Lady says on Facebook:”Marriage is over rated, I wish to find a Ben 10 to give me joy”

Picture sourced : Facebook screen grab

Facebook was woken up by this lady’s post whereby she shared what she wanted to share with the world, which is rather way too confidential but she could not care less.

With facebook and other social media networks being so unsafe these days, one could not tell the difference between fake and real.

It is hard but we tend to sugar coat it by telling ourselves that nobody would lie with their pictures or just by posting something they do not mean.

How many of you would agree to the statement “marriage is over rated”?. A few people would agree and a lot of people would disagree.

But this young facebook lady shared on her facebook page saying that it is indeed over rated and she would rather have a ben 10 and have fun with that person.

Her post read :

“Marriage is over rated, I wish to find a ben 10 to give me joy”.

Pictures sourced : Facebook

This young lady even shared two pictures of herself in the post, which she probably wanted people to see her and not worry about it being a human trafficking gang or something.

But the question that many individuals would encounter is that is the statement true?, or she was just saying it for fun.

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Lady says on Facebook:”Marriage is over rated, I wish to find a Ben 10 to give me joy”

Picture sourced : Facebook screen grab

Facebook was woken up by this lady’s post whereby she shared what she wanted to share with the world, which is rather way too confidential but she could not care less.

With facebook and other social media networks being so unsafe these days, one could not tell the difference between fake and real.

It is hard but we tend to sugar coat it by telling ourselves that nobody would lie with their pictures or just by posting something they do not mean.

How many of you would agree to the statement “marriage is over rated”?. A few people would agree and a lot of people would disagree.

But this young facebook lady shared on her facebook page saying that it is indeed over rated and she would rather have a ben 10 and have fun with that person.

Her post read :

“Marriage is over rated, I wish to find a ben 10 to give me joy”.

Pictures sourced : Facebook

This young lady even shared two pictures of herself in the post, which she probably wanted people to see her and not worry about it being a human trafficking gang or something.

But the question that many individuals would encounter is that is the statement true?, or she was just saying it for fun.

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10 Facts about marriage

Find out 10 Marriage facts everybody should know before getting married.

Marriage is the most precious gift from God to humanity. Married life is one of the great experience Everyone would love to feel at a certain moment of one’s life.

Marriage, which was and is still design by God to bring companion between man and a woman. According to the scripture, God saw that it was not good for man to be alone, and he made him a wife (helper) called Eve.

To every man created by God, he made him a woman that should be his life partner. Out of great desire to see our marriage work and enjoyable, I have gathered some interesting facts of marriage that you can read on/before Married life.

While going through this article as a married couple, you should be able to identify the areas you need to adjust in to bring out the best in your married life. Same goes to the singles planning on getting married in the nearest future, ensure you grab the some facts that will work for you even in your dream kind of marriage.

1. Your sex life doesn’t have to sink after having kids: according to Marriages survey, 52 percent of married women, and 49 percent of married men said they had hotter ses before having their kids, but a third and nearly a third of Women said there has been no change since becoming parents, now understand this, 8 percent of Women, and 22 percent of men say sex actually got better after having their kids. ( Source: parenting, baby names, celebrities and punch news.)

2. The “in love” phase last for about a year. The honeymoon phase doesn’t continue forever. According to a 2005 study by the university of povoa in Italy, it last for a year. After that, a level of a chemical called “nerve growth factor,” which is associated with intense romantic feelings start going down as the case may be. (Source: 10 things you should consider before getting married.)

3. If you get excited for your partner’s good news, achievements, there is every tendency that you will have a better relationship among yourself (Relationship)

4. A few arguments every now and then are actually good for your marriage. Note this, they should be arguments that can be resolveable between the he both of you. It helps in strengthening the union and bringing out the best in the marriage.

5. Divorce may be contagious: I would not want to ruin your double dating plans but the people you surround yourself with matters alot. Because, a study was recently published in the ” social forces” journal in 2013 found that Divorce can work like a social contagion, spreading among friends and families. If someone in your social network splits up, the statistical likelihood of ending up in divorce yourself increases by 75 percent.

6. Couples who appreciates each other’s are more likely to stay together.

7. Resentment builds quickly in couples who don’t tackle chores together: this is mostly practiced in Africa, where a man feels that it’s the responsibility of the wife (Woman) to handle all the chores in the house. I would recommend that it’s better if each person can specialize in the chores they are best at. For instance, it won’t be bad for the man to once in awhile cook, sweep and mop the house, wash plates, and take care of the kids. He should be able to do one or two of this chore to assist his wife on a daily basis.

8. The 21st century has higher standard for marriage than ever before. Back in 1850, couples got hitched for the sake of food, shelter and protection. Then with the industrial revolution, people hadore leisure time, the ’60s brought a desire for personal fulfilment through Relationships, which we continue to strive for today. That is why there are many niche apps launced into the dating market.

9. The closer that partners are in age, the less likely they are to get divorced. “A one-year discrepancy in a couple ages, the study found, makes them 3 percent more likely to divorce (when compared to their same-aged counterparts.) A 5-year difference, likely to split makes them 39 percent more likely to divorce.”

10. The happiest marriages are the ones between friends: marriage leads to increased well-being-and it does so much more for those who have a close friendship with their spouse. Friendship is a key mechanism that could help explain the causal Relationship between marriage and life satisfaction.

Make use of these 8 ways to become successful financially

There are lots of ways to become Rich especially now that we are in a gloabal technology era; If you really want to become Rich you need to take this bold step

1.Educate your self: yes this is the first step to getting rich, you need to educate your self, reading books that tells you how to avoid debts and what previous successful wealthy men have done to attain financial freedom. Alot of people out there want to get rich quickly that’s why they are been victimized on scams and Ponzi scheme and later on ended up being broke, if you want to be rich you must educate yourself in any venture you want to engage in for example this days people talk about investment and persuading others to join investment that are not realistic but with the right knowledge basically you know when someone is trying to fool you or make you a victim of scam. So you need to know and understand what you what to do before doing them.

2. Create your own business:

if you want to be rich or successful you need to start your own business, it doesn’t matter of you don’t have a product to offer, you can also offer services in return for money, there are alot of skills out there making tons of thousands of every day. If you don’t have a product, learn a lucrative skill.

3. Avoid loans with high interest: if you want to be rich you need to avoid been in debt, for example a lot of people borrow funds some for ideal purposes which in my opinion it’s perfectly okay, but others borrow funds just for the impression of looking rich without having an ideal payment plan in case of default on loan payments, interest rates on loans are deadly, alot of small scale business have been declared bankrupt due to their inability to pay back interest on loans.

4.Invest in Real estate:

investing in real estate is an ideal type of investment as we all know there is alot of money attached to anything called landed property,

5.Start a blog or own a website:

if you are looking for a way to make money from the comforts of your home, owning a blog or creating a website is the best, alot of bloggers do earn 6-7 figures just on blogging, though it’s not easy as there’s more to all this only for those that are committed to earning much online actually follow this course.

6:Create a mobile app: this is infact one of the quickest way to be rich, creating an app can earn you fortune, I mean a utility app that people should use daily and monetizing it can earn you more than your paid job. But it’s easier said than done.

7.become a graphic designer:

this days graphics designer are making it big because of high demand of a lot of graphics work, it takes a lot of creativity to make it out on this field, it’s a skill that can earn you fortune as this days businesses use graphics work alot to reach out to potential customers and investors.

8. Become an Article writer;

article writters actually make from$100-300$ a month. A lot of bloggers and agency will pay you for articles you write for them but a quick site to start getting deals are upwork, Fiverr, and freelancer etc,

Electric cars

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Electric cars has been what the world has been expecting for over decades to keep off from the expenses of buying fuel and unnecessary spendings on fuel. Over the years, is as though science and technology have known human demand. I use to imagine the world having electric cars where one need not to use money to buy fuel and other unnecessary spendings.

It is no longer news that science and technology have gone far in solving human problems. Imagine we have electric cars all over the countries!. With these cars, life will become more easy when it comes to transportation and other daily traveling.

It is no longer news that in almost all the countries that use fuel cars, fuel use to increase which may also increase the transport fare as well which may make life tough for the less privileged to travel. Can you see that science and technology inventions have been bringing solution to our doors!?.

In this article, I will be showing you some of the electric cars which some of you must have been hearing about but have not seen with their eyes. People usually look and behold the beauty of a car on the exterior appearance. However, these cars, are incredibly beautiful both on the interior and the exterior of these cars.

It is true that many people would love to enter this electric cars and see how luxurious and beautiful they look. It is no longer news that most of the science and technology inventions this days, are found to be better than the previous inventions both in speed and how beautiful they look for sight.

These are three things you should not spend your money on

It is not all about having a huge income, high paying salary, investment or savings. The important thing is how you spend your money! What do you buy daily? How much do you get and how much do you spend within a particular time? Well, below are 3 things you should never spend your money on if you want to be rich.

1. Never spend your money trying to impress people

I know the urge to always show yourself is always there. From time to time you may be tempted to spend your hard-earned money on irrelevant things just to impress other people. If you want to be rich, you must resist and wait for time to announce you. Now you should focus on gathering more wealth.

2. Clothes

Many of us are guilty of this act of buying clothes that you don’t need. Spending money on clothes you only wear once. There is nothing wrong with looking good, but you need to ask yourself what you need all the clothes for and think of a profitable way to invest this little money instead.

3. Eating out all the time

There is nothing wrong with eating out once in a while, but it becomes bad when you make it your everyday habit. Imagine all the money you are charged for a plate of food that may not even satisfy you. You should consider stocking up your kitchen instead.

Steps to attain success

You must have heard a lot of people say “Success is not an accident”… then what is is? The truth is that success has her own mind and only ‘clings’ to those who are prepared for her. Like a pollen grain could travel kilometers looking for a ‘perfect match’, success looks for those that are success prepared. For a grain to travel far to pollinate another does not mean that there are no specie of that plant around, it only means there are no “ready recipient specie around”.

To be Success pollinated, that is be Successful you need to know:

#* “Success is not an accident”

What most people who fail in life does know is that success hangs in the air like opportunities. Just like the pollen grains, it travels around in the air but it take a success ready minded person to take it form the “air”.

#* Success is always around:

Someone once told me “the company you keep, determines what accompanies you” It is the same with Success; you can’t be successful by having the wrong people around. Fro example, a pollen grain of an acacia tree does not drop on another plant, if it does, growth never occurs. Success knows this too, and it wouldn’t drop on the wrong fellow or company.

