See 10 ways to make money

Hey guys today we’ll be looking at 10 known ways to make money instantly.

10) Loan apps: I know you’re wondering what loan apps have to do with anything but infact they have a lot to do with this topic. Many of you know how loan apps work right? I’m sure you do. Well ,we’ll be talking about how you can use loan apps to make real cash.With as low as 5,000 naira you make cash.



Make sure you have as little as 5,000 naira in your account then try out loan apps, like carbon(paylater), Fair money,palm credit, get cash, 9ja Cash e.t.c

Step 2

Ask someone for a substantial amount of money and add an interest to the amount of money you’ll payback e.g; 2%, 5% e.t.c

9) start a YouTube channel.

Steps to create a YouTube channel.

Step 1 make a gmail account.

Step 2 sign into YouTube.

Step 3 tap your profile picture on YouTube.

Step 4 tap my channel.

Step 5 press create.

Step 6 tap manage my accounts.

Step 7 tap your profile on your gmail settings.

Step 8 choose a picture from gallery. Note: only if you have 1000 subscribers and 30,000 views can you monetize your YouTube channel.

8) start a blog.

Many people have made money through blogs, so that’s a sure way to make money

7) make a Vlog.

Vlogs are just like YouTube channels and just like YouTube channels people get access to cash easily

6) work for an online newspaper like newsopera.

5) you can be an online marketer.

4) you can be an affiliate to companies.

3) you can get an online gaming job

2) you can be an assistant.

1) you can be a property manager.

20 Business ideas that can be carried out by full time workers

We have covered many business ideas on this site that many of you would like to start. However, most of these business ideas are best suited for the unemployed who can join a company at any time. Today, I’m going to share with you 20 business ideas that full-time workers can start generating multiple sources of income and improve their financial prospects.

   My job with this post is not to convince you why you should start your side business. I think that after reading your thoughts you are ready. You just need to make the help you give to others more discriminatory. If it’s you, keep reading.

   I wrote another article on how to start your own part-time business. In this post, I discussed 7 important tips you should know before taking these important steps. When success or failure depends on balance, information is critical to increase your chances of success.

   Everything is fine if you open a side business while working full time. The only obstacle is time. You need a company that doesn’t take up all your time. You also need a company that other people can do business with, while you monitor closely.

   The business ideas I present in this article take these important factors into account and are perfect for full-time employees. Whether you are a civil servant with a job between 8pm and 4pm or have a job between 9pm and 7pm, this post has a business idea that works for you. Sit down and choose one of these 20 business ideas that suit your interests.

   Check out these 25 best business ideas to start, tracking your daily work

   20 small business ideas for full-time employees who want to generate a second source of income

   1. Marketing

   I have a friend who works with the Defense of Nigeria. Outside of work, she makes a lot of money selling imported shoes to colleagues. This is interesting because she has a shoe store in her office, does not worry and earns little money.

   Shoes are just one item on a list of items to trade. You can sell fabrics, jewelry, computer accessories, bags, cosmetics, etc. If you don’t want to sell, you can list items in online markets like Konga or Kaymu and have them sold to you. Just relax, deliver when you need to and save your money.

   2. Housekeeping / security service

   You can start a cleaning company. They work on weekends or hire and supervise workers. Some types of cleaning companies include; Cleaning after construction, daily cleaning of the office / house, cleaning of the roof, cleaning of the pool, cleaning of the carpet / carpet / tile and cleaning of the sewer.

   You need to create a brand and market your business effectively. Social media has become an indispensable tool when it comes to marketing and branding. This is a great way to let people know what you’re doing, make a phone call, negotiate things and get people to do or do themselves on weekends.

   3. Sports observation center

   Nigerians love football and most football matches take place on weekends. The games take place on weeknights. So, this is a perfect deal for anyone who is working to make money.

   There are other good companies that can also combine this, such as sports betting, which is a privilege for sports fans, and a sidebar where everyone can have a drink while playing football. In addition, as football is usually a men’s game, you can place a barbed wire store nearby and ask someone to give you money regularly. Either way, it is a win-win situation.

   4. Affiliate marketing

   Affiliate marketing has made it possible for many people to quit their daily jobs and earn a full-time income online. The amount of money that people earn online is impressive. You can invest some money from your salary to start a blog and expand your marketing business. With the right touch and a little patience, you’ll earn more money than you ever imagined.

   5. Snail farming

   Snail farming is one of the agricultural industries that requires little supervision. A snail farm does not stop you from working. In fact, most snail breeders work full time. The reasons why creation is a perfect business for workers are:

   You don’t have to worry, the snail will flourish perfectly without constant monitoring. Here is an interesting fact about snails that eat at night. So, you can continue with your daily routine and feed the snails when you return at night.

   Starting a snail farming business does not require a lot of capital.

   You can return snails to your garden; You don’t need a lot of space.

   The snail market is very large. You can sell them at local markets, restaurants and even hotels.

   This post will tell you exactly how to start your own snail farming business.

   6. Plan events

   If you are able to organize things and connect with people, you can earn a lot of money as an organizer. You don’t need a private office to be an organizer. All that is needed is the ability to organize and plan parties, weddings and other occasions. Many people do not want to bear the responsibility of coordinating their events, but instead use the service of an event planner and decide to do so.

   You can promote your services at your workplace or location. Fortunately, the Internet has made marketing very easy. Use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to your advantage.

   7. Manually

   Some people have a passion for creating something with their hands. If you have knowledge or passion for knitting, pearl, jewelry, sculpture, painting, etc., you can benefit from this in your spare time.

   8. Food distribution

   The food delivery business is currently a hot bakery industry in Nigeria and workers can join it. This includes buying food in states where it is sold cheaper and sending it to your state of residence. You may not have to travel all the time, as long as you have an agent or agent in the state in which you plan to buy.

   9. Bake the cake

   If you are good at baking, you can bake cakes for weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations. Bakery products and other sweets can be made on the weekend and do not interfere with your normal work. Employees can be your first regular customers.

   10. Work independently

   If you have special skills, you can work and earn money independently. Freelance doesn’t have to be online. In fact, working online as a freelancer takes more time than working offline as a freelancer. I have a friend who specializes in AutoCad design. He has a job, but he also makes money by creating independent projects for the client.

   Graphic designers, webmasters, programmers, video production / editing professionals, etc. Anyone can work independently, although they have a full-time job. If you don’t have the skills, you can invest part of your salary money to acquire them. It will be worth it in the long run.

   11. Blogging

   I show people how to create and manage profitable blogs. One thing I teach all my students is how to blog and still have time to do other things. You only love blogging when you have time to explore other areas of your life. Most people wear out quickly after they start because when they start blogging, they are consumed, making it difficult to do anything else.

   If you have a job and also a special hobby that you want to blog about, nothing bothers you. In fact, you are the perfect candidate to have a profitable blog. Yet. Needless to say, the blog is not a program for a short break. It takes determination and perseverance. Having a job reduces the pressure on you to make money right away and allows you to focus on the important aspects of monetization on your blog.

   12. Photography

   This is one of the business ideas you can get involved with both online and offline. If you are skilled and passionate about photography, you can provide photographic services for weddings and other events. Most of these events usually take place on the weekend, so you don’t have to worry about the impact on your daily work.

   13. Leasing business

   This type of business consists of renting plastic tables and chairs for the ceremony organizers. This is one of the most sought after companies by those looking for passive income, and it is for those who have jobs or not.

   Many ceremonies such as traditional weddings, white weddings, birthday parties, children’s ceremonies and more are held every week, and the organizers always rent furniture for the event. The demand for furniture rentals is always high.

   14. Supermarket

   Having a supermarket is a good deal. It requires finding a good website with good traffic. It also requires a good accounting system. Otherwise, making some money in this business will be a bigger job. Since you are not around the clock, you can ask someone you trust to host your website or install accounting and inventory software to make things easier.

   15. Agricultural production and commercial warehouse

   To stock agricultural products is to buy agricultural products in good season and sell them out of season. This is a good deal for anyone who doesn’t need money right away. Instead of having money in the bank, you can show off your business muscles and earn good money for yourself.

   However, I must warn you that this business is risky in general. I burned my fingers on the first attempt and lost a lot of money in the process. It can be influenced in any way. There is no way of knowing whether the price of that particular product will rise or fall. Many people lose money buying a product that continues to offer a discount instead of a price and therefore has a huge loss. So be careful, this business is not for the faint of heart.

   16. Night bar

   I visited a bar that didn’t open until 5 pm. It was my first time there and I noticed that nobody visited this place before 5pm. But when the time came, the place was full of activity and the owners earned good money. It’s not too crazy to have a bar at night. All you need to do is set aside adequate time to help and notify customers when you start a business.

   17. Hairdresser / beauty salon

   Many workers open beauty salons or beauty salons and leave them to professionals. They make a deal when they collect an agreed amount regularly. However, it is important that the importer is careful about who hired him. Find a profit sharing scheme that works for everyone and protect yourself from human greed.

   18. Transport services

   Uber is in Lagos and Abuja. They give workers the opportunity to benefit from transportation while maintaining their jobs. Take a look at the website and see the criteria for having a car with you. Alternatively, you can earn your own money on weekends. The taxi service is no longer strange; Bank employees are also interested.

   19. Custody Services

   You can start with private lessons for students or any other group of people willing to learn what you have to offer. It may be extra work for the weekend, but that’s the idea, right? Earn money in your spare time. You can also get your tutoring service online through a blog, using social media or using tutoring sites like

   20. Sports betting agency

   I don’t support gambling as a business. But having a business in which players operate is one of the most profitable because people turn to gamblers in search of easy money. You can open an agency with a sports betting agent and continue your journey from there.

   You have the top 20 business ideas for employees. You can leave any of these companies and continue working full time. Promote your business in your office or workplace, close to you, and most importantly, online. Thanks for reading this. Now, share with more people to read.

6 Ways to get customers buy from you

Business is any service rendered to satisfy human desires or wants. No matter how good your businesses or services are, without correct application of marketing it will never grow, that not a threat but authentic reality in the business world.

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6 ways to get customers to buy from you.

1. There should be an unmistakable clarification between benefit and feature.

Feature is something that a product/service can proffer or do while benefit is something that a particular product /service means to the customer.

For example, it is wrong to say ” this car has a reinforced safety roof instead, use “this car keeps your family safe.

2. Use vivid but plain language

Customers will remember a benefit longer and more easily if it expressed using simple but strong words that force emotion.

For instance, This roof provides protection in the event of a rollover accident(wrong) rather use ” if this car rolls, there is a good chance you will walk away unharmed.

3. Avoid the use of complex words

Nothing leaches a benefit of emotion more than the use of tied business cliches or overly technical technology. Eg Wrong to say Robust implementation of internet access, instead, use “You can connect virtually anywhere.

4. Make your benefits concrete during the marketing/ advertisements stint.

Customers ignore abstract and hazy promos, instead be clear and specific to convince your clients.

For instance, it is wrong to say ” We can significantly reduce your inventory costs instead say, we decrease inventory costs by an average of 25%.

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See some unique mini dresses for ladies

Good women are likened to wearing a skirt long enough to cover their subject and Short enough to create interest. That is why the most beautiful female representative is a good salesperson. For company products to sell well, women’s hands can’t be left out. A product that women are unable to sell, I wonder which men will be able to sell it. That is exactly the power of feminism.

For any product to be successful in the market world, we must recognize women as a powerful factor. They have to play their magical part to complete the process of sales. I don’t know where women got this power from. But one thing is clear here and that is they easily get men’s attention. Anytime and any day. They have the key to man’s heart in their hands.

They turn it easily at will. Whenever women are involved, men take action spontaneously. Men love to be seen as someone responsible before women. The mountain they can’t climb for 10 years. They are almost ready to attempt it when women are involved. Women, this is a new year take your time to look attractive.

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When you learn any of these 4 skills, you will never be broke again

I know the struggle to get a job is not easy, but have you ever asked yourself? What are the best jobs in Nigeria or course, working skill to study and which will grant you big cash at the end of your struggle.

Never mind, I have done the thinking and searches for you, that is the courses, working skills I will mention are jobs which can grant you a high payment in Nigeria especially in our present situation. Here they go;

*Digital marketing

*Data analyst


*Web designing

* I am sure you should have heard the word ” Digital Marketing,” the problem is that we might mistake it for affiliate marketing and which is not true. Well digital marketing is a business whereby you advertise a certain goods and get commission for it. Digital marketers usually get their earning daily and they are unlimited. The more you work the more you earn.

* Data analyst; I know the word data analyst has always been a scary word but stop it, as it is concerned with the statistical method of arranging data or information in groups, chart or lines accordingly. This could also be a great opportunity for you to earn especially on freelancing whereby you get paid for your service.

Web designing as always being a hot cake since its establishment. Simply because web designers are paid in other to package a website or blog, in the sense that all the graphical image, settings will be done by the web designer and this can also earn you a lot of money if you are a well know professional.

Lastly, programming; I know programming is not a easy course or skill to learn because you will have to know a lot of computer language and which seems to make people ignore it. But nevertheless google as put an end to this situation whereby if you program an app you can also earn from it. This has now being putting smile on our programmer’s face.

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See 5 rules that can make you a millionaire

Most of us don’t make millions of naira in a year and we often think it’s mostly unlikely for one to be rich,unless we inherit a fortune or win a lottery,but that a big lie my friend. However successful people didn’t build their wealth overnight it’s a gradual process,which means you must pass through alot of stages. Below are the five golden rules you must adhere to inorder to be a millionaire. You can be a millionaire as a student,just check them out.

