for the fact that Brazil is home to some of the most poisonous species of snakes in the world, one in particular called the golden lancehead viper. They’re gorgeous I get it but you don’t want to get bitten by one now. The last time anyone ever lived on that island was over 100 years ago in the 1920s and guess what happened to them, the snakes took care of them but if that still doesn’t want to make you stay away from brazil snake island then I got some more news for you because this place is also home to some of the deadliest spiders.

2. San Pedro Sula Honduras

Known as the murder capital of the world based on homicide rates, Honduras is ranked as one of the most dangerous countries.

Kidnappings, extortions, corruption, and murder rule the city of San Pedro Sula, and because of its location, they’re at the crossroads of drug shipments from South America to the u.s so based on this information alone, you can just imagine what kind of place we’re dealing with.

For them, it’s so bad that the city averages more than one murder a day. These are just murders we’re not even talking about casualties here because those daily numbers are through the roof.

The hospitals are so busy that the people who are dying have to wait for their operation and not only that but armed guards have to stay in the hospital so no further incidences happen within those walls. This pretty much means that you’re not safe anywhere there.

1. North Youngest road

The country Bolivia is home to the world’s deadliest road. Each year over two to three hundred people die on this route simply because of its harsh conditions.

This dirt road is only 3 meters wide, has extremely steep slopes, no guard rails and to make things worse the weather conditions are as bad as they can be due to landslides, heavy fog, and the rain it receives. But despite having such an obvious danger factor and the high death rate for being a mere road, that still doesn’t stop tourists from visiting this place and testing their luck.

Every year over 25 000 people visit the north youngest road and a lot of them are mountain bikers looking for that crazy thrill.

The ones who survived the journey always expressed how it was one of their best experiences.

See 7 people you don’t know the exist

7 People you Don’t Know They Actually Exist

Today we’re going to show you the 8 most unusual people with the most amazing stories.

 1. Jessica Cox

There’s no cooler pilot than Han Solo? Well, Jessica Cox begs to differ because she is the world’s first armless pilot. This woman controls her aircraft using only her foot and she conducts diagnostics before a flight. Jessica drives herself to the airport and rides the buggies to her heart’s content.

Jessica was born without arms and does everything with her feet. She even puts her contact lenses in so doing her makeup is no problem. She constantly trains her legs and even has a black belt in taekwondo. She also enjoys rock climbing and surfing.

2. Caleb Mutumbo

Caleb Mutumbo, 22 years from South Africa is the world’s smallest bodybuilder. He stands just 113 centimeters tall like an average child of six. He weighs just 32 kilograms but he can squat with a 30-kilogram barbell. Caleb works his biceps with 10-kilogram weights maybe he’ll star in the sequel to that movie little man. 

3. Stan Larkin

What do you think? How long could a person survive without a heart? Maybe a minute. Americans Stan Larkin has been living without a heart for 555 days. At age 23 he required an emergency heart transplant but no suitable donor could be found, consequently, doctors implanted a total artificial heart. A component device was installed in his chest while the second part which was six kilograms, Stan had to constantly carry around in a backpack.

4. Zeyara

Oblina from the cartoon Are Real Monsters is sure that her lips are the biggest in the world. She’s never seen Zeyara from Afghanistan. Just look at her huge lips, each of them is at least three centimeters wide. Did she get them enhanced?

Zeyara was popular on Instagram because eastern women rarely look like this but then she deleted her page.

5. Lalit Patatar 

Fare wolves exist. Lalit Patatar from India has the extremely rare werewolf syndrome which has caused his face and body to be completely covered in hair.

Only 50 people in the world have this syndrome and it cannot be treated. He lives an ordinary life he goes to school and hangs out with his friends from whom only his appearance sets him apart. After school, Lalit intends to become the first real-life werewolf policeman. 

6. Ruby

Kardashian sister, no it’s 19-year-old guy Ruby Rue. To become a member of the celebrity family, he could have used Photoshop-like Kirby Jenner but Ruby went further and enlarged his buttocks. He decided on an operation that cost over ten thousand dollars and all for the sake of more closely resembling Kim. Now ruby has been learning how to do makeup and maybe soon he too will become a star.

7. Myrtle Corbin

No this isn’t Photoshop; four-legged Myrtle Corbin is a real person. The girl was born with four legs two of which are noticeably shorter. Myrtle’s twin sister fused with her in the womb so she once had two pelvises with two sets of female organs. Myrtle worked in the circus all her life showing off her legs for money yet she was still able to marry for love. She even gave birth to five children, three were born from one set of organs and two from the other. 

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