#* Get the right Company:

The only reason for growth of a plant is been a “ready recipient.” The only way for you to succeed is to get ready to succeed. Like i said, Success is not an Accident, so, read books, get a technical know-how of whatever you are venturing into, learn more about the post you hold, get a “for real” role model to learn from and never stop shooting for the top because that’s where you belong. Remember that success is not an accident, you need to be success-ready for you to be success pollinated!

#* Be Success Prepared:

Take time to review yourself on a scale of 1-10; “Is what you are doing right now ever going to yield success, THE WAY YOU ARE DOING IT?”

These are mistakes to avoid when choosing a life partner

3 Mistakes Both Men And Women Should Not Make While Choosing A Life Partner Except They Want To Live In Chronic Poverty.

Pictures used only for illustrative purposes

Marriage is ordained by God and instituted by the activities of men. It is written that at a certain age, man shall leave his parents to a total stranger and the two shall become one flesh and blood in marriage.

In the primitive society, measuring a good wife material was determined by the a woman’s ability to adjust to a man’s poverty, meaning that any woman who does not want to be associated with poverty was not regarded as a good wife material. This perception is still being harboured in the heart of many Africans, but it is actually wrong and unacceptable to subject a woman’s worth to poverty adjustment.

When grown to making choices of life partner, no matter how desperate you are, never try to make these three mistakes except you want to remain in Chronic Poverty.

1. If as a man or woman and you are from a poor home, try not to choose a partner from the same poverty line with you, at least choose someone that is a little bit doing well than your own family, choose someone that has at least little more connections than you so that if needs arise in the future, you won’t panic. This connections will also help your future kids in terms of admission, job, travel and perhaps finance. Do not marry someone that is as poor as you are, the advice is for both parties, don’t do it just because you are desperate, but also have considerations if the person is business oriented and if he or she can turn silver to gold if given the opportunity to do so.

2. Do not be too promiscuous in terms of giving birth and otherwise. This means that you should not be a type of man or woman who gives birth to different people, have reason to be married first before you (carry Belle). This will serve you from being kicked out or being bullied and reproached at all time by man you finally want to settle with. Note that this can also keep you unmarried because no one actually like fairly over used, except you are ready to marry and old grandpa or a type of person you would never have wished to even looked at your legs not even to open and enter.

3. Never wish to impress your new partner by borrowing in secret to fund the relationship or do marriage. It is posited in Philosophy that, “What will be will be.” You can’t force or place nature. You would end up accumulating a life debts for yourself, better be cautious with the choices you make because the person you are doing this to impress might not need all those things but true love and assurance, nothing is more important in marriage as true love, comfort, peace of mind and joy.

This is the advice for you from a single guy like me, with no experience, but it is better to be on safer side, Kindly share this to help others.

10 Mistakes that prevent one from getting rich and ways to overcome them

Have you ever wondered why you get appreciated for a special thing you have ? It’s because you’re rich!

Our general definition of being rich, is having a lot of money and possessions. Especially material wealth. But being rich involves many other things aside from being financially rich. You could be rich emotionally, psychologically in the sense that many people wants to benefit from you because they cherish what you speak, the advices you give to them. You could be rich spiritually, you pray for people and God blesses you. You could be rich physically, mentally, and so on. 

But here in this article, I will be talking about the decisions you make that hinders you or that has been hindering you from getting rich financially.

1. You believe that being rich is bad.

Many people have this so called mentality that ” being rich is bad or evil, most rich people got their wealth through evil means , and they’re evil, they’re stingy and they extort the poor”. Now, let me ask you this question. Since you’ve been believing in that cliche, have you your self gotten rich? You can’t be rich. It’s not a curse, because the mentality is what that has been preventing you from working towards your goal of becoming financially rich. Because you believe once you get rich, others will also see you as what you saw other rich people to be.

You can become rich and be a nice person at the same time. Actually, if you become rich, give to the poor, do good. You can or will change the stereotype most people have been made to believe in.

2. Your decisions are influenced by appearance. 

People tend to judge from appearance. In the sense that, they go for quantity things rather than focussing on the quality aspects. 

This has done more havoc in our societies today, especially Nigeria . Let’s use our Nigerian products as an example. Nigeria is an underdeveloped country right ? Still we produce things like farm produces like cocoa, rubber, palm oil, materials like shoes, clothes, phones, cars, and all sorts of things. right? Now let me ask you a question. Why do you think other countries like America, China , Russia, Israel and so on keep getting better and richer, and we here in Nigeria still complain of economy recession?

It’s simple. It’s because we focus on the quantity things of other countries and choose to ignore the quality things of our own mother land. Look at the case of I phone . Many Nigerians wants to use I phone, and other Apple products, but aren’t we producing phones here in Nigeria? Tho I’m not saying using I phone is not good, but the limit at which it’s being used here is so much compared to our products here. No wonder why Apple, a mere company keeps getting richer and better than Nigeria a whole country on the other side which keeps getting poorer and the masses are complaining.

3. You tend to ignore negative things.

You often keep aside difficult things, thinking they’ll sort themselves out. With this, it could hinder you from getting rich financially. Instead focus on where you need to make amendments , involve in accepting criticisms, take risks, and see whether you won’t be rich.

4. You underestimate the influence of laziness.

Laziness is one of the major things that hinders a person from being successful. Instead in involving in things that will make you rich, you’d rather sit down and watch a movie. Well, it’s the fault of the brain. How ? It’s simple. The brain is a mind controlling system that triggers the body to what is pleasurable. That’s why you want to read a book that’s going to enlighten you, and suddenly you read to a point, and find the book boring. Sorry it’s not your fault, but the brain. 

The way to solve this is simple. What you need is just discipline! By disciplining your self and not making advancement towards what your brain says you should do at a particular time you want to achieve something.

5. You don’t use the assets you have .

Assets is what you have,that you can rely on at the last point of a situation. Assets is different from wealth. Wealth can finish any time but assets can’t unless you use it wisely. Assets can be exchanged for money or wealth. That valuable thing you have that might look small to you or valueless, is an asset. Even if it’s an antique/ old thing, it’s still an asset. 

Take a look at your possessions/assets and see what usefulness it can be to others. Post it online,social medias and so on. Who knows maybe you could find someone who’s interested in it.

6. You plan your budget for a period of one of less than a year.

Planning ahead of something makes a good idea, and a good thing achievable. But planning too soon when you’re about making a decision doesn’t make sense. For example, let’s say you’re planning to buy a new house in Maitama, Abuja. You should have been making plans on it since a year ago or two, even if you don’t have the money available immediately on ground but you would have saved up for the time the opportunity comes. With that, other money can be used for other things instead of spending it at once on that “too soon plan”.

7. You don’t know prices. 

People who don’t know prices of things get to be more poor day by day. Why? Because the seller extorts them. A thing which costs 500 Naira was sold to you 1000 Naira because you didn’t know the actual price it costs and which makes you less smarter compared to the seller because he realizes you don’t know the price so he sells it to you doubled the price. Isn’t that an hindrance to becoming rich ?

8. Procrastination.

This one is what almost everyone battles with. It works alongside laziness. It is laziness that makes you procrastinate and do irrelevant things rather than do benefiting things. If it’s not taken care of at its early stage, it will be so hard to break off, off it and that , which is bad. And that doesn’t make you get closer to being rich financially.

9. You’re not a good time manager.

Time management is one of the most important steps in getting rich. Many successful people you see all over the world are good time manager. Once you choose to make use of your time wisely, you’ll be a successful person within a short period of time. But when you spend most of your time doing meaninglessness things that doesn’t add to your life improvement, getting rich will be so hard. It’s not a curse.

10. You don’t know how to establish relationships.

Many people whom you see who are rich and successful, have close friends, or even mentors. While the poorest are the loneliest. Being rich must involve positive people whom you can get advices from. Because they’ll have a positive influence on you. If you’re the one who doesn’t get close to positive people, to gain from them, I urge you to change that act, and move closer to those who will not only benefit you, but also make a positive change in your life.

I look forward to seeing you be a rich person in a positive way. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you gained a lot from this article? If you did, why not share your view in the section. Hit the like, share and follow button.

Remember these 10 things when life gets rough for you

Part of life are hardships. Yoe can’t control them neither can youe choose when to experience difficulties and when not to. However, there is one thing you can control is how you cope with them.

Although rough times are painful times, you can surpass each difficulties that come our way when you remind yourself of certain important truths and facts.

10 things to remember when life gets rough

1. There’s nothing like a failure but an opportunity to learn instead

You have to understand that difficult times don’t mean failure. If anything, they mean opportunity. Opportunity that will make you become better. Opportunity to succeed and make a better decision in recurring circumstances.

2. It’s only a problem if you think it is

Happiness is dependent on your own perspective. Some of the things you imagined in our head become real hence, you see them as a threat when they are nothing but an illusion in the actual sense.

3. You’ve made it through other rough situations

Remember that you managed to make it through some stressful moments in the past. It’s not different this time. You developed the strength to scale through previous situation, it means you can still do it again

4. If you don’t get something that you want, it means something better is coming

Difficult times come with positive outcomes eventually. They come with gifts. So understand that when you do not get something that you want, something better is coming.

5. If you want things to change, then you have to start by changing yourself

You are where you are today as a result of some of the decision you made yesterday. So, if you want something different now, maybe it is time to make a few adjustments to your plans and goals. You have to be willing to change certain situations in your life.

6. Never compare yourself to others

Everything in life is easier when you don’t concern yourself with what everybody else is doing. Always focus on becoming a better person. You are your only competition.

7. Everyone goes through problems

Tough times are universal. Everyone experiences tough time. Knowing this will help you feel better instead of feeling overwhelmed and alone

8. Tough situations makes life better

The greatest joy in life come not from avoiding problems but from facing problems head on. Even if you fail to solve your problem on your first try, the joy of discovering some of your capabilities and potentials will keep you going and make you strong enough to desire to attempt some more challenging situations.

9. People care about you

Always remember that you are not alone in this world and you’ll never be. Not only there are people going through similar problems as you, but there are also people who loves and care for you and want to help you in times of distress

10. You are not a victim

Failures do not choose individuals to punish because of something that they did or something they did not do. It doesn’t target anyone. It is just an outcome of an event, just as success is. The truth is that you are only a victim of your own thoughts, words, and action.