1. Save to invest.

It takes money to make money,instead of spending all your saving on a dream vacation,your girlfriend and recharge cards why not invest that money in a mini business,and believe me within a year you are already a boss on your own. Spend wisely.

2. Search for best way to invest money:

How and where you invest your money is an important decision to make. Successful investing is the key to your long term goals. Don’t invest your money in any investment that is willing to double your fund in less than an hour,it’s a waste of fund.

3. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not:

Don’t spend more than you can afford . Live within or below your means and do not borrow money. Instead of spending money every weekend at an expensive restaurant,why not save it.

4. Surround yourself with successful people:

There is this saying that when you surround your self with successful and intelligent people you begin to think like them,cause they will inspire you to reach for a higher bar and also show you how to get to the next level.

5. Change the way you think about money:

Stop thinking that money is something impossible to achieve,but start by accepting that having money is not bad as long as it’s obtained legally without going over someone’s head.

See what millionaire traders don’t tell you about the secret of forex

Most succesful traders secrets revelead

If forex trading was easy every trader would be rich, there secrets that most traders dont tell you. Do you know that 90% of forex traders loose their money. But trust me as forex trader forex is not a scam.

It takes dedication in forex trust me there will always be losses, but your profit should be more than your lose.Most traders show their money they dont show you what it takes to be like them, i believe in sharing information. so pay attention, forex trading is a job so just like any other jobs you need to learn and practise until you are perfect.Took me a year and half to be succesful in forex,most times people give up on things right at the edge or end of being succesful.

1. Trends to be succesful you need to trade trends and when you trade trends you need to look at chart patterns, dont be a signal follow create your own positions. take effort so look up what is a trend and what are chart patterns and how to identify perfect entries.

2. Systems, traders you systems which give the directions, entries, but they are not 100% succesful you to add your own analysis and in that way you wont go wrong. seek knowldge because noone can take it away from you.

3. Robots my favourate a robot trades for you just like that, so its best to use every tools that are available to you which is everything i telling you.

4. Different brokers no broker is your friend so put all your eggs in one buckets, have many accounts in this way you wont go wrong.

5. Most important know what you are doing dont just sell or buy know why and look for confirmation> which means reasons.

See ways to make money in short time without human sacrifice

Money have proven to be one of the most important thing every human been should have in order to survive.

Nevertheless there are a lot of factors that may be affecting your efforts to make money, and these factors ranges from economical status of your country, your deception and so on. These factors have made a lot of people believe that there is no more good ways to make money except through rituals.

A lot of Nigerians have been frustrated with the economy of the country and are now into different kind of rituals for prosperity in their money hustling.

The economy of the country have turned many Nigerians into internet scammers, and these internet scammers are known to be G boys or yahoo boys.

It is my pleasure to make you understand that if u must make money in these life u must be patient and work hard.

Since the economy of the country is hard it is really advised that you should start up a business that will keep you busy and can withstand the test of time. But when u talk about business many people feels that they already know what it is, but when I talk about business I mean become an entrepreneur in the field that makes you happen. If you are the type that knows how to convince people, you should either be in a production sector that when your products are ready marketing them will not be a problem to you.

If you are the educated type you should try out forex but before you go into forex make sure you understand the Forex system and what it is all about.

Forex is one of the self imposed money attempt that could make you a millionaire in 6 month. According to my friend who have made it in Forex, he said and I quote reaching your maximum potential in Forex depends on you.

So my dear people I advise you to step up your attempt to make money toward the right way and not through rituals or Human sacrifices.

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Ways to boost your wealth and finances

Never Be Discouraged, Use This Skills To Boost Your Finances and Increase Your Family Wealth Standards. Number 6 is Necessary.

Money skills are important. if you can master these 7 money skills then you will be able to increase your wealth standard and also boost your personal financial status. Therefore, without further ado here are 7 important money skills to master.

1.    Nobody got rich from saving money rather save to invest.

Unless you are saving money in the millions you can’t get rich automatically. Saving money is good, but what you do with the money saved is far better. The importance to saving cash is because of two reasons mostly. First, it’s because saving cash makes you have a safety net. Just in case you lose your job or your means of livelihood you can have cash for like 3-6 month because you can get back on your feet again. Secondly having cash gives you access to opportunity. When you have a good offer you can easily jump on it cause of the cash you have handy.

2.     Know the difference between wealth Savings and Liabilities

Wealth is not where you live in and what you drive. Wealth is having tangible asset or physical asset which can be converted to forms that can be used for transactions. Therefore, cars are liabilities if they don’t bring money into your pockets. On the other hand, if the car is meant for rental services then that car is considered an asset.

Therefore, know the difference between liabilities which takes money from you, wealth which is any physical asset and savings which is what you keep aside after paying liabilities.

3.    Learn how to use other people’s money

Another skill that should be learnt to increase your earnings to learn how to use other people’s money. this is a skill the poor and average people avoid. Other people’s money is not a bad thing to use. As long as you are not using the loan you get to buy a watch or an expensive liability, others people’s money might just boost your business

4.    Need to earn more and spend less

Another skill to learn is to develop the skill of earning. Know how to earn money. know what to do to bring money into your pocket. This is a skill that should be sharpen. Then after learning how to earn then what you need do is to spend less. There is no point in earning good money only to just spend it recklessly. Cutting down on your expenses is as important as earning.

5.    Have a retirement plan

The sooner you have a retirement plan the sooner you will retire. Always explore on other retirement plan. The earlier you start working on your retirement plan the better for you.

6.    How to safe guard your money

One other skills that is paramount is to safe guard your wealth. And how can you do that you can do that through diversifying. The reason for this is that having all your eggs in one basket in an investment in your country can spell out doom in an event of an unforeseen circumstances.

Diversification, means putting your money in different areas so as to earn your money. this means investing in real estate, buying lands, investing in stock and in other things that will safe guard your wealth. The more your income is diversified the more secured it is.

7.    How to make money while you sleep

One of the greatest investors named Warren Buffet say” if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, then you will work for money all your life”. Finding a way to make money while you sleep is as important choosing the right investment.

One of the best ways to make money while you sleep is to create a product or services that is selling 247. So, even while you are sleep in Nigeria your product is selling in south Africa.

5 Tips of income improvement

Do you want to be financially stable in life? Do you want to improve your business?

Do you want to improve your financial situation and well-being?

Remember, your financial well-being is unique to you. It is more than just your financial numbers; it is your now, your future, your choice and your freedom.

Tip 1.

Rather than compare your success to someone else:

Plan your finances to tell a larger story about your relationship with money.

Tip 2.

Rather than ask what happened to all your income at the end of the month:

Know where your money is coming from and where it is going.

Tip 3.

Rather than spend on anything that catches your fancy: Plan your savings and spending each month.

Tip 4.

Rather than live from paycheck to paycheck:

Invest your savings to earn more money on your income.

Tip 5.

Rather than ignore your obligations to take care of themselves:

Stay on top of your financial obligations.

Working hard and being smart is not a guarantee to success in life

Right from the early years of creation, humanity has been made to believe that being smart and hardworking is key to success.

The question every single human on earth should be asking is: Does being smart & hard working really guarantee or determine whether an individual will be successful in life or not?.

The answer to that question is NO!.

Being smart and hardworking are good qualities or attributes every individual should possess as laziness yields no fruit but over reliance on hard work and smartness alone is also no way to success.

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are ranked as the top two richest men in the world according to Forbes magazine but are this two men the most hardworking and smartest on earth?. 

There are so many other individuals who were or are as hardworking and smart as Jeff and Bill likewise there are some who are more hardworking and smart than this two yet they aren’t as successful as any of them.

If the yardstick to success is by how hardworking and smart or diligent an individual is then there would be many other individuals who would be ranked as the richest ahead of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

Last year Nigerian international Odion Ighalo who now plies his trade with English side Manchester United tweeted that favour is important over labour.

His tweet didn’t go down well with most twitter users because they see hardwork or labour as the key to success. Few months later Manchester United announced the signing of Odion Ighalo on loan.

There are many other forwards out there who are hardworking and quite better than Odion Ighalo but the Manchester United hierarchy singled him out as the perfect signing.

One thing majority of people don’t realise is if you think you are smart and hard working, there are several other people who are twice as smart and hard working as you are yet you have been blessed much more than these people.

So many people are doing the right things, making the right moves, networking with the right people, working hard and diligently, reading a lot of books on how to be successful & practicing everything they read in these books but they are still struggling with success while someone somewhere is not doing any of those and still is more successful than the other individual who does it all.

The other person would start thinking out loud: but I’m doing it as it should be, I’m working my ass off every minute, every hour, I’ve been paying attention to every guidelines to success, what is wrong with me. What this individual doesn’t realise is missing from his hustling is some element of luck.

You can hustle hard and smart from today till eternity but if you aren’t favoured or lucky enough, your hustling would always end up fruitless or less to those of people who has found luck & favour in their endeavors.

Therefore every man or woman out there needs a touch of luck and favour to be able to strive and prosper in a world with billions of smart and hard working people.

Do your best, work and hope that luck, favour shines on you & success will come knocking on your door. GOODLUCK!

This article was written from the humble heart of an enigmatic soul.

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Richest man: Elon Musk cars

1. 1978 BMW 320i

Elon spent $1400 (R23 000) to purchase second hand BMW 320i in early 1980, the vanilla car was to own car in those years. Any way he got rid of it when it start to lose wheels while on motion.

2. 1971 1E-type Jaguar

At this time, elon and his brothe’s company Zip2 was starting to make profit. After getting a $35 000 bonus each, elon decided to get himself a jaguar E-type

3. McLaren F1

This was after they sold their company ZiP2 to PayPal and elon made a whooping $189 million pay day. He went on to purchase a Maclaten F1 which he was using it for business meetings, shopping, joyride,

Unfortunately when he was trying to impress his passenger, he wrecked it and it was uninsured, both were not injured

Wrecked elon McLaren F1

4. Lotus esprit submarine car

This car features in James bond movie (the spy who loved me)

Elon bought this car and the rights to own it back in 2013, Elon spend $920 000 in purchasing the car and the rights to own it. He says he want to upgrade it into a submarine car which is capable to go under water as well as run on road.

5. Ford model T

This car was given to him by a friend.

It is a 1908 model which were produced in black only, with only 20 horse power and a top speed of 45 mph (72 km/h)

NB: this is only few of his car collection. And also few of his car collection which were motivated by his growth in business and financially.

The is also Audi Q7 e-tron which the idea falcon doors have originated from, as he use to complain that it is difficult to get in or out of the Q7 when you in packing space.

Power of wealthy thinking

Once I passed the magic million-dollar mark, I began looking around me and asking the question, “Why is it that everyone doesn’t use these simple principles to become wealthy?” As I continued my research, I found that there were seven reasons why people don’t become wealthy. Let us deal with each of them in turn. 


It never occurs to them that they can become wealthy. Because of their upbringing and early conditioning, perhaps coming from a home where no one had ever been wealthy, and associating with poor people, they never thought that they too could become wealthy, just as millions of others have done before them. 


Many people wish, hope, dream, and fantasize about how their lives would be different if they had a lot of money. They admire and envy people around them who are doing better than they are. They worry about money all the time. But they never make a firm, do-or-die decision to become wealthy. As a result, they never even take the first step. They don’t learn wealth-creation techniques. They don’t upgrade their knowledge and skills so that they become more valuable at their work. They make excuses and rationalize their situations by saying that success is simply a matter of “luck” and they didn’t get any. 


If it does occur to them, and they decide to become wealthy, they never get started. They procrastinate. They move to that wonderful fantasy place called “Someday I’ll.” “Someday I’ll save my money rather than spending it all.” “Someday I’ll upgrade my knowledge and skills.” “Someday I’ll work harder and make myself more valuable.” “Someday I’ll get out of debt.” They end up living on “Someday I’ll” for most of their lives. One of the great secrets of success is for you to “vote yourself off the island!” Stop making excuses and start making progress. 


Because of destructive criticism in early childhood and mistakes they have made as adults, they are paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake, of losing their time or money. Even if they are presented with an opportunity, they go into a form of paralysis. Their fear of failure causes them to create all kinds of reasons not to take action. They don’t have the time. They can’t make the minimum investment. 

They don’t have the necessary knowledge and skills. Like a deer caught in the headlights, they are paralyzed by the idea of failure, which causes them to never take any action at all. As it happens, most fortunes in America were started by the sale of personal services. The people had no money, but they had the ability to work hard, to upgrade their skills, and to become more and more valuable. As a result, more and more doors of opportunity opened up for them. 


Many people think that if they set a goal to better themselves financially, the people around them will ridicule them and criticize them. They’re afraid that those people will watch over their shoulders and gleefully point out all the mistakes they make. Because they fear the disapproval of others so much, they often attempt nothing at all. Here’s the solution. When you decide to become wealthy, don’t tell anyone. Keep it a secret. Go to work on your goal privately, and only tell people when they see your life improving and ask you how you did it.


To achieve something you’ve never achieved before, you must learn and practice something that you’ve never done before. The rungs on the ladder to financial success are knowledge and skill. To be financially successful starting from nothing, you are going to have to learn, develop, and practice an entire series of new skills that will enable you to become valuable and even indispensable in your work. Abraham Lincoln once said, “I will study and prepare myself and someday my chance will come.” When you study and prepare yourself, by some universal principle, you always get an opportunity to practice your new skills. But it is up to you to develop them in the first place and to continue to develop them throughout your lifetime. 


Most people don’t persist long enough to succeed. Successful people will tell you that the major reason for their success was that they refused to quit. They refused to give up when the going got tough. They persisted over and over again, year after year, even in the face of complete bankruptcy and financial ruin. They never stopped. It is amazing how many people give up and quit working just a few steps away from the key turning point in their lives, after which they would have been a big success. 

Persistence and determination are the ultimate guarantors that you will achieve all your financial goals. 

Follow these 5 steps to become a successful entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur is a person who organize and manage a business venture and specifically assumes much of the associated responsibities such as risk. An Entrepreneur is a person who thrives for success and takes on risk by starting a business or services.

Have A Business Idea

Do you have an idea that solves a particular problem or multiples of ideas, pin them up on a board and pick the one that you are passionate about and would love doing. If you don’t have any, create a brainstorming session to think about an idea.

Business Plan

Every business or company must have a Business plan to succeed. A business plan lays out the objectives and strategies of the business or company to follow for it to be successful.

Build Your Team And Network

You’re going to need a team to start up your idea. A team consists of connections and resources. Look for people that share the same idea as your. Such as Co-founders, Investors, Co-entrepreneurs.

Funding To Start Your Business

A business or a company needs funds to be established and to continue thriving. Funds can be source from family and friends, you can apply for a small business grant, using personal savings or getting microloan.

Set Up Your Business

Decide on the best location for your business to grow. Register your business if needed, open a business bank account and get your accounting set up. Start selling your products or services, engage customers and enrolling users in your product or business.

Ulcer remedies

Ulcer usually occurs when the stomach acid damages the lining of the digestive tract. Stomach ulcer is very difficult to cure and causes a lot of discomfort and pain to a person. It usually leads to spending a lot of money on drugs, herbs and hospitals.

People with ulcer are advised to change their normal lifestyle to avoid making it worse. Do not drink much alcohol, do not smoke cigarettes, avoid spicy or fried food and lots more. In this article, I’ll be explaining how to use plantain and tiger nut to effectively treat stomach ulcer.

How to make

1. Get some unripe plantain, peel the back and wash it. Plantain has a sticky gum that is hard to remove. The gum content of unripe plantain can cover up the ulcer wounds in your stomach.

2. Cut the plantain into little pieces.

3. Look for a 5 litre container and wash it thoroughly.

4. Place the cut plantain in the container and fill it with water. Cover the container and shake it well.

5. Store it in a good place and let it ferment. Take it and see how fast it works.

Using Tiger Nut

Tiger nut has a lot of nutrients like carbohydrates and protein. It also contains a large quantity of vitamin B which heals stomach pain easily. This is how to prepare your tiger nut shake.

1. Get some dried tiger nut.

2. Wash it thoroughly

3. Soak it for 1 day.

4. Change the water after a day and blend. Add more water as you blend.

5. Allow it to stay for 20 or more minutes.

6. Seive it and put it in a jar or container.

Drink your tiger nut shake and see it fight off your stubborn stomach ulcer.

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You want to be successful in life? Take these 3 risks

3 Risks Everyone Should take in Life to be Successful

If you really want to achieve anything in life, you must be willing to do some difficult things and be ready to take risks. The following risks are needed to be taken by everyone who wants to be successful in life.

#1. Risk doing anything to get what you want: You have to be willing to do anything and everything under the law to get what you want in life. You must risk doing difficult things inorder to be successful. You can’t do easy things and expect easy life.

#2. Risk putting it all on the line: If you truly want to be successful, you have to get to the point of no return. You must be willing to put everything on the line of sacrifice inorder to win in life. Never think life will be fair to you and so you need to fight with all your might, tears and strength.

#3. Risk walking against the crowd: I have come to understand that real education don’t take place in the classroom but in the world of actions, mistakes and errors. You have to be willing to walk alone if need be inorder to achieve your goals. You must have to go against your friends, families and your loved ones if you truly want to be successful.

Without money, see other things that can be used to get a lady

Many will think money is all what ladies want from a man. Money isn’t everything, there are other things ladies look out for in a man. When you possess these attributes, you can get any lady that you want.

1. Be funny: ladies like guys that are funny, it not all about money you can win a girl’s heart by making her laugh. Just learn how to make a girl laugh.

2. Be attractive: You can win a girl’s heart by just looking so attractive. Make sure you keep your hair clean, shave or keep your beards clean and use good skincare products. Also, wear nice clothes, iron them properly.

3. Smell Good: Bad odour can be a big turn off for some girls no matter the amount of money you have. Buy nice perfumes and deodorant.

4. Have a good manner of approach: Some ladies will like you based on the fact that you approach her well. Learn how to talk to ladies calmly and sweetly.

5. Speak Good English: Speaking good English can win some girls heart. Learn how to speak speak good English and you are good to go.

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These are 10 reasons why you should start your own business

Do you feel challenged and satisfied with your work? Do you think you do not fit into your 9-5 schedule? Do you feel the most frustrated of all? Maybe you have a divisive idea that you are familiar with and can influence your company? Like millionaire entrepreneur Dan Locke, he has to say it;

   “When I was a teenager I worked in a grocery store as a minimum wage grocery store. After a few weeks I realized that even if I worked harder they would not pay me more money. Also, my manager always scolded me because I worked harder, even though I was the fastest worker there. One day I got bored of everything And I decided to quit my job and manage my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

   Your story looks like, maybe it’s time to start your own business!

   Today, Dan Locke is a millionaire entrepreneur, bestselling speaker, author and one of the world’s leading internet marketing experts and worth $ 50 million!

   Starting your own business will surely get you off the boat a little and take you out of the comfort of a regular monthly income, but there is no better time to start a business. Yours now!

   Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa and remains one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Investors and entrepreneurs are trying to invest in Nigeria.

   Nigeria also has a population of over 150 million and the market is wide enough to absorb any product. The problems to be solved are scattered all over Nigeria. This is an opportunity for every entrepreneur. Starting a business in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative decisions you will ever make!

   There are no right or wrong reasons to start your own business, but here are 10 inspiring reasons you need to start your own business! Let’s dive in!

   1. You’re your boss

   According to a global study presented by the International Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship in 2008, independence is one of the most common reasons for people to start their own business. Being in charge of your business means making decisions about the best way to run your business on a daily basis. You decide when to work, how to work and what to do, and in the end you are the leader in your business culture and your brand.

   2. You can balance work and personal life

   Most salaried employees will complain about similar struggles, and it’s time to seek a balance between office work and personal life. One of the biggest benefits of starting your own business is that you have more flexibility. You can choose between working hours and no working hours. You will find time with family and friends and lead a more balanced and fulfilling life!

   3. You choose who you work with

   Having a business means choosing the people you want to work with. You can employ anyone you want. You can choose to surround yourself with similar people who understand your point of view and exclude negative people from your space. This is something you can not do on a trip.

   4. You can develop and challenge yourself

   Starting your own business requires a lot of responsibility. Have fun here. You must face, accept and conquer the challenges of running your business. Every day you will learn something new, whether it is sales, management or innovation, you will have many opportunities to grow and develop on your own.

   5. You can track your passion

   Starting your own business is an opportunity to do something you are passionate about. Most entrepreneurs love what they do because they find their work fun because they are fans. Are you excited about something? You may have a unique talent for writing or baking. Start your business today and start living more life.

   6. You can get extra income

   Starting your own business gives you a better chance of earning more depending on your efforts and success. A successful business can make a lot of money. Microsoft founder Bill Gates has a legacy of $ 81 billion. However, this is not the case when you work in a job that gives you a wage structure.

   7. You are an entrepreneur

   The main economic problem in Nigeria is unemployment. Starting your own business means that you can hire employers, provide people with the means to make a living and finally actively tackle the unemployment problem in Nigeria. Noble, right?

   8. You can improve your industry

   The main motivation of economies around the world is innovation through new technologies. Starting your own business allows you to be creative and solve new problems in your industry and ultimately in your economy. who knows? Your business may be the solution to an old Nigerian problem.

   9. You can give back to your community

   Creating a business and being yourself can add value to the people in your community through any product or service you offer. You have the opportunity to do charity work, create jobs and change your world for the better.

   10. You can give advice to people

   Starting your own business gives you an edge in your field. With all the knowledge, skills and experience of your business you can lead people to become successful business owners like you.

   So yes, you have! You need to start your own business now! Not only is this a great opportunity, but the benefits are great too! Check out our article on 50 Inspirational Quotes That Will Help You Get Started And Grow Your Business. Do not be afraid to take the first step!

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See the characteristics of a good wife

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Marriage which is the joining together of husband and wife is a sweet thing when it’s based on genuine love. Some people do marriage nowadays to just give birth, so that they can reproduce. After giving birth they are done with the marriage.

Some ladies don’t even do wedding because they don’t want to be under the control of any man so they prefer becoming a baby mama.

Before a guy will get married there are a lot of things he has to put into consuderation, so that the marriage will have a solid foundation and out of those things Is the type of girl he will marry.

Below are Five characteristics of a good wife material

1. Good Planners

During dating or courtship it’s very easy to know if your girlfriend has good plans for you or not or she believes planning your life is your problem. A lady that has good Plans for your life puts pressure on you to make judicious use of your time and money on good and lasting things. She brings good ideas that can make you stand as a man and ensures she supports you towards achieving your goals and aims. This type of lady focuses more on her husbands success and not on trying to get money from other guys

2. Ladies with creative mindset

Yes, ladies with creative mindsets are extra ordinary they can turn abandoned materials into good ones. They hardly waste materials and loose hope on something that is getting spoilt and this helps a lot in preventing wastage and unnecessary spending in the house.

3. Ladies that are moderate in their dressing

Ladies that are moderate in their mode of dressing don’t place fashion above their family, they dress moderate and gives much attention to their children and husband. Ladies like this don’t like putting on extravagant or body revealing dress that starts attracting useless men to them. They put on something simple and owk.

4. The humble ones

This is one of the characteristics of ladies that is hard to keep. Although, some might try to pretend but knowingly or unknowingly they will show their true colour. Proud and arrogant ladies find it hard to say sorry when they are wrong and they hardly appreciate things you do for them. If your lady is the humble type she will end up blending well with your family but if it’s other way round she will end up having problems with the family especially those that are females.

Ladies that shows appreciation over a little thing

A lady that shows appreciation over a little thing understands your plight, she knows what you are passing through especially when you don’t have much on you. she values you and not the gift but a lady that doesn’t show appreciation because something you get for her is too small or not classy values gifts more than you and if this kind of a lady see a better man she might end up going for him.

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See these 22 tools for wealth creation

Times are changing so rapidly daily to a point that before you complete your circle of thoughts, it’s already out in the air awaiting reception from all and sundry. God the giver of everything is giving free information to humanity willing to seek knowledge.

Anytime the word WEALTH is mentioned, many pictures come to mind, this is because we think in pictures. Your inner mind sees what you imagine. When you say car, you will see Camry, when you say Jeep, you see Cherokee. Now when you hear wealth, you think abundance, you see lots of money, you see affluence.

What are the steps needed to acquire the wealth that you desire online?

•     Identify what you want to do online

•     Make the necessary contact with the clients you need to do business with.

•     Get a system in place that will guarantee the income flow

Some tools you will need to generate your online income include:

•     Computer (Desktop, Palmtop, Laptop or any Smart phones with internet connection)

•     An internet connection

•     An online Bank account e.g.PayPal, Click bank, perfect money etc.

•     Domiciary Account, and normal bank account from any bank.

•     Payment cards widely accepted by companies worldwide. E.g. Visa, Master card, and or any other accepted e-payment systems.

•     Cryptocurrency and your e-wallet

With the above introduction in place, you will be a click away from making a fortune online. My experience in earning and doing business online has shown that it takes knowledge and tenacity to succeed online.

An investment of 2 hours daily could be all you need to become the newest millionaire on the block within the next six months to one full year. However, what you do online with your daily 2hours will determine what you will achieve or earn on the long run.

The online wealth can turn a poor fellow into a rich wealthy fellow! It is your responsibility to decide what you want to do with your time when online, while you can.

This is so important because a day will come when the current prevalent systems will change. A day will come when you will also lack the time to do what you know to do. The online wealth knows no barriers it revolves 24hours a day.

The opportunity to earn income even while you sleep will be available to you. Without online presence in the 21st century, your business may be heading to extinction. It will interest you to know that many years ago, a lot of businesses folded up, or packed up as a result of lack of vision for the future.

Many Typewriter companies in the 1970s are no more today because they did not see computers coming! Today Computer are the dominant word processors or office equipment.

I have systematically highlighted some businesses you can do online from the comfort of your home or from your office or even from a cyber café. Students with internet enabled smart phones can earn with their phone.

Instead of wasting your time chatting all day on WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, Snap chat or any other social media platforms, you can use the same time to earn an extra income daily.

Do you know that the social media is a wealth builder when you understand how to use it.

Below are things you can do online to earn extra income…You must understand the rules governing wealth creation. To increase your income, you must create value to tap into the real things. Your ability to provide added value in whatever it is you are providing as a service or goods will determine your success.

Below is a list of services you can provide or offer to the millions of people online.

•     Online survey

•     Advertising

•     Marketing

•     Reading

•     Writing articles for companies

•     Data entry

•     Networking

•     Online shopping

•     Selling

•     Publishing

•     Business connections

•     Relationship connections

•     Dating

•     Gaming

•     Training

•     Mentoring

•     Online coaching

•     Graphic designs

•     Web design

•     Making calls

•     Customers relations

•     Blogging

•     Mining etc.