See what Yahoo boys do to get rich

When Yahoo Boys use a lady’s destiny, instead of her to die she won’t die. They do it in such a way that any guy that sleeps with that lady will donate his destiny to the lady and those guys will be using the guys destiny through the lady because they are already joined together through sex.

If 10 guys sleeps with that lady, their destiny/glory will be tapped through that lady. If those guys sleeps with other ladies, the glory of those ladies will be transferred to the guys and from the guys to the lady they have used in the first place n dey will tap their fortunes from her.

That’s what many Yahoo boys do now. No clients but they keep buying Benz because those ladies they used as wealth pot can’t survive without men sleeping with them to give them money. So the more those men sleeps with them and those men keeps sleeping around with other ladies, their wealth increases.

Guys and Ladies, please beware of who you go out with.

7 Areas of investment that will change your financial state

Having money is one thing and investing the money in the right place is another thing. Some people have lost millions of Naira because of the wrong investment they did. If you have some capitals with you, you have to seat down and think very well on the right investment to do.

The issue of finance is a part of life that is still revolutionary, and many people stay in the same financial circle for many years.

There are four (4) types of people in life who manage wealth differently, not at will but at will. We have the following types of people in life ..

(1) Multipliers (investors)

After getting the money in hand, this group of people are looking for ways to make the money work for those involved in the research.

(2) Contributors

These are people who, after receiving money, think of saving money for the future, instead of investing money.

(3) Publishers

They are the ones who spend the money that comes without any investment or even savings.

(4) Borrowers

This group of people are always looking for a loan no matter what happens at the end of the month it is never enough they are always looking for loans.

If you fall into any of these categories, assess yourself well before making a decision, because those who run the world today are thinkers, not those who work hard.

In what areas can wealth be multiplied?

(1) Entrepreneurship

(2) Investments

Those who are known for their wealth and influence in the world are not employees, but entrepreneurs and investors.

Seven (7) areas of investment

(1) Real estate

(2) Sock

(3) Agriculture

(4) Forex trading

(5) Crypto-currencies

(6) Insurance

(7) Blogs

How to be wealthy

I’ve tasted depravity in this country. I’ve found a way out and I’m passionate about communicating that way out. We are part of a system of government that is superior to any system, that man would ever built. We’re part of God’s kingdom and God’s system has a solution for poverty. In Luke10v18, Jesus says “the Spirit of God is upon me, he has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor.” You see, God has a solution for the poverty problem. Today, we have a global economic recession. The economists are being unraveled all over the world. People are puzzled, some of the best economists we have are puzzled at the moment, but I make bold to say that, God’s system has the solution to the poverty problem. 



The nation of Israel when God brought them out of Egypt and was taking them to Canaan, a land filled with milk and honey. I want you to understand how God would bring out a whole nation that have been in slavery and turn them into a prosperous nation over night. Israel broke free from years of slavery and penury because of God’s covenant with Abraham. The Almighty God cut a covenant, made an agreement, entered a contract with a man named Abraham, it’s in Genesis12v1. The thing about covenant is that, it change your status, your life become mixed with that person you’re in covenant with. All that belong to him belongs to you and all that belong to you belongs to him. That is what God entered into with Abraham. 

So, you observed that when your life and God’s life are mixed together, you can never remain the same. You and God have become one and that changes your status. What dominated before couldn’t anymore. This covenant we are talking guarantees the following…

A) Divine protection

B) Material wealth

C) Spiritual wealth

D) Sound health

E) Divine direction

What Abraham got is the blessing and when the very life of God begins to flow in your system, the quality of life that flows in God that can never be dominated by sickness and diseases. Your life can’t become one with God and He will leave you to be roaming about aimlessly in life. He’ll becomes your Shepherd. You see, God is under obligation to share with you about your life. He knows not only your past, He knows also your future and He will shares that with you. Psalm25v12 says, the secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him. Who is the man that fear the Lord, him will He will teach to choose the way that is best for him. He will lead and guide you. For us as believers, our materials blessings has been provided for within the covenant. When you are in a covenant your responsibility is to obey the terms of the covenant. For you to confess the blessings of Abraham are mine, that’s not going to be enough. You need to match Abraham’s level of commitment. 

When you are in a covenant with God, what is required of you is character and integrity. We want the prosperity of Abraham but we usually don’t talk about all the integrity of Abraham. If you say that you are in a covenant with God, God will test you. He will test your commitment. God tested Abraham in Genesis 22 and told him to take his only son, whom he love to sacrifice him. God tested Abraham and he is going to test you. Are you a covenant keeper? Are you loyal? Are you faithful? Do you keep promises? Why would you expect God’s promises when you are not ready to fulfill your part of the agreement? Abraham was a man of integrity and he knew who he was dealing with, that God can never lie and if the agreement (covenant) with fails, it will never be from God’s end, it will only be from man’s end. When you are in covenant with God, no situations, no systems, no government invented by man can never stop the fulfilment of God’s promises in your life. 

So, my challenge to you is this, “DO THE WORD.” If it says don’t steal, don’t steal. Stealing is beneath your dignity as someone who is in covenant with God, and whose status have changed and God has raised you to His level. Exercise ruthlessly to the terms of this covenant and let’s see whether God wont fulfil his own part of this agreement. You don’t need to beg once you obey the terms, then you are entitled to the benefits of the covenant. It’s a contract, an agreement. Too many people begging for what they should simply demand for, but there are too many people breaking the terms of the covenant and they are now begging for the benefits of the covenant. It just doesn’t work that way and you have the responsibility to know the terms of the covenant, and that’s what the Bible is about. Read your Bible, try to understand how things works. 

The Bible is divided into two books, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The word for testament is another word for covenant. In the Old Covenant, they sacrificed the blood of animals. In the New Covenant, one lamb has been sacrificed for all of us and that’s Christ. If your poverty or challenges tempts you to break the terms of the covenant, and you are now beginning to beg or pray for the benefits of the covenant, you are wasting your time. Obey the terms of the covenant. Galatians 3v13 says, Christ has redeemed us from us the curse of the law being made a curse for us, for it’s written, cursed is anyone that hangs on the tree. Verse14 says, that the blessing of Abraham may come upon the gentiles, that they may receive the promise of the Spirit through faith. We are entitled to the blessing of Abraham but it’s not enough, there are others things you must know and do…


There is a connection between thinking and growing rich. So start to read books and watch videos. Hang out with successful and wealthy people at every opportunity. I observed wealthy people speech are different, they are positive. They have positive outlook on life. The more you interact with them through books, tapes or in person, the more you will realise your thinking is changing to be like them. I’ve read books from millionaires, billionaires, have had interviews with successful people and ask questions. Do so because you want to defeat the pictures of poverty and scarcity. It is in your mind that you will overcome all limitations. For you to do something you’ve never done before, you must become someone you’ve never been before. 


Money is an exchange of value, be in product or service. If you want to earn more money, if you want to scale up, if you want to upgrade your finances, it’s either you are improving the quality of the products and services that you offer or you are increasing the quantity of products or services that you serve. Invest your time and money to improve your skills. Times are changing, each time you do an upgrade in your skill like that, it shift things for you financially. 


There is no substitute for hard work. If you are going to create wealth, you must understand that wealth is not for the lazy man. It is for diligent and visionary people, who will pursue their dreams and visions, and puts the required efforts to make it happen.


Save money so as to invest. Saving is absolutely critical. One of the habit of the highly successful people and wealthy people is that, they don’t spend all their money. While they are working to increase their income, they are also working to lower their expenses. Learn to save some and then invest. Buy some piece of land and properties. It would be a good idea to have the knowledge of the stock market, because it’s good to invest there also or you might just find someone that is about to start a new business but does not have capital. And it’s not enough to invest, you must know what to look out for. Character is important. If you are going to give your money to someone, you had better be sure of the person integrity and competency, in the the area of the financial sector that he or she function in. 

18 Funny pictures

Jokes when told keeps the heart upbeat and a climate energetic. Difficulties in life could keep us discouraged. Individuals around us could likewise burglarize us our bliss however discovering things that keeps us cheerful could assist us with battling such difficulties. Everybody has the right to be cheerful. Satisfaction makes us live more. Weariness could just motivation us distresses. Flavor up your new week with things that could keep you snickering and upbeat a ton. 

Beneath, you will be seeing heaps of interesting pictures. These amusing pictures will truly keep you occupied and upbeat the entire day. Follow our page and get bunches of jokes and other clever articles you would not lament perusing and review. By and by, am a fanatic of Jokes. It helps up my mind-set and keeps the heart vivacious. Deny fatigue in the wake of survey this amusing pictures of jokes and images. Remark on your most diverting pictures and offer out to different stages for the sake of entertainment.

6 Things to do to avoid loss in business

Business is not a child’s play: Don’t go into business if you can’t do these 6 things

Truly business is not a child’s play, it really deep, except if you want to operate at its surface or residual level. 

Real wealth comes from business or being an entrepreneur, no matter how mouth watery your salary is, it can be better if you can do a business, most successful people in Nigeria and even the world at large are business owners or entrepreneurs. 

Doing business could be Herculean and that when you haven’t unravel certain information, in this article i will give you 6 things you must know how to do before dabbling into business. Before then, kindly click on the follow button at the right top corner of your web page for more information that will help your financial situation. 

1. You must be sociable

An introvert cannot run a business successfully unless if you have enough money to hire people who are lively and sociable, if not it will be arduous to run your business, because you must be able to relate with all kind of customers, in case you want to develop that habit, let me know in the comment section. 

Secondly, you must be eager to fail

One of the reason your business or your life generally is not improving is because you aren’t ready to fail woefully, failure opens your eyes to more lessons, so if you don’t have appetite to fail, don’t try doing business.

Thirdly, you must be punctual

Punctuality is said to be the sole of business,many a business owner and entrepreneur struggle with spirit of lateness, avoid it to have a flourishing business.

Avoid unnecessary and destructive comparison, rather employ constructive ones

Don’t condemn your business because of other’s success rather learn their secret and use it to construct your dreams and grow them. 

5. Adopt the ideology of taking risk delightfully

You must have the appetite to take risk, no matter how risky it looks like, go for every big visions you envisioned, don’t be discouraged by the risk, nothing worths while can be achieved without taking risk as a matter of fact, the bigger your dreams, the bigger your risk and bigger your income.

Lastly, consistency;

Without consistency, you will never start, not to talk of finishing. Our major problem is not lack of ideas neither implementation but how long will it exist,last or function effectively, can you maintain workable ideas for long.