The list is endless, however, it’s entirely up to you to determine what you want to do with your time when online.

For anyone to create wealth in the 21st century Nigeria must be proactive in nature; you must think outside the box.

Online wealth is seeking those with tangible solution to everyday need. Therefore, to make money in the cyber world, you must think of adding value in any sphere of human endeavours.

The investment of your time online will create your reality offline. My advice to you today is, you must create your own reality through what you know to do.  Remember, the time to start the journey of a better life is now.

I welcome you to the arena of endless possibilities today, share with your friends, together we can end poverty. success is achievable, dont’ give up, if you fail try again.

Follow these principles when investing money

Welcome on board , today we will be looking at the famous saying from Ecclesiastes on how to invest money and also a proper explanation of all the processes.

It is not a surprise that almost everything one needs to succeed is contained in the scriptures and also the has served as a means of breakthrough to many men who are willing to obey the laid down principle and utilize them to make a great ends meet.

Before you can actually breakthrough, you must understand the concept of breakthrough itself and you must also discipline your mind when applying the principles to your life .

Here are the famous sayings :

“There is time for everything and a season for every activity under the heaven”

1: Cast your bread on many waters and after many days you will find it.

Here it simply saying that you should not be relentless,try investing your money in so many things. In the nearer future you definitely reap from all your investments.

2: Give portions to seven ,yes to eight, for you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.

Wow,it simply saying that you should invest in more than eight places. Because you don’t know what might happen tommorow. Problems might knock at the door and devour your investments but if you have at least eight investment then definitely problems cannot to totally take all of them away at a time.

3: If the clouds are full of water,it will pour out rain upon the earth . Whether a tree falls south or north,in the place where it fell there will it be.

When your investments matures, you will definitely benefit from it. It where you invest your money that you will earn your gain. If you fail to invest then you are likely not going to reap anything.

4: Whoever watches the wind will not plant. Whoever looks at the cloud will not reap.

Bro,sis the truth is that you have no excuse whatsoever not to invest,come rain or sun you just have to get up and move to your hustle.

5:So your seed in the morning, and at the evening, let not your hands be idle. For you do not know which will succeed, whether this or whether both will do well equally.

Wow to crown it all ,you should not have a specific time,season or day to invest . You must invest in multiple number of places so as to avoid risk of coming back to square one. It is either one fail and the other investment succeeds or both fail or all succeed.

Before doing any investment commit it to hands of the Lord Almighty, “for he maketh rich and added no sorrow”.

I do hope it will be useful to you.

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These make a business attractive and successful

A business enterprise is a body that deals with the specialization of particular goods and services which are rendered to the consumers at an agreed price rate.

The main objective of business is to earn profit. Although, there are some basic elements which are necessary for a standard business enterprise, but added to them there are also some elements that boosts the smooth running of the business. These elements may include the following:

1. An official identity

A business enterprise wants to achieve great success must have an identity that attracts its clients, an enterprise without a name will be conceived by the clients as an illegal business that wants to cheat or rob them. So, if a business enterprise has an identity(name), it is already taking a step towards greatness.

2. A logo

This is also an important element, although not as important as the business’ identity. But it is very advisable that a business enterprise has a logo that is particular to it because it enhances authenticity of the enterprise thereby attracting more clients.×250&!3&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=0Ci2w4lSsL&p=https%3A//

3. Advertisements

This is a very wonderful medium for a business enterprise to be very attractive to its clients/customers. Through this medium, people who don’t know about or those who need your kind of goods and services will easily be attracted to your business enterprise thereby booming the business’ yield.

4. Invoice

This is also an important element that attracts people the more to your business. Invoice which is a form of evidence of sales helps people to be able to prove that whatever goods or services rendered to them was from you. This invoice also includes everything about the enterprise including the address, contact information, name and etc for future purpose. Therefore, clients seem to get more attracted to the business when they are given evidence of sale.

5. Warranty

This is the last element on this list. It means the length of time whereby the customer can use the goods, if during this period a fault or the other is found in it, one can still return for rectification or change of goods, but after the days agreed on must have elapse, the goods cannot be returned any more.

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Start these businesses and start making money

Last year Covid-19 pandemic lockdown across the country reveal how unreliable white-collar jobs can be. A lot of people unexpectedly lost their jobs.

Many of those who were sacked from their comfortable jobs had to go into small scale businesses to survive. If the testimonies one is getting from these emergency businessmen/women is anything to go by, it would say to be one of the best decisions they have ever made in their life.

With so many unforeseen economic realities plaguing the country right now, I think the best thing for everyone to do is to go into business even though you have a white-collar job.

These are some of the businesses you can start with little capital that you can make high profits:

1. Charcoal

With the frequent increment of kerosene and cooking gas, a lot of families going for charcoals to do their cooking.

With as low as less than N2,000, you can buy a bag of charcoal from a rural area in most states in Nigeria. You can sell a small heap of the pieces for N200.

As time goes on you can start selling charcoal stoves alongside the charcoal business.

2. Tomatoes and Onions

This is another business that is booming every day in Nigeria. These veggies are the major staple a lot of Nigerians can not do without.

A basket of tomatoes in mile12 is less than N13k during harvest season while a bag of onions from the north can be bought for less than N50k. Don’t let the amount scare you because you are likely to make times two of what you bought it.

3. Sachet water

Most of our public water systems are no longer safe for drinking, should in case it is even functioning at all.

Many families are now abandoning tap water for sachet water. Come rain, come shine people would need water. Sachet water business is one of the most lucrative business you can invest in without any regret.

4. Money Changer in social events

It is part of Nigerian culture to spray money at parties or weddings. Virtually every weekend one social event or the other is been held in several locations, and guests would want to change their big currency for a smaller denomination.

For every N1,000 you change you are making N100 or N150 profit on top. Imagine that you change up to N50,000 in that event alone! Just do the math.

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Invest in Bitcoin business and earn money from it

Bitcoin has been an investment platform for years , where people invest their money and make lot of interest from it.

Today, Bitcoin is one of the best cryptocurrency one can invest money into. Bitcoin has been for years and it is very legit . You can invest your money there today and earn lot of interest for yourself.

In this article , i will teach how you can invest your money in bitcoin and earn interest from it.

There are many platforms which you can use to invest in bitcoin , but i will teach you how to use luno app to invest in bitcoin because it is the easiest of them all.

First of all , if you want to invest in bitcoin , you have to download luno app on your phone or even on your computer.

Then you will create an account in the luno app with your email address and a password. Note that you must write down your password so that you won’t forget it .

After you have created an account in luno app and you have been confirmed.

The second thing you have to do is to deposit money in the wallet depending on how much you want to invest.

You can deposit money there through your master card or even your account number.

After you have deposited money there , then you can now buy the amount of Bitcoin you want to invest there.

After you have bought bitcoin of any amount of your choice. How you will be earning interest there depends on the rise and fall of bitcoin price.

As the price of bitcoin is increasing , your bitcoin wallet amount is also increasing, that’s how you will be having interest there.

But if the price of bitcoin falls, your bitcoin wallet amount will also decrease depending on how much it falls.

So bitcoin is a good cryptocurrency to invest in today. You can start today to invest.

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I know a retired police man, a devot Christian, While in service, they nicknamed him “Pastor” , he suffered bad posting for about 34yrs… He rose from constable to DSP, His popular name den was “HE NO DEY GIVE, HE NO DEY TAKE” .. Meaning he doesn’t give bribe to get good posting neither does he takes bribe from civilians… Most people he worked with never liked him because they saw him as a spoiler… He was posted from one bad posting to another, he was never posted anywhere there was any reasonable allowance, Anywhere genuine money dey, he will not be posted there because they disliked him generally for his stand … He stood for righteousness and never liked cheating innocent people.. So some big men didn’t like him If anyone did anything evil in his presence he would expose them and make them face the wrath of the law. From one State to another, he was transferred and he kept moving. This was how he moved about for 34yrs and 5months… For all of the years he worked, he had no land talk more of a house, but he managed to train his four children in school with his meagre salary and petty trading his wife was doing to support the family. He had about 7months to retire from service when he was posted to the Police Force Headquarters Abuja on standby duty. He was in charge of standby men at the Force Headquarters. So one day, under the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo and Mallam Nasir Elrufai was Minister of the FCT, things turned around for the better in his life. During the enforcement of the Abuja master plan of 2006, the government needed to do some demolition within the Abuja metropolis. So the Minister drove to police headquarters and requested for some policemen to be attached to the Task Force incharge of demolition. So this DSP in charge of Standby Duties, an old man, was asked to lead the men on the special duty. They went to carry out the duty assigned to them by the honorable minister without any hasles. After about two days of working, the minister picked interest in the DSP because of his commitment to duty.. And asked him, “Officer how are u?”. ” Fine sir he replied the minister… Elrufai then asked him, “do you have a car?” The man responded, “I have one push and start Volvo”, of cause he had a volvo of 1992 model which he stopped using anything there was nobody to help him to push it because there was no money to buy a battery. And that was all he had as property in his over thirty-four years of serving his country. The Minister asked one of his aids to bring a key to a brand new prado jeep parked at the secretariat and handed over the key of the car to the dutiful DSP. The old man was surprised. The Minister said, “this is now your new car, I just like you.” Wow… The man couldn’t believe his ears and what just happened. Was he dreaming? They went out that day on their routine duty of providing security for the Task Force. When they returned same day, the minister called the DSP, now his friend, and asked if he has a land. The man said, “sir apart from this jeep you gave me and my push and start Volvo, I have nothing else on earth”, he said and stood at attention. “How long have you been in service?” The Minister asked . He said, ” I have 7 months to retire sir!” He responded and gave a salute. The Minister was moved with compassion and handed over documents of a plot of land to him located at Asokoro in Abuja. The man was dazzled with what was happening, and while still looking with bewilderment, the Minister asked his aid to take him to one of the duplexes at wuse phase 2 and handed over the house to him as his new property. The man collapsed….out of joy… The news went viral to force headquarters… The man who posted him there just to punish him didn’t know he was pushing him to his recovery of many years. It pays to serve God brothers and sisters. Not too long from then, the Minister traveled abroad and the DCP in charge of operation at the Force Headquarters who posted the DSP for the assignment was very bitter upon hearing what happened. He quickly used signal to remove him from there to report back on standby at the Force Headquarters. The man returned and the DCP posted his own brother to go and take over the special duty. When the DSP got to office, the DCP told him that whatever he was given was a proceed of the special duty and he needs to sell those things so that they can share the money for everyone who took part in the duty. The DSP told the DCP that he was given those things and they were for him because they were given to him and not the team. But the DCP threatened him and insisted that the last orders should be obeyed! So the DSP said, “no wahala sir if u want to take everything take it sir”. While they were still on the matter, the Minister returned from his trip abroad and asked, “where is my friend, the DSP”? They told him he has been changed and the ASP here is the new officer in charge. Furious, the minister called the IGP and asked him to return his friend to him. The IGP called the DIG Operations and ordered him to post the man back, that he was not aware of any change! The DIG asked the DCP who removed the man out of envy to use his own official hilux to return the man to the Honorable Minister and should personally hand him over to the Minister and give report back to him with immediate effect! Vooom, this is a case of Haman and Mordecai… The DCP out of shame but must obey the last order, took the DSP in his hilux, with escorts and drove straight to the secretariat, handed over the DSP to the Minister. The DSP while narrating the story later said the Minister gave the DCP 100dolars and asked him never to remove his friend untill the special duty was over! Elrufai a Muslim, the DSP a Christian, but God can use anyone to bless you. This was how the DCP left in shame. The DSP remained there till he retired. Elrufai personally called his friends and hosted a banquet to celebrate the DSP on his retirement. On that day of his retirement, the Minister gave him a check of 10 million naira. His friends donated several millions and handed it over to the man. One of the friends of the Minister at the event gave him a plot of land inside Abuja Central Business District that was worth 200million naira if sold! This was how God blessed him in less than 7months to his retirement. Everything he lost ,he gained in many folds and he had well brought up children to conrinue where he stopped his service without a blemish. He retired as a millionaire, two plots of lands valued about N400m if sold ,a duplex well furnished and one other car aside the prado jeep. Indeed righteousness exalts a people, but sin is a reproach. In all you are doing, remember that heaven is taking records, he knows how to reward his faithful servants.. His poverty ended just like that. But he did not compromise his stand for truth and righteousness..for those 35 years in a police job that was labelled the most corrupt profession in the country. A good story to tell to encourage anyone who might want to give up his commitment to duty because of the frustrations he is facing on the job. Look into the new year with some bright hope. Your reward might actually not be in terms of property or cash that you cam count but in greater intangible things that we all take for granted. Copied ..

The richest man from 7th January,2021

Jeff Bezos Is No More The Richest Man Again, See The Richest Man In The World Presently.

Jeff Bezos was said to be the richest man from 2017 till this date 7th January 2021, not until a man surpassed him with networth. Jeff Bezos is allegedly worth $184Billion. Meanwhile, a man named ‘Elon Musk’ has overtaken him to be the richest man on earth.

News coming in later this evening has confirmed that Elon Musk is the richest man in the world presently.

Also, Elon Musk has been trending on twitter for the past few hours. Discussions about him has been made and confirmed after he became the richest man today 7th of January 2021.However, this came as a surprise to everyone as Elon Musk was not even listed as top 5 richest man in 2020.

Elon Musk is an Italian scientist and a technologist as he is the owner of the Tesla Communications and Space X Telecommunications.

The rate at which fortunes and wealthiness of people are rising is much surprising. Elon Musk has a networth of between $185Billion-$190Billion (the richest figures in history).