These are things you need to consider before dabbling into business to be able to submerged critical storms in business and if you can learn this, you will have nothing to worry about in business.

Thank you for reading, if you find this informative, why not show us love by liking and sharing to others.

If you have anything to say, I implore you communicate to us via the comment section

An expensive car

The resurgence in the manufacturing of automobiles has never been so high as it has been in the last 10 years.

We have so many cars being manufactured, with new functionalities been added to it.

As these new cars are manufactured, their prices keeps going high. But then, their is always a willing buyer somewhere wating to own the most expensive car in the world.

One of such people is star footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo.

He owns the most most expensive car in the world, known as the Bugatti la Voiture Noire .

This car is such a beautiful luxury to behold.

It costs $19 million( N7.300 billion)

It uses a quad-turbo w16 8.0 litre engine, with 1,500 hp and 1600 Nm of torque asthe Chiron, Chiron sport and divo.

This car can go up to 380 km per hour, and reaches 60km in 2.4 seconds!

4 Things to do and girls will start rushing you

I feel bad about seeing men cry or feel sad after a woman is disappointed or rejecting them. Sometimes it’s their fault. Before approaching a woman for sex, understand how it works. You need to know what girls want and want. You need to be ready to bond before you even think about asking for a girl.

   Some men think that all women want their money. This is certainly not true. Nobody hates money. The way you introduce yourself to a woman says a lot. If you come across a woman bragging about what you do and you don’t have, that woman might see this as your chance to pump you with dehydration. Do not make such mistakes.

   If you can’t respect yourself, you keep begging the girls for a relationship. I’m not bragging, but I have to tell you this, I’ve never begged a girl for a relationship. Never! I keep rejecting offers from girls. Not because I’m pretty, of course you can check out my profile picture above. I am a gentleman. I value my respect above all else. The kind of kid I’m the type who doesn’t care about anything. I believe that what is achieved in begging requires begging to keep or keep.

   My reputation is my top priority. This is what defines a man, not the size of your pocket. You need to guide yourself and your mind. Don’t follow a girl you meet. Many beautiful girls appear every day. If you are not in control, you may be dumbfounded when you try to date people.

   Train your mind and body to hold what is needed, not what you see. If you don’t know what to do when you see a pretty girl, look away. This is what you need to do to get the girl to leave you quickly.

   1. Looks good.

   Chastity is very important in a man’s life. If you look good all the time, you are more likely to attract well-thought-out women to you. It works like a charm. Always keep your teeth clean by brushing your teeth day and night. Haircut to suit you. Track your fabric with a good soap or dish soap. Provide scented perfumes. Don’t forget to always undergar if necessary.

   2. Smile.

   Women love smiling boys. They think guys like that will always make them happy. This is where cleaning comes into play. If your teeth are not clean or you have bad breath, you will be ashamed to open your mouth. Keep your teeth clean and smile regularly.

   3. Have fun.

   You need to be cheerful, but confident. Don’t go after a crazy man trying to impress a woman. There are principles, but not bad. Women hate guys who look the worst all the time. They thought such a man would probably be boring and beat his wife or girlfriend at home.

   4. Make money.

   Money is not a must, but a relationship is required. You don’t have to make millions before starting a company. But you have to do what you need to do. You need to show her that you can take care of her. If you can’t take care of yourself, don’t ask a girl, she may embarrass you. Of course you don’t want that.

   If you can do all this, forget it, the girls will rush you.

After your university degree, learn this handwork

After graduating and NYSC in Nigeria is the greatest challenge a graduate faces. So why you are waiting for a white-collar job, you can engage yourself with Handwork and who knows you might be successful. Even when you eventually get the white-collar job, you might reject the appointment because millions of Naira is entry your bank, which no Federal Government can pay you.

Some of the best Hand works that are of High demand in Nigeria are:

1. Tailoring: Many young persons are involved in tailoring and fashion designing. Everyday people sew clothes for a personal, weddings, burial, events and other appointments. Opportunity to make millions and make tailoring a career.

2. Carpentry: Every one needs furniture in her or his home. Furniture like bed, chairs, dining table and so on will always be of high demand in Nigeria and entire world. Instead of being idle you can learn Carpentry and become a master in your field.

3. Electronic repairs: Electronic repairs of television, radios and refrigerator are also of high demand. Whether we like it or not, your electronics will some day broke down, and you need someone to fix it. Learn and become an Electronic Engineer.

4. Mechanic work: Many Graduate who even study mechanical Engineering are shying away of learning how to repair cars. It is a job that is no longer meant for roadside alone. You can learn and start repairing cars for people to pay you. You can even become a millionaire by doing this Handwork.

5. Computer Engineering and ICT: No job you require in the world that they will not ask you of Computer Knowledge. It is even better if you know how to repair it and do other ICT work like networking, programming. If you are good at it, honestly sky is your limit.

6. Catering: catering is one of the easiest work you can learn after school. Birthday and wedding cake, meat pie, fish pie and egg roll are of high demand. If you are even a good cook, open a restaurant together with it and make your money.

7. Tilling: One of the best professions to venture in after school. It takes a little time for you to be a good tiller. It is all about measurements, and design. Learn it and make cash while you wait for white-collar.

8. Aluminum work: Aluminum work is one of the most demands, jobs in Nigeria. You can learn aluminum windows, door and roofing. Many persons have become millionaires by this Handwork.

9. Stylist: Every woman wants to be beautiful, and an opportunity to make money from beautiful ladies and become rich. It’s a Handwork that will pay you any day any time.

10. Solar Installation: One of my friends is a multi-millionaire for installation of solar in Customer home. In Nigeria, we have epileptic power supply, and it is an opportunity to make big cash.

Want to become a billionaire? You need these two skills to blow financially

Let me teach you how to blow with your skill.

Take this seriously and watch your finances triple in no time

There are two types of skills and without any of them you cannot become a highly paid expert.

Again I keep saying that we are now in the “skills economy” where it’s not your certificate but your skill, expertise or competence ( what you can do) that puts food on your table and takes you global.

There are 2 types of skill though, and without both you cannot thrive, you will just be surviving small small.

I know a lot of people already have skills they are very good at and even making a living out of it.

Understanding these two angles will shoot you to the top of your industry and position you as a dominant force ranking in money in 6 and more figures monthly.

Two classes of skills

1….Technical skills (How to…)

2….Business skills. (The business angle )


These are the skills you already know or have.

“How to do stuff” and do it well.


Baking, plumbing, Writing, Drumming, Singing, Web design, Graphics design, Teaching, Painting, Printing, Organising, Project or Event management, Tailoring, Public speaking, ( insert the skill you have)

Any of these skills can turn you into a millionaire whether they are high income skills or not.

Am sure you can mention at least 1 person who is making it huge with that skill you mentioned right now.

The skill you already have is capable of announcing you to the world especially if you are passionate about it.

You just must add this next angle am about to show you.

This is exactly how you will blow.


This includes the skills required to build a business out of your skill, or expertise.

The include skills like.: Branding, Sales, Marketing, Financial management, Administration, entrepreneurship, leadership, Risk management, etc.

You are already an amazing Baker, you are probably the best.

Even the most paid person in your industry is not a better baker than you.

They only are better at the business side of baking than you. Period.

The reason you are struggling to get customers is because you think it’s enough to be good and be the best, that people will run to you to do business on that bases.

No! That’s a mistake.

People do business with who they know. And with your poor marketing skills, you have no place even with your superior skills.

People don’t even know you exist, how can they patronise you?

The business side of any skill is how to build a business around that skill, idea, knowledge that you have.

This is what separates the boys from the men.

These business side is what ensures that you are not playing in the local league.

Let me shock you….

The business side is more important than the technical skills.

Let me explain.

Those people who have the business skills can simply employ the people who have the technical skills to do the job for them and build financial empires.

It takes the business skills like entrepreneurship and leadership to be an employer of Labour.

So if you have just Technical skills the best you can be is an employee, if you try harder you become a successful self employed technician.

But to Blow? Its for people who pay the price of understanding business. And learning the business angle of their skills.

Use these ways to catch a cheating wife

The feeling that one’s wife is indulging in extra-marital affairs can be very depressing especially if you as the husband is staying faithful.

One thing we cannot argue about is that technology in many ways has made cheating easier more than ever before.

However, the same technology also makes it easy to catch a cheating spouse, no matter how clever they’re in covering their tracks.

In this article, I will be sharing with you 3 Smart Ways To Catch Your Wife If She Is Cheating

Catch a cheating wife with her mobile phone

Once you notice that your wife never leaves her phone unattended, doesn’t allow you to use it and always places it screen down, you can be sure it holds proof of her shady activities. You would have to find a time perhaps when she is asleep to gain access into her phone to view all she has been guiding jealously away from you

Analyze her finances

Your spouse’s financial trail can give you a hint on if she is cheating or not, chances are that she is footing at least a part of the expenses, if that is not the case, inexplicable cash flow is a red flag that can be used also to confirm your suspicion about a cheating wife.

Track her movements

From GPS Navigation to Uber history, there are so many way you can track her movements virtually to catch a cheating wife. Once you notice trips to places she never talked about, you know there is a problem.

Wet dreams

A wet dream which is formally known as nocturnal emission is something that is inevitable in every human life. At puberty, there are always various changes in the human body due to hormonal activities. Wet dream often occurs when you sleep at night and also common among teenagers and some adults. According to research, most people who experience wet dreams are sexually active and might be getting sexually aroused in the dream which may further lead to ejaculation of emission of vaginal fluid. 

However, it is medically okay to explore your sexuality, sexual fantasies and desires if you are totally comfortable with it. If you notice frequent emission of vaginal fluid or sperms whenever you go to sleep then you might have to consult your doctor or a therapist who might help you through what might be going through your mind. Wet dreams take place in both male and female, this is to counter the popular belief that it only occur to the male child. In the female child, when they experience sexual arousal in the dream, they often get wet but not particularly orgasm while the male mostly wakes up to stain of his own ejaculation fluid on his genital. All of these changes are medically normal at this puberty stage. If you experience some changes or irregular wet dream you are not comfortable with, I`ll advise you consult a medical practitioner or a therapist for possible help. 

See what side chick wants a man to do to his family within a week

SideChick! Stop! Save the Family! See what SideChick needs a guy to do in a week with his mates.

After the talks were leaked, WhatsApp chats between a Side babe and her married boyfriend got several people talking on social media to show how the lady wanted to wreck his life and his family’s.