See the secret to succeed in life

Success is a weapon or skill of life which is mandatory to progress. Progress is moving forward, developing it can be in a specific thing but success in life is totally every aspect including emotional,psychological,physical and mental success can’t be formed it will surely show, no matter how you hide it the result will be out. As we all know result are the reflection of input.

The success formula

Hardwork + dedication + passion + focus + believe = success

To be successful you need to be hardworking in all your doings discipline is a strong factor of hardwork, always put in your maximum.

Dedication is also important you need the extra time to go the extra mile make what ever you do a strong piority in your life, give your walk enough attention needed.

Passion is a strong feeling of hunger be always hungry for success be a success monger always dream big because dreams attract good things walk for the hardest task, always remember you can do it.

Focus is a strong and the most vital part be always focus on what you want don’t be distracted by anything that remove your eyes from the prize it will give a fire in your heart that will keep you going things won’t be easy but the prize will motivate you and remind you that it’s worth it.

Believe is a wonderful element it is a controller of your luck when u believe u give your dreams life so you will always be focus everyone will mock you, laugh you, you can’t get their but remember most of the great weren’t better than us but dey became heros from zero .

So when people mock you turn it to a drive to clear doubt and show people that you too can do it.

Walk now you can do it

Find a new job quickly by these 10 ways

Looking for a new job and feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start?

There is no escaping the fact that the job market is competitive. Trying a new approach might be just the advantage you need against other candidates.

In this article, we look at 10 such approaches to consider.

10 Ways to Find a New Job Quickly

1. Be Strategic When Searching for a Job Online

Don’t prioritise speed over all other considerations. It may be tempting to fire off as many applications as possible, but you will land a role faster with a strategic approach.

Dedicate some time to considering what you are looking for and be realistic with your ambition. Aim high but not out of reach.

Research companies and job roles in your chosen field (LinkedIn is very helpful for this) and use this information to tailor your search. Make sure to sign up to alerts on job boards for both companies and roles, as well as broader job fields.

2. Go Beyond the Usual Online Job Sites and Big Recruiters

Once you’ve registered details and made enquiries with recruiters and more generic job websites, think more specifically about your job field or position.

Do they have industry-specific forums or publications with job boards? Websites like Mumsnet and sectors like the NHS have their own job boards, as do magazines. Many independent recruiters send out job alert emails that can be worth signing up to as well.

LinkedIn is a key recruiting platform; also consider Facebook groups in your chosen field. Follow your target companies on their social media platforms as they often post about new opportunities.

Don’t forget to also use your network of friends and family. Lots of companies offer staff referral incentives, so don’t be shy of letting people know you’re looking for a new role.

3. Consider Other Locations and Part-Time Work

When looking for work, think about where potential opportunities might be situated. Could another location fit?

Are you able to be flexible about taking on part-time, evening or weekend work to gain experience, or add to the money you earn each week?

4. Take a Proper Look at Your Skill Set

It’s hard to identify exactly what skills you have or don’t have but, when searching for a job quickly, it helps to analyse where your strengths and weaknesses are. Everyone has areas that need work.

Use this analysis in two ways:

  • To identify where your skills can add value to companies.
  • To identify any weaknesses or gaps and address these with online training, volunteer work or job shadowing, to gain experience and enhance your CV.

Also, knowing your weaknesses and how to reframe them as positives is key interview preparation that you should spend time on.

5. Spend More Time on Fewer Applications 

You might think a guide to how to find a job quickly would suggest as many applications as possible. But you are more likely to find success with targeted and considered applications than a scattergun approach.

Organise yourself so that you are clear about the order in which you should be completing applications and which ones take priority. Don’t miss the application deadlines and also don’t wait until the last day to apply.

Many companies will interview candidates as they receive the applications and close the process once they have filled the role.

A spreadsheet or list of companies, roles, recruiting manager and the deadline/requirements will help you decide which to apply for first – and then serves as a guide for interview prep once they’ve received your application.

6. Make Sure Your CV Is Ready From an Employer’s Perspective

Online applications will require you to upload your CV. Writing a CV can be a daunting task but spending time on it is essential.

Look at our guide to CV writing and consider how you can sell your skills for the job you are applying for.

Ask a friend to look over your draft CV to pick up any mistakes, and also to feed back on how relevant your experience for the specific role in question is – and what evidence you’ve included to back that up. Don’t just say you are good at selling; demonstrate that with examples. Include numbers if you can.

Remember, you don’t need to include every job you have ever done, just the ones that are relevant. Likewise, you are not restricted to including only paid work – include relevant internships and volunteer work.

A CV should be a constant work in progress, being amended, adapted and updated to suit each application individually. It is never a finished document.

7. Tailor Your Covering Letter to the Job Role

A cut-and-paste is not going to be enough. The covering note will be the first thing the recruiter or employer sees, and they will be experienced at weeding out those applying without consideration.

Look at how many characters or words you have; maximise your impact with positivity and genuine interest in the company you are applying to.

Back up your claims with examples that steer the reader into wanting to find out more about you.

8. Maximise Your Social Media Channels

Employers and recruiters look at social media profiles. Make sure your profile photos and privacy settings are appropriate and consider what you are putting in the public domain.

Using social media platforms can be a way to demonstrate interest and skill, which will be relevant for some roles. Whatever your application, following the companies that you are interested in working for and engaging with their content can set you apart from the other candidates.

Make sure that you have a LinkedIn presence and follow key groups in your chosen field, including industry magazines. Only add appropriate contacts that you know.

Recruiters often make approaches on LinkedIn, so if you are out of work and looking for a new role, make that clear on your profile. Check your LinkedIn messages regularly.

9. Think About the Details

There are so many things to keep in mind when job searching. Create a checklist of things to remember, include or do for each application and interview, including a copy of your application, names of relevant people as well as details and timings of interviews.

Research the people conducting the interview. Read any publications or content that they or the company have linked to on social media recently, look at any press coverage related to that field or sector, and prepare questions in advance to ask at interview. You don’t have to ask them all, but it helps to think ahead.

Rehearse out loud your answers to key questions, such as describing yourself and your ambitions, so that you can talk without lots of pauses.

Think about body language and tone of voice so that you project a confident version of yourself. Practice speaking without fiddling with your hair, cuffs or accessories.

10. Approach Things Differently

Earning money quickly could also involve setting up your own project or business. Instead of applying for traditional roles, consider embracing your entrepreneurial spirit or identifying skills which you have that businesses might need, but not be actively recruiting for.

Joining networking groups and setting up meetings with relevant companies could lead to freelance work, project work or even a full-time role in due course.

Keep open-minded about what successful work looks like – some jobs with anti-social hours can pay more, leaving you time to be with children or fulfil other caring responsibilities.

Consider joining a temping agency, as permanent opportunities often come up through temping without being advertised. You will have to balance this with the knowledge that many temporary jobs are low-paid and involve repetitive office work.

Even this kind of exposure to a variety of offices will teach you valuable skills, and can help you narrow down what type of work you are seeking.

You may also wish to consider internships or voluntary work, to gain experience or make contacts in your desired industry. If you choose this avenue, make sure you know your basic employment rights.

Final Thoughts

As well as the tips above, consider also:

  • To keep going. At times, job searching can feel insurmountable. Continue searching and applying for roles even when you’re waiting to hear back from other applications. Think of your working hours starting now, not when you actually start paid work.
  • To learn from and forgive yourself for past mistakes. If you missed an application deadline or made a grammatical error on a document, implement a better system of checks for the next application. Once you’ve had an interview, reflect on what went well and what you could work on for the next one.

Never give up. Always volunteer and take internship opportunities

You could work in oil company when you learn one of these skills

Working in the oil sector is almost everyone dreams, as that is currently the only sector that seems to be functioning in Nigeria.

Workers are well taken care of and they earn a high amount of money as their monthly salary.

Even as a lot of people are predicting a decrease in demand for oil on the near future, the oil sector still remains one of the most valuable sector in Nigeria. The world has not found a cheaper and working alternative to oil and it doesn’t look like they will find any in the near future.

We are only days away from 2021, so why don’t you start the new year by preparing yourself for a job in the high paying oil sector?

Acquiring a good skill could be all you need to land a very high paying job in the oil sector.

Even if you did not get a job in the oil sector, you will be okay because you can also work in many other related sector or set up your own workshop to work for yourself.

Below is a list of those skills that will give you a chance to work in the oil sector, the cost and number of months it will likely take you to acquire them in Nigeria.

1. Pipeline welding.

You can learn this skills between 3 months to 6 months, mostly in the oil rich Niger Delta region.

Training companies charge between ₦180,000 to 250,000 for you to learn pipeline welding.

2. Argon welding.

Just like pipeline welding, you can acquire this skill in anywhere between 3 to 6 months.

This is normally more expensive but I have seen online advert of companies willing to train people for a fee of ₦250,000 to ₦350,000.

3. Pipe fittings.

You can learn pipe fittings for just 3 months.

There are companies that charge ₦150,000 to ₦200,000 for the training.

4. Scaffolding.

There are companies who offers to train people on scaffolding in just 1 months at a cost of between ₦75,000 to ₦100,000.

5. Forklift operation.

You can become a forklift operator in just 3 months. There are companies willing to train you for just ₦150k.

6. Rigging.

Rigging can been learned for a period of 1 to 3 months, at the cost of ₦75,000 to ₦100,000.

7. Instrumentation and control.

I don’t know if it is possible but I have seen companies offering to teach this in just 2 to 3 months, at the cost of ₦150,000 to ₦200,000.

8. Crane operation.

You can become a crane operator in 6 months, at the cost of between ₦250,000 to ₦300,000.

9. Excavator operation.

You will need 3 to 6 months for this and it will cost ₦200,000 or more.

10. Electrical installation.

This skill can be acquired in 6 months and there are compare willing to train you at the cost of between ₦80,000 to ₦150,000.

Expatiating on the skills above will make the article a very long and boring one, so it will be better you choose a particular skill that interest you and research more on it.

Remember to share, follow and like before leaving, for other people to see this.

*Pictures are for illustrative purposes.

You could work in oil company when you learn one of these skills

Working in the oil sector is almost everyone dreams, as that is currently the only sector that seems to be functioning in Nigeria.

Workers are well taken care of and they earn a high amount of money as their monthly salary.

Even as a lot of people are predicting a decrease in demand for oil on the near future, the oil sector still remains one of the most valuable sector in Nigeria. The world has not found a cheaper and working alternative to oil and it doesn’t look like they will find any in the near future.

We are only days away from 2021, so why don’t you start the new year by preparing yourself for a job in the high paying oil sector?

Acquiring a good skill could be all you need to land a very high paying job in the oil sector.

Even if you did not get a job in the oil sector, you will be okay because you can also work in many other related sector or set up your own workshop to work for yourself.

Below is a list of those skills that will give you a chance to work in the oil sector, the cost and number of months it will likely take you to acquire them in Nigeria.

1. Pipeline welding.

You can learn this skills between 3 months to 6 months, mostly in the oil rich Niger Delta region.

Training companies charge between ₦180,000 to 250,000 for you to learn pipeline welding.

2. Argon welding.

Just like pipeline welding, you can acquire this skill in anywhere between 3 to 6 months.

This is normally more expensive but I have seen online advert of companies willing to train people for a fee of ₦250,000 to ₦350,000.

3. Pipe fittings.

You can learn pipe fittings for just 3 months.

There are companies that charge ₦150,000 to ₦200,000 for the training.

4. Scaffolding.

There are companies who offers to train people on scaffolding in just 1 months at a cost of between ₦75,000 to ₦100,000.

5. Forklift operation.

You can become a forklift operator in just 3 months. There are companies willing to train you for just ₦150k.

6. Rigging.

Rigging can been learned for a period of 1 to 3 months, at the cost of ₦75,000 to ₦100,000.

7. Instrumentation and control.

I don’t know if it is possible but I have seen companies offering to teach this in just 2 to 3 months, at the cost of ₦150,000 to ₦200,000.

8. Crane operation.

You can become a crane operator in 6 months, at the cost of between ₦250,000 to ₦300,000.

9. Excavator operation.

You will need 3 to 6 months for this and it will cost ₦200,000 or more.

10. Electrical installation.

This skill can be acquired in 6 months and there are compare willing to train you at the cost of between ₦80,000 to ₦150,000.

Expatiating on the skills above will make the article a very long and boring one, so it will be better you choose a particular skill that interest you and research more on it.

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*Pictures are for illustrative purposes.

Easy way to make money online

Do you know that you can make money while at home sitting on your bed or probably your coach.

A lot of people make money online everyday through the internet without participating in any sort of cyber crime and why are you also not earning from the internet like they do, it because you probably don’t know how too like they do so i am going to show or tell you how you can make free money on the using your tablets, android phones, laptop or iphone .

The strategy i am going to be talking about in this article is by doing translation jobs online ,helping people through out the world to translate languages and the funniest part is that you don’t have to know the language you want to translate to . I am going to teach how you can translate later .Now all you need to do is to just go to google and search for and create an absolutely free account and make sure the account is a seller account while creating the account you will be shown lots of online jobs they have to offer like graphic designing and lots of other jobs but we are focusing on translating here so look for translation and transcription job . After creating your account successfully then you can translate and start earning .

How you can translate . It simple copy whatever they ask you to translate to your clipboard and then go to google and search for google translate paste everything where you are supposed to then it will translate immediately.

You should also know that there are other ways you can make money doing translation job , you can just google search translation jobs online it will show you lots of website where you can make money doing almost nothing.