Indeed, right from the start, certain errors or difficulties in life should be avoided. I think getting a SideChick as an alternate source of happiness in the absence of your wife is one of those concerns. Somehow these side chicks are an alternate source of happiness for most married guys, but some are still ungrateful and willing to kill the families of others. I don’t think it’s recommended that you have a SideChick as a married guy just for the sake of your girls.

In one way or another, SideChicks can be good, but I think men should take care of the bad effect of some of these ladies who are involved only in money but not enjoyment for themselves and others.

Stop them please? If you associate yourself or wish to have one as a substitute to your partner, they are willing to destroy the family you took several years to create. When they come into your world, I don’t think they have anything to say but to distort the future of your precious ones.

A leaked conversation between a guy and his SideChick has got many people chatting with mixed reactions on social media. Some even lambasted the lady for threatening to ruin the man’s family house.

The SideChick told the man according to the chats that for some reasons, she is not happy in the relationship. He asked her the explanation, as usual, men being so kind and caring enough, and all she could say was for the guy to get rid of a week with his own family. She gave the man seven days to do so in order to preserve or extend the relationship, otherwise it would be over between them. She also assured the man that after neglecting his wife and children and marrying, they would create a stronger family together.

See what side chick wants a man to do to his family within a week

SideChick! Stop! Save the Family! See what SideChick needs a guy to do in a week with his mates.

After the talks were leaked, WhatsApp chats between a Side babe and her married boyfriend got several people talking on social media to show how the lady wanted to wreck his life and his family’s.

Indeed, right from the start, certain errors or difficulties in life should be avoided. I think getting a SideChick as an alternate source of happiness in the absence of your wife is one of those concerns. Somehow these side chicks are an alternate source of happiness for most married guys, but some are still ungrateful and willing to kill the families of others. I don’t think it’s recommended that you have a SideChick as a married guy just for the sake of your girls.

In one way or another, SideChicks can be good, but I think men should take care of the bad effect of some of these ladies who are involved only in money but not enjoyment for themselves and others.

Stop them please? If you associate yourself or wish to have one as a substitute to your partner, they are willing to destroy the family you took several years to create. When they come into your world, I don’t think they have anything to say but to distort the future of your precious ones.

A leaked conversation between a guy and his SideChick has got many people chatting with mixed reactions on social media. Some even lambasted the lady for threatening to ruin the man’s family house.

The SideChick told the man according to the chats that for some reasons, she is not happy in the relationship. He asked her the explanation, as usual, men being so kind and caring enough, and all she could say was for the guy to get rid of a week with his own family. She gave the man seven days to do so in order to preserve or extend the relationship, otherwise it would be over between them. She also assured the man that after neglecting his wife and children and marrying, they would create a stronger family together.

A town with shortage of men, some women are looking for men to love them

Brazil, with the capital Brasilia and formally recognized as the Federal Republic of Brazil, is a significant Portuguese-speaking country in South America. Brazil has a picturesque countryside and is a scenic country. One of the attributes of a state is the population, and it is predicted that a nation will be packed with inhabitants. There are more women than men in some nations, and vice versa. Any man’s dream is to be in a state where there will be many women and there will be few men. This is due to the particular characteristics attached to it.

In Brazil, there is a city known as Noiva De Cordeiro. There’s a lack of men in the city, and plenty of lovely ladies. Women who are waiting for men to love them and marry them. Some women in the world are married, but because of their work, their husbands live elsewhere. They once extended an invitation to future suitors, and you should be prepared to see a lot of women tripping over you if you find yourself in Cordeiro. See some pictures in Noiva De Cordeiro of some women:

Funny jokes and pictures

– Some girls will be like “After seeing my nakedness, he dumped me” So, his own that you saw is skeleton abi?

– Please ooo, when lagos people are called “lagosians, what are we going too call the Anambra people ooo??????

– My favorite subject in mathematics is literature, especially when they are teaching biology.

what about you?

– If they said you don’t know your right no gree oo, ask them which hand you then use cut food put for mouth?

– I heard that some relationship will be closing on the 30th of November for Christmas and New year brake, is that true?

– Vacancy Alert: Does your man have big stomach? Send his CV to shoprite they need father Christmas.

– Your own is to be shouting “rice no reach me for wedding” You don’t even care if the couple loves themselves.

– Has your girlfriend ask you what you need for Christmas or the Lord is your strength?

Things you should know about the female body

The human body is a complex structure and it has the ability to tell you when something is wrong. But you can’t know that without a clear understanding of your body. Similarly, the female body is one mysterious creation on Earth. From enhanced senses to better resistance of illness and diseases. Today, I’ll be sharing some interesting facts about the human body.

1. Female heart beats twice of that of male: Females have a heart which is able to beat two times faster than the male heart. The female heart is smaller than that of male, it beats fast to complement its size.

2. Some women surprisingly have two uteruses: Some women have two uterus! Generally, we have an idea of one uterus which grows during pregnancy but some women are blessed with two. Although it’s abnormality, women with two uterus can get pregnant and deliver the baby normally.

3. Females predicts dangers and threats quicker: Women can predict dangers and have nightmare more often than men. Women are prone to have more bad dreams, feel more anxiety and are aware of threats. This is due to the high levels of various hormones.

.4.. Females live longer than males: On an average, women live more than males. The female body shows healthier behaviour throughout their lives and are more active than males. With all the immunity, emotional behaviour, healthy habits, and activeness, females do live longer than males. Thus, all of this makes them free from different diseases and live longer.

5. Female body suffers from fewer illnesses: Women are less likely to have issues in the senses. Women have less hearing issues, less vision problems and such problems than men. Women also have a great acceptance and realisation towards senses and can prevent such various illnesses related to different diseases.6. The female body is extremely sensitive: Female body is filled with a lot of erogenous zones. Women are more sensitive to touch than men. The female body is far more sensitive than male body due to hormones. The male skin is thicker and thus, less sensitive than female skin. This skin layer of females get sensitive to various aspects like touch, sun, dust and so on

7. Females can differentiate and enjoy the taste of food more than male: Females tongues have more number of taste buds than male tongues. Thus, you enjoy every bite of food. Most of the females are super tasters and have more number of taste buds and red does over their tongues.8. Female body is capable of multitasking: Have you ever wondered how women can get along with so many tasks at a time? The answer to this is corpus callosum located in the brain which is larger on female brain than male. Women can rapidly switch tasks than men

9. Females have colder bodies than male: Female bodies are immensely colder than that of male. Due to hormones and especially due to the formation of the body, women have more tendencies to distribute far and have the fatter layer under the skin. There are various processes like metabolism which creates heat in the body. There metabolic ratios are low in women and thus keeps the body coler10. Females have an amazing memory: Women have more brain power and awesome memory than men! Women tend to remember and recall all the words used frequently and also can remember names, human faces, color and such elements very easily

11. Female hear loud frequencies clearly than males: The female body is able to hear all those loud speakers and music beats quite easily. Or it’s found that women can hear all the high frequency sounds more clearly and amazingly than the males12. Females speak more than male: Finally, we have an answer to why women speak too much. This is simply because they have two word centres and that hells then speak like 8000 words a day, women generally speak about 13000 words than men. The proteins and elements in the female body make women talk more frequently.

13. Women cry more often than men: The reason behind this is the female hormone! The female reproductive hormones make women more emotional and cry very often. On an average, women cry 30-60 times per year, while men cry around 6-17 times approximately.

American Civil war was as a result of the inspiration of 1831 rebellion by Nat Turner, an African slave

In August of 1831, Nat Turner led the only successful slave rebellion in the United State’s history, which struck fear in the hearts and guts of the white Southerners.

He was born to an African mother on a not-so-big plantation in the southern country of Southampton, in Virginia.

He hated the white enslavers so much for the harsh conditions of slavery and saw himself as a savior, anointed by God to rescue his people from the bondage and sufferings of slavery.

In the early months of 1831, Turner saw the solar eclipse and took it as a symbol for the beginning of his revolution. On the of August 21, that same year, he and a small group of his followers killed the Travis family, who were their owners.

After killing the slave owners and freeing the slaves, they made their way towards the town of Jerusalem. They planned to invade and capture an armory, and also recruit more slaves as members of the revolution.

Turner’s group got to 75 blacks, and in rage for what they have suffered in slavery, went on a rampage and murders several white slave owners in a space of two days. The number of white people killed was said to reach 60.

Turner and his group were overwhelmed by state militia forces and armed resistance from local whites, just outside the town of Jerusalem.

Some of the slaves in Jerusalem, including innocent bystanders, were shot by the state militia forces and other armed white folks.

Nat Turner escaped the battle that day and spent six weeks in hiding and running, till he was captured, tried and then hanged.

Due to exaggerations of Turner’s rebellion, and death of the white people, anxiety sparked off in the entire South.

Many southern states called special emergency sessions of their legislature. This led to the strengthening of slave codes, which limited slave education, movement, and assembly.

The events emboldened the supporters of vicious slavery, and they claimed that Turner’s rebellion was evidence that “Africans were inherently inferior barbarians requiring an institution such as slavery to discipline them.”

These led to the continuous repression of African slaves all of the South. The continuous brutalization of the African slaves in the South would later strengthen anti-slavery sentiments in the North through the 1860s and also led to the tensions building up to the civil war.

Nat Turner’s rebellion is testament to the braveness and resilience of the African spirit. His desire for freedom is a reflection of the aspirations of heroes such as Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X and many other African descended men and women who have stood up against European and American tyranny.

Turner’s quest to liberate his people is a lesson to us all today, in Africa and beyond, to keep up the fight and continuously reject draconian rule and suppression. We all must stand tall and fight for the betterment of our people and race.

Say this Bible portion in the morning and experience miracle in your life

The expression of God is a light for my path and there is a particular bit that performs Miracles for me whenever I say it. 

Nobody who put his or expectation in God will be humiliated. The good book contains the expression of God and it is a precious blessing many individuals don’t have the foggiest idea. 

Whenever I need an assistance from God, there are certain parts that I say and my heart wants will be granted by God almighty. 

I say the Bible part underneath with faith and God always act the hero. 

(2nd Corinthians 4:16-17) 

“For this reason we never become discouraged. Even though our physic being is gradually decaying, yet our spiritual being is renewed day after day. And this small and temporary trouble we suffer will bring us a tremendous and eternal glory, much greater than the trouble”. 

My name is Rita and I am a Christian. 

As I would see it, Brothers and sisters, in the event that you need a favor from God, always say the book of scriptures section above because miracles happen in my life whenever I say it. 

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4 Things to avoid about women if you want to live long

As a man, the first purpose in life is to live and do things for a long time. For one reason, every human being on earth is obligated to do so before you leave the planet. Because of one faintness or another, some men could not achieve their target. Women suffer from certain deficiencies. When you look at the world today, you’ll see more widows than widows. One of the reasons why most widowers have remarried is that too much work and pressure kills a man. Some die of women’s problems, and I will advise people to always disregard or avoid these things from surviving in women for a long time.

To be avoided are things;

I’m going to start with your bachelorhood.

1. Stop dragging a kid with other guys.

I’m not comfortable with the idea of if you love her, fight back.” Why is a guy going to fight a girl on Earth? She wouldn’t have fallen into another man’s arms if she loved you. Not the only girl on earth, but you know you’re going to be seen by a better guy than her. It’s easier to let her go rather than try to get her back. You would end up being assassinated or probably murdered during the battle. Get this to avoid it. To stop it, read.

2. Avoid jealousy.

Envy/Jealousy more than one could imagine killing the spirit. Only place your spirit in emotional trauma, as each man around you sees jealously. Only because she was drawn to you, just like other guys. Try to note she’s a woman, she will always have men around her because you still date her. Some men may be jealous enough to calm down before they kill themselves with envy if the girl calls from other men every time they are angry. Nobody will take her from you, whatever if there is a love, whatever they try.

3. Avoid her nagging.

Of course, some women in the area are blessed because of their temper, and if you understand, this is significant. It doesn’t just mean you have to make it or even begin to nag about it just because they’re nagging. As a guy, any time she begins to nag, you still have to act. Just try to remember that she gets agitated and doesn’t relax until her temper. I’ll urge you to leave the building if it starts triggering your own wrath. When you go home a few minutes, buy something from her, and all that will end. Life doesn’t have duplicates, so don’t get confused. I’ve got many men who died from domestic abuse, I’m sure you’ve seen it too. There’s no gain to your wife’s fight, so try to stop it.

4. Be careful with your female children. 

You are always happy to give them when they grow up, but when they grow up, you must realize that you will not be able to handle 100 percent again. Set them down and talk to them wisely when you see that they are starting to go the wrong way. Just avoid early burial and don’t push it if it lasts. The best teacher is also practice. You may know that life isn’t a bed of roses if you experience a little bit of life.

I saw it sometimes because the man doesn’t wish to make everybody bow to him that girls are killing their father. Let her take advantage of the experience when you talk to her with purpose, and she refuses to listen.

10 Mistakes that might make life difficult for youths later in life

Being young can also mean being free, passionate, emotional and a little too excited to live life to the fullest. During this stage of one’s life there are bound to be bad decisions being made, risks being taken and some pitfalls through this journey that might influence major life turnouts and absorb your time and energy. Nobody is perfect and with this understanding this article will give an insight into some of the common mistakes youths can make, this can be an interesting guide to help curb some of us already going this way.


Many of us have a tendency to spend money impulsively on things that we don’t really need and this can be a very reckless behavior. This habit can be very harmful to our financial status later in the future as we must have blown all our monies that could have been invested or saved on things that will be of no value to us in the near future. Best advice is to have a savings plan, even if it is 5% of whatever you earn, also have an investment plan in maybe real estate or shares and have your money grow and benefit you in the nearest  future.


This behavior can be very dangerous and unhealthy for your growth and state of mind. When you spend so much time thinking about what others think or say you find yourself constantly living your life to please others thereby hindering yourself from true happiness. Trying to impress people will bring your spirits down and make you feel like you are not good enough and you will always want to feed on the validation of others in order to judge your own beauty, confidence and abilities. This is never a good thing as you will always be limited by the opinion of others.


As a youth you might feel like you have so much energy and strength to go on for long hours without giving your body enough rest. This is a wrong notion as this will fear on your body and slow your performance in certain areas of your life. Yes, you want to party all night and sleep all day, isn’t that the plan? Well, if you do this throughout your youthful days how then do you prepare yourself for some responsibilities like a career, job, and family etc. if you have not trained your mind and body to get at least 8 hours of deserved sleep after a long day. If care isn’t taken you might find yourself feeling dehydrated, dull and sleeping when you should be productive.


Yes, we all need to earn money and make a living but is staying on a job that isn’t fulfilling or taking you to the next level of your preferred career path really the right way to go, all because you depend on the money from that job? I still believe in following your dreams and passions and also doing everything it takes to bring me closer to achieving them. I also put it to you that until you find that dream job or you can make your own path doesn’t settle for something that will keep draining you physically and mentally.


I remember my mum told me on several occasions that make-up wasn’t made for young ladies but for older women to conceal their wrinkles and make them appear younger. Well, I guess times have changed, because now even teens apply makeup like adults and sometimes very heavy make-up that don’t allow your face to breathe and make them look older than their actual age. Imagine you go out with your friend who is the same age as you and someone is asking if you are the person’s mother, upsetting yeah? Then try to ease off on the heavy powdering, sometimes your lip gloss, eyeliner and mascara should be enough. 


Tolerating a bad boyfriend or girlfriend is you train yourself into a person that you will resent for the rest of your life. I get that some of us are afraid to be alone and think that breakup might spell doom and end of life but I have good news, you can walk away from that person and have peace of mind and be a better version of yourself. Stop being afraid that nobody will want you, or how you will start over again, just break free, work on yourself, smile more, do things that make you happy, take up new hobbies and watch your glow shine so bright.


This is also another common mistake some youths make because they think they are in love, only to end up with a disastrous choice in a spouse. This becomes even worse when there is a child involved as it means you will always have an attachment to them because of that child and this might not really be something that brings you peace, unless you both decide to go your separate ways and have an amicable custody plan.


So many people forget to work on their attitude, character, education, personal growth and mental state, instead they focus on keeping the body looking good for others to admire and neglect those attributes that will take them far in life. This focus will hinder you from becoming free from a conformed state of mind and make you a slave of vanity. 


Before making any investment decisions always make sure to do proper investigations about whatever opportunities being thrown at you. If possible arm yourself with a lawyer and sign appropriate contracts before taking that leap with your finance.


One thing you need to understand is that people will always talk no matter which standard you uphold you will never be perfect to anybody. Don’t let their opinion affect your esteem or output, unless there is a bit of truth to what they are saying and you need to have a rethink.

Today’s men struggle with life, due to 3 reasons

It is in public domain a large population of men are struggling. This is not just financially, but even with their self-esteem, self awareness self love and social interaction.

It is sad for men to be this way when everyone expects of them to be a positive embodiment of the things mentioned above. It even gets worse when it affects their self belief. They find it had to believe in their abilities, talents and the gifts they may be having.

Men really struggle, they have lost it, all they need reinvention, they need to find out where it all began going wrong. Here are three reasons men are struggling today;

1. No father figures.

In our world today, most children are brought up with single mothers or in a family where the father is always absent.

They lack role model, and a person to look up to. They lack a person they can freely talk to and ask questions concerning men alone. They live without a clear road map of manhood, which can only be modelled in the presence of man figure. So their lives become a confusion. It becomes difficult for them to go around some issues they face in life.

All they do is to struggle pulling through their adulthood. It is indeed very difficult being a man in our today’s generation.

2. No programs to empower men

Men have been left on their own, to struggle. The are perceived to be a strong gender, so they are expected to be strong and tough.

Unlike their female counterparts who the society has put emphasis on empowering, and help them throughout the journey into adulthood, to they struggle on their own.

It is even made worse especially in this world where fathers are nowhere to be seen. Men need to be mentored and they also need the attention of the society. This is one reason you will find mostly men are the ones into hard drugs and alcohol. It is the only way they think it will alleviate their stress.

3. Empowered female gender

Today’s men unlike those of earlier generation, they are dealing with women who have been empowered in all areas of life. Thy are career ladies, they are financially stable and they are enlightened. It makes it difficult for men to deal with them.

This also explains the reasons the number of divorce cases are on the rise everyday. Sometimes most of these ladies frustrate men especially if the man they are married to are not financially stable, well educated and are into inferior career to that of their wife. So the only way to have peace of mind is to walk out of marriage.

How to turn cassava peels into animal feed

Cassava feed is now one of the common waste your can turn into a money-making business. Unfortunately, many people don’t know about this potential money-making business, and they end up throwing them away. In this article, I will be sharing how you can start making money by turning cassava peels into animal feed for animals like pigs, poultry, cattle, and goats.

How to turn cassava peels into animal feed:

1. Get enough cassava roots, you can also source the peels for those who are into cassava farming. Gather as many bags of cassava peels as you can and you are ready for business.

2. Peel the cassava roots.

3. After peeling, wash the peels to remove sand and dirt.

4. The next step is to dry the cassava peels. You can sun dry, though it may take days to become dried completely.

5. Mash or grind the cassava peels into a fine powder.

Your animal feed is ready!

Remember that in marketing, packing is everything. Package it well and sell to earn some good money for yourself.

Bill Gates’ 7 advice to those that want to be rich

Bill Gates became a billionaire in 1977 at the age of 31 and the richest man in the world at the age of 39 and since then he has been one of the richest in the world. Kind of him, he has given advice to young people to help them get rich and successful, in this article I will be sharing it and I am of the opinion that it will change your life completely (no.7 is my favorite). If you are new to my page, kindly click on the FOLLOW button to get connected with more of my articles. 

Advice one: 


When you do this,you are insulting yourself. Abraham Lincoln wrote to the teacher of his child that, it wasn’t a simple one though”Teach him that nobody than him, he is bigger than no one.

Unfortunately,many young people live their life comparing themselves to everyone, trying to be everyone which usually leads to unhappiness and failure, you are a unique being who is not designed to be good in everything, your mission is not beat everyone in their games but is to play yours uniquely.

Advice 2


The best of time of your life is when you are young because you have nothing to loose at that time,so don’t take live easy, don’t be like everyone, don’t just talk about your dreams your dreams, pursue it, GEY OUT AND GET LOST!!!!!

Advice 3


Most people don’t understand what life is until they are 40, they live with illusion that live should be easy, the earlier you understand the realities of life the earlier you are closer to your dreams. What are the realities of life? No one, no matter how close can ever help you solve your problem.

You need a coach: Even if you aren’t into Athletics, in life you need someone significant to look on for inspiration, advice during the ups and downs. 