Use the link below to join Fiverr today, become your own boss and be a millionaire

Join Fiverr and discover the fastest way to hire freelancers, for any online project. Thank me later!

Simple way to start blogging

Need Of Some Passive Income

In this modern time of hustle everybody needs to earn money to survive. People are hardly getting any job, and many are already losing their jobs especially in this time of pandemic. Unemployment rate suddenly has raised.

A big population all around the world is now looking for earning online from their homes. The most popular search on internet these days is how to earn online?!

People are trying to generate some passive source of income for their survival. There are ofcourse many like; freelancing, online tution, youtube, selling photos and videos online, blogging and many more, i have already written another article on this topic, you can check that out also on Hubpages, but in this article we will discus blogging.

Although it a slow journey of passive income but if you are really into writings and can create a good enough content, you can be a successful blogger and can start earning well ultimately

What Is A Blog

A blog is actually a website which focuses mainly on written content.

What Is Money Blogging

Money blogging is to earn money through blogging. It is mainly through affiliate programs or Google Adsense.

How To Create A Blog

You can create a blog through WordPress or Google’s Blogger. WordPress blog is easy to use but you have to buy its domain, so for beginners i would recommend to start from Google’s Blogger which is handy to use for beginners and also totally free of cost.

Types Of Blog

There are many types of blogs, some of which are;

  • Personal blog
  • Fashion blog
  • Health or fitness blog
  • Lifestyle blog
  • Business blog
  • Sports blog
  • Professional blog
  • Beauty or lifestyle blog
  • Music blog
  • Media blog
  • Affiliate blog
  • Community blog etc..

You can choose any niche or topic of your interest about which you have a good knowledge.

Who Can Start A Blog

Anyone can start his or her own blog, but you must be good at writing. You can write about things you are passionate about, you can share your opinions and experiences and useful informations.

How To Start A Blog

Once you have decided the niche of your blog, its time to start your blog. Now turn your passion into writing.

I will share some tips to new bloggers who just started their blog but dont know what to write, so it is going to be very useful for them.

  • Be unique in your content, do not copy someone else’s writings.
  • Keep your blogging style simple. Readers dont like complicated stuff.
  • Start your blog with an attractive heading. A good heading attract readers.
  • Make a lot of paragraphs and subheadings and bullet points, make blog easier for readers to read.
  • Do not put more than 6 to 7 lines in one paragraph, as it can make reader to lose its interest.
  • Put attractive and high definition pictures in you blog posts, it engages more audiance.
  • Engage your audiance by asking them about their views or a question.

I hope these information will help you out in making your own blog.

How to earn through blogging

How To Earn Through Blogging

Once you have created your blog and writing good content, and getting good traffic of visitors, you can start making some money mainly through;

  • Applying to Google Adsense.When your blog will be approved by Google Adsense you can earn money through displaying ads on your blog. When a user click on some ad displayed on your blog, you get some commission.
  • Start Affiliate marketing.You can join some affiliate programs.Select products related to your niche and promote them on your blog.When somebody will buy that product through your blog you will get some commission.

How To Get Traffic

Once you have created your blog, the very next problem now you can face is now to get traffic to your blog.

How can i get traffic to my blog?! How to make my blog searchable by search engines? How can my blog get ranked?!

These are the questions every new blogger has. So here are some tips which can help you in bringing more traffic to your blog and ultimately to get ranked;

  • Create good and unique content which can be helpful for your audiance.
  • Promote your blog on different platforms and social media.
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization also helps in ranking. Apply good use of keywords, search keywords which are related to your niche.
  • Start leaving good comments on other famous bloggers.
  • Write new blog posts very often and write detailed and big posts, as big posts are also good for creating backlinks.
  • Start giveaways, it is found as very effective and good stretegy to attract audiance, as everyone loves to get free gifts.
  • A very effective way to bring audiance to your blog is to advertise your blog. You can get it done by google ads.

An increase in traffic will also help your blog to get ranked in search engines. And more traffic means more earning.

I hope this article will help you out in your blogging journey.Dont forget to share your opinions and experience about blogging in comments below. Your opinions are precious to us.

Without money you can invest in yourself

Many a times we hear advise about how to make investment and the right thing to do in other to be prosperous. However, it is pretty clear that the right investment that one can make is to invest in himself. Investing in yourself means doing the right thing.

In this article, we will look at the various ways to invest in one’s self even if you don’t have the money to do big investment.

Read For Growth

This is the most realistic thing that will make you more productive and relevant. It was warren Buffet who said that “the greatest form of investment is to invest in oneself”. It is estimated that Warren Buffet spends 80% of his time in the day reading. No wander he is regarded as one of the greatest investor of all time.

Therefore, to invest in yourself for the long time is to read books. People don’t read books because their teachers force them to read books that are boring and they got turn off from reading books generally. School to some extend made us unsatisfied reading books. That is why it is advisable to read what you love till when you love to read.

There are other means of reading and that is listening to audio books. As such I will advise you listen to audio books as a form of investment in in yourself.

Talk To People (Fine A Mentor)

To understand the world around you, you need to talk to a lot of people. By so doing you will understand the different perspective that people hold and then you can build an ideology for yourself. But if you don’t have exposure then you will keep having the same people who think like you who talk like you and all you have is the same ideology you have been toss back at you.

In the course of talking to different people, some people thought seem to make a whole lot of sense. Then pick the one you love and then let it serve as your guiding light. If you want to invest in yourself then finding a mentor is the best investment you can make.

Make Friends

Your friends and networks are your professional safety net. That is why there is a saying that your Net worth is directly correlated to your network. The higher the connection you have the higher your net worth to life will be. Keeping friendship alive involves work. Therefore, build your network well so as to invest in your life.×250&!3&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=MQi14ZgEoc&p=https%3A//

Take Courses To Build Skills

The best investment you can make about your life is to develop new skills. Skills are like upgrade to the potential quality of your is important to develop new skill because the best thing about them is that no one can take them from you. Don’t ever think that learning a skill is cheap. If you ever think learning a course is expensive then your life is cheap.

Understand how to and actually build health in your life

People neglect wealth when they are young because they don’t really know the disadvantage of not taking care of yourself. Always invest in yourself by spend your time and money studying about nutrition and what to take to help you live a healthy life.

Sell something

This is one of the best ways to grow. Selling involves the use of different exercise. Selling is one of the fundamental ways to invest in yourself, and the more you do it the more you become better at it. When you want to sell something you have to think of who to sell to, how to sell, how to deliver and then how to close the deal. All this involves skills in different part of your life. By practicing selling that is one of the best investment you can make in your life.

Optimize your environment

By optimizing your environment, it means making appropriate use of the area and environment. This will help you in two aspects. The first aspect is Time management, this helps your safe time in knowing where your stuff is and where things are. The second is it increases efficiency because by optimizing your environment you tend to get more done quickly.

Teach Something

If you want to master something, then teach it to others. When you are teaching somebody something it forces you to understand. In the course of teaching somebody you are adding a lot of value to yourself.

Want to start a business? See 7 facts about setting up a business

Consistently independent venture popup, thinking of a private company thought can be as straightforward as distinguishing an issue in your neighborhood finding an answer for it. 

Many individuals simply awaken and hop into business without discovering the genuine truth about beginning a business and discovering approaches to “dodge history” 

Prior to beginning a business you ought to think about these indispensable unpleasant certainties: 

1. Your business will presumably come up short. 

2. You will have rivalry. 

3. You should realize more than you definitely know. 

4. You will require cash to spend. 

5. You won’t promptly get rich. 

6. You need to obey laws. 

7. You can’t do it without help from anyone else. 

I didn’t give the above rundown to debilitate any individual who needs to begin a business yet to prod you up and urge you to go that full distance to guarantee that your business prevails in the midst of any difficulties. 

Having known the shrouded realities about beginning a business what would it be a good idea for you to then do? 

1. Don’t over-entangle your idea. 

2. Zero in available rather than the item. 

3. Continuously overestimate costs. 

4. Build up a help group. 

5. Continuously survey your business thought. 

6. Comprehend the responsibility behind beginning a business.

See what a woman cought doing in the bathroom for the period of 2 hours by her man

Happiness in marriage is not guarantee because so many people jump into marriage without doing a proper consideration on what what will sooth them or what will not sooth them.

This particular man whose name will not be revealed so as not to violate any laws and platform’s rules and to avoid lawsuit, he went on a popular social media platform known as Twitter to reveal all that happened between him and his wife.

According to the man’s explanation, his wife do stay long in the bathroom and it was up to 2 hours that his wife was in the bathroom and then he decided to check on her in the bathroom but he caught her in a sad act and dishonest act.

Although no marriage is perfect and all intending couples should know that but it is not to the level of performing this kind of act all in the name of satisfying ourselves.

However, the man made it known that he caught his wife red handed in the bathroom and she was calling her sugar boy×250&!2&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=4u6mIwRjE0&p=https%3A//

According to the man’s tweet, he said that, “This is a clear sign to every lady/wife that is engaging in this kind of act to stop it.

I know this is a personal matter but I want others to learn from this. My wife spend 2hrs in the bathroom so I decided to check on her and I caught calling her sugar boy”

But this is really one of the sad aspect of marriage and it really needs to be dealt with ultimate care and wisdom.

Furthermore, if we look at the case of this man, can we know say that the woman is wrong or the man should be blamed?.

In your own view, do you think the man should be blamed or the woman or what can you say about this whole thing that has transpired between the couples?.

Do you want a woman to love and chase you? Read this

Most men are always looking for avenues to impress women but all that matters is ways to impress that lady in your life and make her chase after you. There are many factors involved in order to become attractive to women.listing just a few I’ll set you on your way to be attractive and unresistible to women.

1. Good fashion sense- many men don’t know how important this is but,you need to dress smartly. Women are itritated by men who dress shabbily.upgrade your wardrobe and dress nice

2. Grooming- men must know how to groom themselves. Grooming entails taking care of oneselfs skin ,nail teeth etc and getting everything neat.

3. Get an haircut- this can not be overstated,you need to look sharp and get an haircut that matches your face shape in order to look good

4.Be confident -A man in his bid to master women and be overly attractive to them must be confident and get is courage right so as to walk up to women and start conversations.women are attracted to men who have self confidence

5. Be a good conversationist – know how to keep up a conversation with a women and raise topics interesting to avoid boring the woman

What do you think of this. State in the comments below.

Do you want a woman to love and chase you? Read this

Most men are always looking for avenues to impress women but all that matters is ways to impress that lady in your life and make her chase after you. There are many factors involved in order to become attractive to women.listing just a few I’ll set you on your way to be attractive and unresistible to women.

1. Good fashion sense- many men don’t know how important this is but,you need to dress smartly. Women are itritated by men who dress shabbily.upgrade your wardrobe and dress nice

2. Grooming- men must know how to groom themselves. Grooming entails taking care of oneselfs skin ,nail teeth etc and getting everything neat.

3. Get an haircut- this can not be overstated,you need to look sharp and get an haircut that matches your face shape in order to look good

4.Be confident -A man in his bid to master women and be overly attractive to them must be confident and get is courage right so as to walk up to women and start conversations.women are attracted to men who have self confidence

5. Be a good conversationist – know how to keep up a conversation with a women and raise topics interesting to avoid boring the woman

What do you think of this. State in the comments below.

See some 9 habits of the rich people that can make you succeed

Being rich has little to do with luck and a lot to do with your habits. Tom Corley, author of “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits Of Wealthy Individuals”, analyzes the activities and habits of 233 rich people and 128 living in poverty.

The differences often come from daily habits, and for 40% of unconscious actions that we carry out in a day, which means that for almost half the time, we live on automatic pilot. According to these studies done in the USA, the gap between the habits of the rich and those of the poor is staggering, especially as some are obvious, others more surprising.

1 – Believe in your free will and dream of an El Dorado

Daily habits are essential to financial success. The rich man is convinced that its action impacted his life, that  a bad habit creates prejudice and good creating opportunities, opportunities to act and take this opportunity. The rich firmly believe that he is lucky when the poor think himself lucky, in fact, more than luck, one believes in him, and this dream is possible for him, he is convinced that life offers him unlimited potential, and he is ready to invest the time necessary to achieve this dream wealth.

The poor most often believe that their fate is linked to genetics, to their poor family tree, and therefore that they are not responsible for their financial situation. The rich, who most of the time has not always been rich, are aware of their power to make a difference.

2 – Exploit, maintain and help relationships

For him instinctively others are essential to his success, and also the colossal efforts that he must provide, he knows how to call them regularly to congratulate them, encourage them or help them or just greet them and take their news. It’s putting oil in the wheels of success. He enjoys meeting new people, values ​​his contacts and arouses maximum sympathy. He is convinced that loved, appreciated, he will increase his financial success.

3 – Live within your means and save money

The rich a priori knows how to earn a lot of money but above all how to save money and accumulate wealth. Many poor people are rich who have not been able to keep their money, instead of applying the famous 20/80 rule, save 20% of their income and live on 80%. The rich avoid spending too much, while those who are struggling in general have a lifestyle beyond their possibilities and go into debt.

4 – Use your creativity more than your intelligence

Creativity is essential to financial success; the wealthy often show inventiveness and imagination; for the poor to become rich one must be intellectually gifted or wealth most often arises accidentally. The poor impose self-limiting beliefs, and often think that they cannot get rich.

5 – take pleasure in working and do a lot

He likes, if not adores, his work. It is no coincidence that he works more than 50 hours per week, and the fact of loving what he does potentiates his creativity which turns into monetary value. The poor work to eat and get bored, without adding value to what they do and therefore without being able to get rich.