Advice 4 


Be humble,never stop learning, Bill Gates says “I spend lots of time reading, he is a voracious reader! The book you read and people you meet from now determines your altitude not only your attitude.

Advice 5


Advice 6


Advice 7


This is absolutely self explanatory right? It justifies the need for feedback and improvement.

Senator styles for men and matching wristwatch

Most times, many Nigerian men are too busy trying to find money that they even forget that they should take good care of them selves. One of the ways to take good care of yourself is by dressing nice and looking good. Incase you still don’t know how to dress nice, these senator styles can help you out and the matching wristwatch gives you an idea of how to look good. 

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Disclaimer – please this is for informative and educational purposes.

– This is not to offend you or attack anyone.

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Senator styles for men and matching wristwatch

Most times, many Nigerian men are too busy trying to find money that they even forget that they should take good care of them selves. One of the ways to take good care of yourself is by dressing nice and looking good. Incase you still don’t know how to dress nice, these senator styles can help you out and the matching wristwatch gives you an idea of how to look good. 

– check out my other articles

Disclaimer – please this is for informative and educational purposes.

– This is not to offend you or attack anyone.

– If you have any disapproval, please comment it in a nice way, God bless you.

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Money Is Good, See Pictures Of Multimillion Dollar Yacht That Belongs To Cristiano Ronaldo.

When God Almighty bless you with prosperous and wealthy life like that of Cristiano Ronaldo, it will be difficult to think of new ways to spend your money in an innovative way.

Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for his club Juventus in Italy, is also a well respected sports man in his country, Portugal.

His net worth is believed to be over five hundred million pounds.

After helping the Italian giants to secure another victory in serie A last year, he decided to go on a spending extravaganza.

He decided to spend £5.6 million on a new luxury yacht, which he and his family enjoyed. According to reports from the press as at then, the football superstar, who is in his late 30s, reportedly handpicked the state of the art vessel himself.

Her are some of the pictures for you to enjoy.


Easy way of making money without human blood sacrifice

You’ll want to agree with me that money is oxygen, most times I hear people lying by saying “money is the root of all evil” and every day they keep working hard and sweating for it. They say money is the root of all evil and I say poverty is the seed, “a person with out money is as good as dead”…..

Yes you just read that right, the lack of money is what causes all sorts of evil activities that human being involves in today, believe me if everyone is rich there won’t be crimes. 

So the first thing I’ll charge you to do is to change your perspective towards money, and start seeing it as an oxygen and as the key to peace.

So if you want to be rich lemme see your hands up…… okay do this four simple things.


Matthew 7:7 ”Ask, and it will be given to you seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you

The only person that has enough riches to give to you is God, so go on your knees and ask him. 


Psalm 128:2 “You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.”

Quote me right, I said work smart not work hard, start doing the hardest work which is thinking, start working more with your brain and not your muscles.

Be creative and innovative, sort for problems and solve them.


Proverbs 21:5 “The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.”

Stop eating money as soon as you earn it, because money is not the fruit of your labour, but money is the seed of your labour so always plant it.

bible verse about investing

You need to create ways which your money will be working for you, if you don’t work till you die.


Proverbs 15:14 “The discerning heart seeks knowledge, but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly.”

bible verse about knowledge

Never stop learning, always do activities that will sharpen your mind, such as reading books, attending seminar, learning new skills and improving on your skills.


2 Corinthians 9:6-8 “Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”

Givers they say will never lack, you can’t be stingy and expect God’s blessings.


Malachi 3:10 “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”

This is a divine covenant from God, and God respects his words even more than his name, you can never lack money if you’re paying your tithe.

Yea…..this might not sound like the answer you are expecting, but I’ll never be the type that will lie to you, so you can like my post, remember truth is bitter.

13 Top most admired persons in the world

We humans on Earth are all created equally. However, some humans are held with high esteem from their fellow human beings. 

With a Earth population of 7.8 billion people, very few individuals are admired by billions of people all around the world. This admiration is not limited to their immediate environment or people around them. The list of people who are named in the Top 10 rankings of world’s most admired persons (2020) is extracted from a survey carried out in over 120 countries. 

Here is a list of world most admired persons:

 1. Barack Obama

The Two time President of the United States of America is held with great reverence by billions of people all over the world. Being the first Black President of the US, he is a role model of millions of Africans. 

2. Bill Gates

The one time World Richest Man is globally loved by many in the world. He is a philanthropist and owner of renowned big corporation, Microsoft Company. 

3. Michelle Obama

Barack Obama’s wife and former First Lady of the United States is the world’s most admired woman. She is a role model to millions of women in the world. 

4. Angelina Jolie

The popular actress and film maker is also influential. 

5. Queen Elizabeth

Great Britain Royalty, Queen Elizabeth, is an idol to many people in the world. She is the world’s No 1 Royal Leader.  

6. Oprah Winfrey

Famous US presenter is a philanthropist and motivational speaker, who is highly revered in the faces of her millions of fans and supporters.

7. Xi Jinping

Chinese Communist Leader, President Xi Jinping moved from No 9 to No 7 as world’s most admired leader. He is leader to the world’s most populated country. 

8. Narendra Modi

The Indian Prime Minister is a forme to reckon with among world’s most admired personalities. He’s cherished for his modesty and heroic policies in India. 

9. Jackie Chan

Chinese Actor and Martial Artist, Jackie Chan, is greatly admired by millions of people all over the world. There is no one on Earth that does not know Jackie Chan. His insane martial stunts and skills in movies decorated him admiration from millions of people, especially movie lovers. 

10. Cristiano Ronaldo

At the bottom of the list is a person from the sporting world. The iconic footballer and philanthropist is an idol and role models to millions of people all over the world. He is the most followed person on social media. The Juventus Star has played in great countries and has registered stellar records as a football player. He is surely one of the few best to have played soccer. His fans claim that he is the world best football player. 

World personalities like Lionel Messi stands at 11th ranking, Donald Trump stands at No 12 and Indian Actor Shah Rukh Khan stands at No 13. 

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6 Biblical verses that contradict the popular saying no Bible verse forbids smoking

”Why should I stop smoking, when there is no Bible verse against it?”

“Show me one Bible verse that is against smoking and I will quit.”

“You people just love to impose your own rules on others”.

You may have heard any of those quotes above from a smoker who is trying to brush off your argument that smoking is not for Christians.

They take advantage of the fact that the Bible did not explicitly mentioned the word, smoking to argue that God’s word did not forbid smoking.

Is it really true that there are no advice against smoking in the Bible?

How did Christians came up with the ban on smoking, if the word smoking is not found in the Bible?

Pay attention while reading, as you may find answers to some of your questions about smoking in this article.

As you read the Bible daily, you will notice a clear pattern and choice of words when God is giving laws to humans.

The phrase “thou shalt not” or “you must not” is very popular when the Bible is talking about practices that a true Christian must shun. But there is no where in the Bible where it was said: You must not smoke.

The law that requires true Christians to shun smoking is not as a result of any direct “thou shalt not” , but it came from a clear understanding of Bible principles.

So what are the Bible principles that made Christians to avoid smoking?

There are many Bible verses that talked about our health, diet and the way we should view life. The principle to avoid smoking came from these verses and we are going to talk about some of them below.

Nor is he served by human hands as if he needed anything, because he himself gives to all people life and breath and all things – Acts 17:25.

Do not be excessively wicked, nor be foolish. Why should you die before your time? – Ecclesiastes 7:17.

The warning sign on the pack of a cigarette reads: Smokers are liable to die Young.

The b part of Acts 17:25 clearly pointed out that life is a gift from God, why then are you trying to shorten yours?

Does smoking shows you value, that gift of life?

16 Do you not know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that the spirit of God dwells in you? 17 If anyone destroys the temple of God, God will destroy him; for the temple of God is holy, and you are that temple – 1 Corinthians 3: 16, 17.

He said to him: “‘You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind. – Matthew 22:37.

Science have proven that smoking cause a lot of damage to various organs in the human body, including the heart.

After damaging your body with smoking, how will you love God the way that was stated in Matthew 22:37?

1 Corinthians 3:16,17 made it clear that you are God’s temple and he will destroy anyone trying to destroy his temple.

Do you not know that if you present yourselves to anyone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one you obey, either of sin leading to death or of obedience leading to righteousness? – Romans 6:16.

Smokers are normally known to do anything possible to satisfy their craving for cigarettes. You become a slave to your addiction, once that addiction starts controlling you.

The Bible made it clear that we can’t slave for two masters, so whose side are you on? A slave of cigarettes or a slave of God?

Love does not work evil to one’s neighbor; therefore, love is the law’s fulfillment. – Romans 13:10

Second hand smoking is known to cause many health problems and even death. Why are you allowing your neighbors or loved ones to inhale particles from your cigarettes?

Why are you putting putting your loved ones and the whole Earth at risk by smoking in this beautiful planet?

There are many other verses that, the principles to shun smoking came from but we will have to stop here. Remember to share this post if you learnt something from this articles and want others to see it.

*The word cigarettes, as used in this article represent any form of smoking.

*All Bible quotes in this article were copied from the NWT version of the Bible.

*Pictures are for illustrative purposes.

Follow this step to attract successful people into your life

It is amazing at what your mind can get you in life. once you are thinking positively and using the facility of the law of attraction you’ll be consumed by what you’ll accomplish in life. believe the items that you simply want and the way you ought to set about getting them. If you are doing not think positively about what you would like you’ll not be ready to succeed and make them a reality in life. 

You can find more power and use the law of attraction to form your goals in life happen and to bring more success and fun too. There are endless possibilities that you simply can do once you really put your mind thereto . All you would like to believe is your goal and the way much you would like it to figure for you. After you employ this as your main focus you’ll see that the results are getting to be good for you and there’s not getting to be any reason to stress .

When you desire things are going slow in your life and you’re not proud of what’s happening , you ought to believe ways to form your goals better and the way to use the facility of the law of attraction to urge your mind ready. After you recognize how you’ve got to think and what you would like to believe you’ll see that things aren’t so bad and it’s easier to urge what you would like . it’s all about your mind and the way well it works to form your world go the way that you simply want it to. 

Negative thinking is merely getting to make it worse. you’re not getting to achieve success if you’re not using your mind to be positive. you’ve got to understand that the sole way you’re getting to be happy is that if you employ the law of attraction to be exactly what you would like then far more . it’s getting to be an excellent thanks to have anything that you simply need and need whether it’s at work or in your personal life. 

There are many tapes and CD’s about how you’ll use the law of attraction to form things easier on you. There are vital ideas on these things which will assist you be the person who you would like to become. you would like to make certain that you simply are using these things to urge to where you would like to be in life. find out what’s most vital to you and you would like to travel after it. Think positive about everything that you simply want because this is often getting to assist you be more on top of things and be even as you would like to be. 

The power of the law of attraction are some things very special. you ought to show others the way to make it work for them too. Once you get them excited about this great procedure they’re going to want to use it all the time to form things go their way. it’s something that you simply should use anytime and anywhere to bring happiness and success into your life. this manner of thinking is all about you and the way you perceive to use it. Keeping an open mind and making decisions supported how you think that goes to mean all the difference once you try to achieve success and happy. 

Keep an open mind and don’t let anything substitute your way of the law of attraction. you would like to believe how a positive attitude can turn your entire life around. it’s getting to be one among the simplest practices you’ll have in life. 

Read this to know how to intercept people’s phone call without having their phone

Phone call interception is now very common in Latin america countries like Argentina and others.

Is your girlfriend cheating on you/someone stole your phone this post can be extremely useful to you.

The Gsm interceptor is an equipment that can gather data from hundreds of phones over targeted areas and they can also perform denial-of-service attacks on phones and intercept conversations. Though these products are not available legally but they can be bought through black markets or through deep web.

security agencies like FBI use this equipment to monitor phone conversation.

it can be used in two ways:One way is to use antenna in a given area to collect International Mobile Subscriber Number (IMSI) and the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) numbers of mobile phones in that area and see who is in that given area.

the second way is using IMEI since even a formatted phone IMEI can’t be altered.

The most notable device used for this task is the GSM INTERCEPTOR or IMSI CATCHER.

other devices Include:Porpoise, Firefish, Tarpon, Amberjack, Harpoon, Moray, Lanterneye, Rayfish, Stonecrab.

These are some 10 words only Nigerians will understand and their meaning

In Nigeria my country, there are word in which we use to talk or pass information to ourselves and these words are unique and interesting.

Some of there words are gotten from English language but are translated into a more suitable words by we Nigerians a d some are so funny when you ask of the meaning. Most of the words are from the different ethnic groups in Nigerian.

A real Nigerian citizen can never finish his or her sentences without adding any of these word, and these 10 words includes:

1. Abi: This particular one is used as a punctuation. Like we are going to meet Chioma abi?

2. Oya: Oya means hurry up

3. Ehen: Means a lots of things depending on the tone, it may mean before I forget, I get.

4. Jara: This is mainly used in the market sector, after buying two cups of rice you will demand Jara from the seller

5. Abeg: It simply means please

6. Shayo: Not any kind of drinks but alcohol

7. Go slow: This one is Traffic

8. Baff up: It means to grow up

9. Yimu: Is mainly used by the Yoruba’s

10. Trafficate: This one is mainly used by the drivers to remind other driver to turn on the light.

Facts to know about 5 crypto currencies

You have heard of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and other numerous cryptocurrencies but do you know that there are currently more than 6000 of these virtual currencies with a market cap of over $460 billion across 400 exchanges?

Well, this article will reveal more interesting facts on top five “cryptocoins” of the year 2020.

Keep tabs on me to receive more updates about facts and events surrounding the cryptocurrency market in the future.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin; the avant-garde and most popular cryptocurrency is on a bull run towards its all-time peak of $19,665 (per coin). As of November 2020, one Bitcoin was worth approximately $16,000 from a relatively meagre price of $123 in 2013, representing a 12900% (approx.,) increase in value.

Moreover, Bitcoin undergoes halving every four years and the last Bitcoin will be mined not until the year 2140 which is 120 years from 2020.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum coin, currently valued at $447 each (unlike Bitcoin) can be mined forever. This means that the supply of Ethereum token/coin is infinite compared to 20 million Bitcoins which are still up for grabs. 

In addition, Ethereum itself, is a Blockchain technology which offers the platform for people to create other virtual currencies. In fact, Ethereum is a platform that can run Apps analogous to Google play™. This is what sets it apart from BTC.

3. Tether (USDT)

The Tether (USDT) is not just a cryptocurrency but a Stablecoin. This means that it’s value is always pegged to the Dollar (i.e $1 per USDT) such that for $10 you receive 10 USDT.

So, if you have just ventured into crypto investment, you must know that the value of USDT does not fluctuate aggressively like others. 

The Tether is the third largest virtual money with a market cap of approximately $18 billion.

4. Ripple (XRP)

Taking the fourth spot is the Ripple (XRP) each valued at $0.27 (per coin). This cryptocurrency is institutionalised. This means that it is used predominantly by banks, financial powerhouses and payment service providers for transactions with a perk of low transaction fees. 

The Ripple is unique and this is how it’s technology works.

Let’s say, Jack in US wants to send $500 to his friend Jill in Britain. Jack will have to send the said amount in Dollars via the Ripple network wherein it is converted to XRP and validated by Ripple servers. After that, Jill can withdraw the amount in Pound sterling (£) without the need for any conversion.

5. Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin (LTC), developed by Charlie Lee as an alternative cryptocurrency (altcoin) to BTC, was created by replicating and modifying the source code of Bitcoin. The motive behind Lee’s creation was a lighter version of Bitcoin, hence the name “Litecoin.”

The aim and advantage of this coin was to make a Bitcoin clone that operates with a reduced processing time (block time). As a result, LTC has a block time of 2mins 30 secs compared to Bitcoin’s 10 mins. 

For identification, Litecoin addresses start with letter “L” for the legacy version, however, some can start with letter “M.”

Bonus: Yearn.Finance (YFI) (YFI) is the only cryptocurrency to surpass Bitcoin’s $19,000 mark. This little known cryptocurrency did hit an all-time high of $43,678 on the 12th of September 2020 despite being a new virtual currency less than a year old.

Currently ranked well below Bitcoin because of its market cap of $521 million and market dominance of just 0.11% compared to Bitcoin’s 60%, yearn finance has a peak to aim for when it goes bullish again.

However, I would recommend buying and holding YFI tokens because it has shaded 60% of its value to be currently at $17,000 each. This is in anticipation of another up move sometime in the future. was built as a platform that provides simplified investment (opportunity) into decentralised finance (DEFI) without having to study the complex nature of cryptocurrency market.

Other coins and tokens not included here can be found in the screenshot below.

Overall, cryptocurrencies have come to stay, ushering in a new era for financial transactions and digital assets management devoid of interference by central banks.

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Substances to avoid if you value your liver

Liver diseases and damage are caused by the different substances we consume mainly alcohol. Infections and genetics can also lead to liver damage. Liver failure refers to the inability of the liver to perform its normal functions eg bile production.

It can be a life threatening emergency and therefore it is necessary for one to take measures and avoid its causes by all means. It can either be acute or chronic. The difference between the two is that acute liver failure comes on quickly while chronic comes slowly.

Liver damage accumulates through different stages. Each stage is accompanied with effects to the normal functioning of the liver with its functioning gradually reducing as the stages advance.

The main substance you must avoid if you want to ensure that your liver continues to perform its vital functions is alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption leads to liver cirrhosis which is the scarring of the liver.

Liver affected by liver cirrhosis

For wife material: These are the 5 Nigerian tribes that produce the best wives

Choosing a wife is not an easy task, after dating several girls you would realize it is not as easy as seeing any girl and asking her to marry you. You have to ensure she is a normal person, that she loves you and will be loyal to you, you have to ensure she is willing to grow and build with you. If she is the type that always does what is in her mind without regarding your opinion, you might regret it later, so you need someone that understands compromise and sacrifice. Here is just an opinion based list of some awesome tribes that make beautiful wives. 

1. Igala tribe

2. Calabar.

3. Yoruba 

4. Igbo 

5. Hausa

 If you think I should add any other tribes., please comment 

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Disclaimer – please this is for informative and educational purposes.

– This is not to offend you or attack anyone.

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These are 4 ways to know a child is not yours without a DNA test

The issue of paternity has become a global thing and in most times it comes from the man, so many men deny children that are claimed to be theirs by ladies, it is quite unfortunate that trust does not exist anymore in relationships, regarding that some ladies do cheat on their partner, well sometimes it is quite hard to know if a child really belong to you, but the surest way is through DNA test which is very expensive, So here are 4 other proven ways to go about it.

1. Eye or hair test: everyone has a pattern in which his or eyes is and also the hair, however it is 70 percent sure that a child will have the pattern of the eyes is father has, as commonly believed that the male has a very strong effect on how a child appears.

2. Genetic characters: if you ever did biology it is a very sure thing that some genes from both parents are passed to their offspring, in this case there will be some physical traits with the parent which the child will also carry.3. Blood type test: this is quite different from DNA but may be part of it, it is just to know that blood type of a the parent and if the child’s own match or takes a combination.

Questions that ladies ask men that signify that they don’t love them but only pretending

Dear men, if a girl starts to ask you these questions, she doesn’t love you she’s only pretending

Girls tend to think that men sometimes fall for them to an extent that, they don’t think about what they are doing, but just love.

In many cases, the girls pretend to love a man, but down deep she has her motives.

Some girls can even be very stupid to be just fooling and tooling the guy around just for their fun. 

A guy in love is likely to be blinded not to see anything that the girl may have been doing to him, physically, mentally, or spiritually.

But today in this article we are going to talk about things your girlfriend may be asking she doesn’t love, but she is only pretending. 

1. What do you for a living?

2. How much do earn per month?

3. Are your parents alive?

4. Are you still living with your parents?

5. Why do you leave your Ex?

6. Can you do anything for me?

7. What can you do for love?

8. For how long have you dated your Ex?

9. Can you buy anything I want?

10. Can you leave your parents’ house when we are married?

11. What is your relationship with God?

12. What is your biggest regret in life?

13. Have ever had a thought of making suicide?

14. What are your reasons for trying to end your life?

15. Can you quit your job because of me?

16. Tell me about the worst experience in your previous relationship.

17. Do you think you have a future at this age?

18. What were your thoughts about your last summer with your Ex?

19. Can you apologize to me without you doing anything?

20. Can you break up with me, even if I slapped you for no reason?

List of questions your girlfriend will ask you she loves you.

You don’t have to believe me, in the above-mentioned statements, but it is the reality, any girl that loves you, will hardly ever ask you the questions that are questioning your integrity no matter what.

Note: All the above questions are my views and research, the case may not same for all people, I do not represent any person.

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