Those who have a hard time are crippled by the habit of limiting their work to their job description. He never gives more and his salary stagnates from year to year if he keeps his job. The wealthy make themselves indispensable in the eyes of their employer or their customers, work hard to achieve a collective objective from which they ultimately gain enrichment.

6 – Enjoy good health and take risks

Good health is essential to financial success, it is obvious that no one can make money in a hospital bed, for everyone less illness means less absence and more productivity.

The rich are rarely rich on the first try, they have often suffered failures and are hardened by taking blows, they are not afraid of failure and risk it, this is how often they can grasp the right opportunity. The poor often live very badly with their failures, guarding the scars that hurt them and prevent them from renewing their initiatives.

7 – Read a lot and avoid the Internet

Read yes but not just anything, information which increases your knowledge about your company, your sector, your profession or your career, which makes you more effective and more interesting for your colleagues, your customers. The rich make good use of their reading time on their way, devouring personal development books, biographies of successful leaders… and keeping up to date with current events. He reads because he wants to improve, to increase his knowledge, to better identify opportunities …

The poor often read little and when he does it is rarely for self-improvement, but for entertainment in front of a TV, a time consuming and expensive bad habit.

The majority of the rich do not watch television much, they surf the Internet for professional reasons, preferring to use their free time for personal development, volunteering, the pursuit of a noble goal, or the practice of a sport or of a hobby.

8 – Control and overcome your emotions

Not all emotion is good to be expressed. If you say everything that goes on in your mind, you often risk hurting yourself. Easy, uncontrolled speech is often noticed in someone struggling financially.

The rich filter their emotions and control them, they know how to wait for the calm of their mood to speak and consider a situation objectively. In particular, it overcomes the fear of changing, of making mistakes, of taking risks or of failing.

9 – Avoid procrastination and set goals

You cannot control the outcome of a wish, but that of a goal. Each year, the majority of the wealthy pursue at least one major goal. It is to fight against procrastination which harms the quality of the action. Everyone has their own trick, such as creating daily to-do lists or forcing yourself to “do now”.

The rich man acts instead of putting off until tomorrow, he knows how to refrain from speaking to listen, by doing so he learns a lot, understands others better and can act opportunely. Despite setbacks and setbacks, it often persists when the poor stop pursuing their goal and stop.

Study these 10 habits that can help to make you stand out of the crowd

10 Habits That Can Make You Stand Out Of The Crowd

In this article we shall be taking a look at some disciplinary habits that can transform you into a distinct person amongst others.

These includes but not limited to the following.

# Taking your bath with a very cold Water every morning can help you to 

✓ develops discipline, 

✓ Increases your mental power

✓ Gradually drives away fear from your life. If you have ever taken Cold water during harmattan , you will understand me better.

# Brain Task 

When you practice simple mental math you are definitely putting your mind to task, and also you are 

✓ also forcing your mind to expand 

✓ also your IQ and memory improves

✓ you equally develops creativity and imagination

And these when combined it generally makes you smarter.

# Study and Make Research

Do you know that anytime you read a novel or listen to a story about people you’ve never met, or places you’ve never visited, 

You brain automatically and immediately starts to form mental pictures of the people and places that you have seen or been to , so as to help you understand the story. 

# Avoid stressing your brain wrongly

Yes avoid stressing your brain in a bid to remember to something you forgot .

But rather you can help your brain to remember the ‘thing’ by simply trying to remember something else like event, actions that you recently perform that bears a close resemblance of that thing you’re trying to remember.

# Avoid unnecessary argument or confrontation

Yes you must as a matter of fact avoid confronting or having argument especially an ‘unhealthy argument’ (argument that you can learn anything from).

But rather try to maintain total silence for a few minutes before you answer a question or respond to a statement. 

Yes I tell you that the asker will gradually feel frustrated, especially if it was a question was meant to trick you into saying something that will demote you.

And they eventually, direct the question to another person or better still ask another question.

# Learn to apply subtle measures atimes

Yes the best way you can downplay an argument is by pretending that your mind is preoccupied with some other things that is More important which are causing you to look sad or better still use a quickest way out of an argument which is a by pretending that your opponent is winning the argument.

Although in his or her eye it will appear that he/she have won the argument and therefore derive pleasure out of it.

But the simple truth behind you action is that you save time while your opponent will look like a fool which means that you’ve actually won the argument; 

Study these 10 habits that can help to make you stand out of the crowd

10 Habits That Can Make You Stand Out Of The Crowd

In this article we shall be taking a look at some disciplinary habits that can transform you into a distinct person amongst others.

These includes but not limited to the following.

# Taking your bath with a very cold Water every morning can help you to 

✓ develops discipline, 

✓ Increases your mental power

✓ Gradually drives away fear from your life. If you have ever taken Cold water during harmattan , you will understand me better.

# Brain Task 

When you practice simple mental math you are definitely putting your mind to task, and also you are 

✓ also forcing your mind to expand 

✓ also your IQ and memory improves

✓ you equally develops creativity and imagination

And these when combined it generally makes you smarter.

# Study and Make Research

Do you know that anytime you read a novel or listen to a story about people you’ve never met, or places you’ve never visited, 

You brain automatically and immediately starts to form mental pictures of the people and places that you have seen or been to , so as to help you understand the story. 

# Avoid stressing your brain wrongly

Yes avoid stressing your brain in a bid to remember to something you forgot .

But rather you can help your brain to remember the ‘thing’ by simply trying to remember something else like event, actions that you recently perform that bears a close resemblance of that thing you’re trying to remember.

# Avoid unnecessary argument or confrontation

Yes you must as a matter of fact avoid confronting or having argument especially an ‘unhealthy argument’ (argument that you can learn anything from).

But rather try to maintain total silence for a few minutes before you answer a question or respond to a statement. 

Yes I tell you that the asker will gradually feel frustrated, especially if it was a question was meant to trick you into saying something that will demote you.

And they eventually, direct the question to another person or better still ask another question.

# Learn to apply subtle measures atimes

Yes the best way you can downplay an argument is by pretending that your mind is preoccupied with some other things that is More important which are causing you to look sad or better still use a quickest way out of an argument which is a by pretending that your opponent is winning the argument.

Although in his or her eye it will appear that he/she have won the argument and therefore derive pleasure out of it.

But the simple truth behind you action is that you save time while your opponent will look like a fool which means that you’ve actually won the argument; 

See 100 ways to achieve success

Success is something that cannot be achieved overnight. It requires hard work and perseverance, determination and strong willpower. It is up to you to choose whether you want to be successful, and there are a plethora of ways you can become successful!

Successful individuals all have similar attributes in common. The skills that help them to lead a successful life require building and practicing numerous habits. In this article, I chose to create a list rather than writing an essay-styled article. After writing countless posts on success, I thought I’d try something new and put together all the tips I have shared over multiple articles, into one list.

Personally, I find lists to be more memorable and effective as they are short and concise. Also, considering there is more than one particular method to achieve success, a list provides a better overall platform to showcase these methods.

This article is filled with 100 ways to achieve success and while it doesn’t provide you with details on “how to do something” to the T, it gives you the opportunity to create your own habits by picking and choosing what you want at your own pace! As Aristotle once said,

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

100 Ways to Achieve Success

In no particular order:

1. Pray and remember God

2. Set daily goals for yourself

3. Surround yourself with successful individuals

4. Focus on your goals and make your life goal-oriented

5. Imagine and visualize yourself being successful

6. Make a plan or blueprint for success

7. Be spontaneous and listen to your gut

8. Work with the flow of things

9. Stay away from distractions. Moreover, understand that your time is limited

10. Remove any false beliefs and ideologies

11. Develop self-confidence

12. Be open to new types of thinking

13. Improve your social skills

14. Be relevant and always up to date

15. Accept failure and learn from it

16. Be persistent and develop a relentless motor

17. Be flexible to your environment

18. Always take care of yourself

19. Exercise and maintain good physical health

20. Become educated and continuously strive to learn new things

21. Be both books smart and street smart

22. Strive to be successful for the right reasons

23. Speak the truth and be honest

24. Optimize your sleeping habits

25. Always believe in yourself and your abilities

26. Develop a routine and follow it

27. Manage your time

28. Be patient, calm and collected

29. Develop a goal-oriented approach

30. Have a strong desire to attain success

31. Think positive and make success your ultimate goal

32. Don’t make excuses for yourself

33. Be committed to your dreams. Always

34. Always be learning

35. Dream bigger than big

36. Focus on opportunities rather than failure

37. Always remember that obstacles are only temporary

38. Visualize your desired process and desired end goal

39. Be willing to be different than the rest

40. Become proactive and bold

41. Create a successful mindset

42. Play to your strengths while working on your weaknesses

43. Take a leap of faith

44. Learn and grow from feedback

45. Prioritize your time

46. Be mentally active and engaged

47. Find mental peace

48. Break down goals into smaller manageable chunks

49. Closely monitor your progress

50. Have an optimistic perspective on life

51. Communicate more effectively

52. Find people you can trust and rely on

53. Give generously and share what you have

54. Set time limits and restrictions on yourself

55. Find the purpose of your life or goal

56. Find the passion behind your goal

57. Always study successful people and imitate their positive attributes

58. Accept failure and learn from your mistakes

59. Remove fear and doubt from your thinking

60. Develop an inner locus of control

61. Commit to your journey

62. Take responsibility. Specifically, for your actions, ideas, and thoughts

63. Don’t procrastinate

64. Always be a hard worker

65. Always be bound by time

66. Don’t be addicted to anything. Furthermore, take control of your life

67. Be as productive as possible

68. Don’t oversleep. Don’t under sleep

69. Play sports and participate in extracurricular activities

70. Don’t waste time doing unnecessary things

71. Be dedicated to the task at hand and give your 100%

72. Never quit. Never stop

73. View failure as feedback

74. Develop an open perspective

75. Persevere

76. Organize your mind and thoughts

77. Learn to control your emotions

78. Improve your self-esteem

79. Shun bad-habits and replace them with good ones

80. Use your resources wisely

81. Become comfortable with yourself. Similarly, be comfortable with your surroundings

82. Learn how to make people like you

83. Depend on your instincts

84. Think things through

85. Be flexible and open to change

86. Be open to opinions and strong personalities

87. Identify your weaknesses

88. Solve problems

89. Don’t dwell on the negatives

90. Be altruistic and care for others

91. Always be 100% there

92. Overcome rejection

93. Always be humble

94. Make your goals public

95. Find support in others

96. Silence your inner critic

97. Always identify the most important tasks and complete them first

98. Learn how to remove stress as well as anxiety from your life

99. Don’t be scared to take the leap

100. Always take risks and chase success

See reasons why some hard working people are broke and poor

Being hardworking in today’s world means using physical strength in farming, hunting and fishing. Most hardworking people are broke and poor because of the following 5 reasons.

#1. Hardworking people usually depend more on their bones: We don’t need physical strengths but innovations inorder to create wealth or make money. We are currently in the era of brains and not the era of bones. We now do more of brainwork than hardwork. Stop depending so much on your physical strength but rather use your mental strength because the world is now about brains and not bones.

#2. Hardworking People sell a very limited Resources: Selling time for money which is usually done by hardworking people is one disastrous decision that would keep you broke and poor. The Rich sells value instead and buy time from the poor by employing them. Find your value, sell and duplicate it in millions all over the world through innovative thinking. Sell value because you can’t duplicate time but you can duplicate value.

#3. Hardwork prevents you from thinking: Thinking is the hardest job which makes it hard for most people to do. Work hard to improve your mind. Meditate more and go for self development programs. Don’t make your job the hardest.

#4. Hardwork stops you from getting financial Education: The problem about getting a job is that it keeps you from being rich. Most people that have a job doesn’t have time for financial Education. Read or listen to audio tapes about money for 30 minutes for six months and watch the wonders it will do to your life. The problem is not about the good pay in the job but the time it takes away from you in increasing your financial intelligence quotient.

With less than #20000, you can start these 20 businesses

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic distrupted our lives more than we could imagine. Lives have been lost. Jobs have been lost, and so many people have become disoriented.

Although, the government at different levels have tried to alleviate the people’s sufferings, and many spirited individuals and Organisation have assisted lives, but none of these efforts are suffice to combat the fallouts of the scourge.

The worst hit are those in the private sector of the economy. While many of then are been paid partially, many have not been paid for Months.

Among the worst hits are the Private School Teachers. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, the take home of many Private School Teachers had never taken any of them home successfully.

I have been at forefront of raising funds to do giveaways for these Teachers, and the Stories many of them tell me inbox traumatises me beyond words.

I’ve been left wondering on why many of them are not seeking ways out, beyond being tied to the aprons of their employers.

Recently, I discovered many of them may not know some of these Stuffs that can help them to become self sustaining for life. Many of these business ideas require zero Capitals, while majority of them require less than N20,000 to take off. A single person can combine 2 or 3 of them without much hazzles.

Let me not bore you with much rhetorics. Lets go.

1. Barbing/Neighborhood Hairdresser.

You can Start this in your house frontage. You can get a Clipper for less than N3,000. A fairly used generator costs around N8,500 to N9,000 here in Ibadan. Someone bought one around me recently. It’s not too difficult to Barb. I’ve been my own Barber for the past 14 years, not for lack of money, but for lack of time. I Barb overnight. If I barb my own head, why can’t I barb others. You may not be able to Barb special Styles, but neighborhood Kids pay up to N200 per service.

For ladies, you don’t need dryers or a special Salon. If you are skilled in plaiting hair, start earning from your Skills today. I pay Madam Letter Writer at least N300-N500 every Weekend, and the same applies to scores of neighborhood Kids.

2. Making and selling chilled Kunnun, Sobo, Soya drinks and small chops like Puff Puff, Buns and Scotched Eggs. (If you are based in Ibadan, my Wife will teach you all of this free of charge). Although it may require Hawking this Stuffs, but be assured of making a very good returns on this efforts.

3. Food Vendors.

If you can cook well, you can start selling food in your area. Sell food to construction site Workers. Sell cooked Food at Parks. You can make local Coleslaw’s for sale. Moin moin and others are in high demands by people who don’t have time to cook at home.

4. Still on Food. You can have an Akara (Beans Cake) Stand. I know a place where we queue to buy Akara, here in Ibadan. More than 4 boys are working for the Man, and they still can’t meet up with demands. Combine it with fried yams and peppered Ponmon in the afternoon. This one na money spinners.

5. Recharge Cards retailing at Parks and busy Junctions. You may not know, but N100 Glo Card is sold for N93 by dealers. MTN N100 goes for N96.50 and Airtel N100 goes for N95. If you can position yourself at a busy intersection, you can make a good Sales. You can combine this with the Sales of Cold Satchel Water and bottled drinks.

6. Vegetable plantings.

Do you know vegetables like spinach, Jute leaves (Ewedu) Okra and others are ready for harvesting in a matter of weeks, if you wet them adequately with Water? This can be combined with other Businesses, and trust me, the market is always in high demand of them.

7. Bread sales in the evening.

I don’t know if you’ve taken note of some Women. who come out to sale fresh bread in the evening. Some of the bread they sell at N300-N400 gives them nothing less than N50-N70 per one. Many of them sell as much as 40 or more daily, if they are in busy areas.

Why don’t you think of doing same? Do you see any of them crying yen yen yen around? They may not be stupendously rich, but are they begging to feed?

8. Roasted Corns.

Now that we are in the Season of Corns, I’m sure you’ve bought Corns for N50, or N100. Haven’t you? Many of those Corns don’t cost more than N20 or N30 at the farms, where these Women source them from. Yet, many of us won’t be ashamed to ask our Mothers who are making money from such in times like this. For how long?

9. Fresh Eggs sales.

Do you know Poultry Farmers don’t sell a crate of eggs more than N800-N900? Do you know you can become a neighborhood egg distributor? You can make between N100-N00 per crate. If the turnover is very good, you can make some very good returns from it. After a time, you won’t even need to take them round again. People would be coming round to ask by themselves.

10. Photography. 

Many of you have Phones with very good Cameras, but all you used them to take na Selfies. Do you know you can help people to do Photo Shoot with your Phones? Many people can’t afford Studio price, but they’ll be happy if you can help them at prices that is pocket friendly. Fortunately, all that many people want nowadays is the soft copies. For how long will you continue to sit on a whole company like your Phone?

11. Raising Day Old Chicks for weeks and reselling.

In Ibadan, day Old Cockerel Chicks sell as low as N10 on some days. Broilers at times go for between N100-N200 depending on Market factors. You can raise these birds for Weeks, and reselling them profitably. You’ll need basic training on this though.

12. Face Shield, Sanitizers, and Nose Masks.

Unknown to you, there are people who’ve made Millions from these items, since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. Believe it or not, this scourge is not leaving on any particular day. We may have to live with it for a while. Why not turn the setbacks to items of comebacks? Why not?

13. Home Tutors. 

Now that the Kids are home, you can continue holding home tuitions for Kids virtually. You can do Whatsapp recordings and send to Parents who can afford it for a token. It may sound off to you, but many of your Colleagues are making serious dough from this, but they won’t tell you.

14. Publishing Jobs outsourcing.

Dear Male Teachers, visit printing Centers and you’ll some jobs like collations outsourced to you. I know folks who make between N2,000-N4,000 at Mokola printing area in Ibadan, and Stadium printing area in Akure. I don’t know of other locations, but all they do is collating, stitching, and helping with other finishing aspects of publishing.

15. Housekeeping.

Ladies, do you know there are people who’ll pay you to come round and tidy up their hones? Such busy people won’t pay you only in Cash, they may also pay with groceries too.

16. Home Car Washing.

Guys, there are are people who’ll pay you handsomely, to come round and wash their Cars, with their own Water supply, Soaps, and on their Compound. They don’t just have the time to waste at any Car wash, and they’ll be grateful to have such service rendered to them in the confine of their homes.

17. Driving.

I know many people who can drive, but who are begging upandan for stipends, because their Schools are under locks and Keys.

I know a brother that earns N25,000 driving His Clients Kids to School, and picking them after closing. The Client owns for the Car and fuelling. 

There are people who need someone to drive them to work, and to come back and drive them back home in the evening. They are ready to pay handsomely for such part time services.

18. Errand runnings.

You can help those who are too busy to do Shopping. All they need to give you is the list of the items they need, and you help them acquire such, and they’ll pay you your Service charge. This is also linked to farm produce retailing. You buy from the farmers and resell to those who need it. In some cases, some people would pay ahead for such items.

19. Clothes Dry Cleaning.

How about helping others dry clean their Clothes? All you need is a good washing basin, and a good pressing iron. Doing home pick up and delivery will guarantee you a better return on this one.

20. Fast Food joints.

You can cook Noodles, fried Eggs, and Tea. It will surprise you how much patronage this will bring you in a couple of days. This is a Unisex business and I know people who are thriving well in this. It doesn’t require much to set up, and you are guaranteed steady source of income from it.

There are some others that may require more than the N20,000 threshold I set, and I hope to write more about them later. Let me just add an extra to this.

Has anyone ever wondered about the profitability of the Meat Barbecues, aka Suya business? Why is it dominated by the Hausa people only? Who told you it requires some rocket science? Who told you people won’t buy if you make Suya during the daylight?

I skipped dropshipping because I don’t know much about it, but I learnt it is lucrative too, and costs very little to run.

Inside this life, I’ve seen graduate work for almost a decade on a meagre Salary that ranges between N20,000-N20,000 without anything tangible to show for it. Funny enough, I’ve seen folks who can barely write their names who are doing one or two of the businesses briefly listed above, who’ve built their own houses, and successfully raise their Kids from their earning. Even if the Covid-19 pandemic siege is lifted, will the whatever you are going back to earn as take home take you home successfully?

Ask many people who are based Overseas, they are doing what you’ll considered menial jobs too, driving Taxis, Valet parking, opening doors, walking Dogs, delivering Pizzas, babysitting and so on.

My dear, when life throw Lemons at you, why don’t you make Lemonades out of them? Shey na like this you go dey jump from one giveaways post to the other? 

I sincerely hope to see some of you picking an idea or two from here, and going ahead to implement it. It may look crude at the beginning, but necessity is always the Mother of inventions. Keep at it, and the best shall evolve with time.

Please, if you are reading this and you have some ideas to share too, kindly chip in. If you are also reading it, and you feel like empowering one or two Teachers to take up any of this ideas as a stop gap in times like this, please reach out to me. As usual, there shall be due diligence with adequate feedbacks on such gestures.

If you want to be rich, know these 5 things

Here are some things you must avoid if you really don’t want to be poor at all in life,

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v Don’t work for money: this is very important because many people have been deceived about money, let me ask you,

Why do we work for money when it is printed continuously almost everyday?

Why do we go to college for 4 to 5 years just to be employed by a company that is owned by one ordinary one headed human?

Now my advice is this, allow your money work for you no matter how little it is.

You can work for people but don’t think like am employee.

How do employees think:

·      Some of them are satisfied with average success ‘I want to be promoted’

·      Employees settle down for little

·      They don’t have an option

Don’t pass through this life working hard to enrich someone else

v   Don’t hope on your certificate: sometimes I kind of feel that the slogan: {school na scam!!} is kind of true.

I have discovered that most of this Wealthy guys in the making were dropout, some didn’t even go to college at all yet they are still wealthy,

Being an academician is good but don’t hold your certificate in high esteem because ‘no be everybody wey go school get money’’

v Don’t be a rich fool: Success is not measured by the amount of money you have: we all know that money is needful, but it is not compulsory.

We can’t classify a wealthy foolish man as successful because success is not measured by your wealth but by your impact on other peoples life, and on your environment

you might be asking how, well take for instance a man that inherited his wealth from his parents, if he’s foolish, that wealth will melt away easily without making any impact on other peoples life.

Good wealth is characterized by stability, if you are rich today and tomorrow you become poor then you are not successful.

Give, share, love others, put smiles on other peoples face because that’s what is called real success

It is said that he who has only money in this life is the poorest of all living

v Don’t depend or trust anyone with your future: you know some people don’t really understand the principles of survival, You should never hope on anybody (human being) in a way that seems as if without that particular person you can’t survive. Well I don’t know about you but for me some of the people I trusted so dearly at the end messed me up.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t trust people, of course as humans we can’t do without trusting people, for instance, you trust your hubby(if married) that he will not cheat on you, you also trust the bank that they won’t defraud you. Yah we can’t do without trust but there should be a limit to it.

Well, that idea of ‘without him I can’t live’, ‘he’s the only hope of survival I have” should be erased out of your thinking because men really don’t worth it.

v Don’t sell your time, sell product: now what do I mean?, you work from 9 to 5 every week day and at the end of the month you get a fixed amount of money as your salary, you are not paid according to how hard you have work rather you are paid according to your time spent we all know that time is fixed, you can’t work for 25 hours in a day, it’s not possible, but you can use your 24 hours to sell an infinite number of products depending on its economic value.

When I say product, I mean anything, Ideas, paperwork, your services etc.

You don’t necessarily have to sell visible products, you can do something with your head, skill, talent etc.

You just have to shine no matter the circumstance, family background has but little to do with success.

Think, work, pray, study, research, be the best and you will be at the top.

Avoid crime because it don’t pay at all.

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Business: Understand this to avoid mistakes

Business is usually tough especially for beginners. You could imagine spending lots of money on a particular business, for example, Bakery, and for six months, you didn’t make any dividend. Instead, you have numerous debt to settle, workers to pay but later you realized the business failed because you didn’t have adequate knowledge about the business before you ventured into it.

Right in this article I will be sharing 5 things you need to know before starting a business.

Note: I will not explain most of my points detailedy.

1. First thing you need to note is your location(accessibility, light,water e.t.c)

2. Meet someone who is very successful in that business and learn from the person’s mistake not success.

3. If you have so many competitors reduce the size of your product and reduce the price or create quality and the one that has a little quality but cheap.

4. Don’t give up, even if you can’t meet up with turn overs.

5. Ask for Guidance from God.

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Relationship: 4 Things that ladies want from guys

Most guys today think that girls only want money from a guy which isn’t true because there are other things ladies value when given to them by a guy the like. I always advice men to know the type of lady they are with or they want because this will save you alot of problems that may arise in the cause of your relationship.

In this article, I will be sharing my opinion on 5 things ladies wants from a guy apart from money. See them below;

1. Ladies loves when you give them time and attention. As a man, your girlfriend wants your time and attention because it can serve as a proof that you are in love with her.

2. Ladies wants care and affection, if you have a girlfriend you should learn how to care and be there for her when she needs you.

3. Women wants integrity and honesty from a man. Most men do not know this, if you want a girl to like try as much as possible to be truthful and honest.

4. Women wants a man that can make them feel heard, a man that is very good at listening anytime she talks.

Motivation: See the 7 keys to success

Success await for the person who say yes to it. If you want to be successful in life you fight for it. Success is achieving your goals, dreams and vision in life in other to set a bigger goal because most successful people never stop, if they reach their goal they set a bigger goal. No one is you and that is your power, if you decide to make it in life you work for it, if you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.

You want to be successful ask your self why? The reason will motivate you, then you take steps no matter if the step you are about to take is small, but don’t worry sometimes the smallest step you take may end up being the biggest step of your life. Action create motivation don’t say it is not yet time get up and start doing something

On your way to success, you will encounter different things which will make you to want to give up, but dear giving up should not be an option for you, you know every successful person have a painful story to tell. Keep fighting expecting things to change without putting in any effort is like waiting for a ship at the airport. Accept the pain and get ready for success. 

Here are seven keys to success that will motivate you

#1. Hard work

This mean putting a lot of effort or endurance even if things are falling apart. My dear to succeed in life you need to be hardworking even if you fail, failure is not falling down but refusing to stand up back. There is never any short cuts to success but hardwork which help to achieve desired goals in life. It is the most important key to success. An idle person can never gain anything if they sit and wait for the better opportunity to come, start something work hard and strive for success. Hard work is above and beyond, it is the only thing that push you above and beyond continuing working hard never stop and never give up till you succeed.

#2. self confidence

Believing in yourself is one important key that will make you be successful. Try hard to not doubt your self, as soon as you trust your self you will learn to fight for success. Impacting positive thinking will help you focus on the bright side of life. Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.

#3. Determination

Once you are determine that is exactly what it takes to succeed. Determination is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles. If you are determine to make it in life you without let anything or anyone stop , you are on your way to success. So never stop fight for your dreams, because failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough.

#4. Discipline

Discipline allows you to achieve your goals by working out the distraction in your life. Discipline mean training, studying, learn and apply a system of standard. If you discipline yourself you will be able to control yourself and reach your goals.

#5. Focus 

Focus, it is the act of concentrating on what you want to do, if you want to succeed in life you have to focus on things that will make you successful and never lose focus because of what people tells you. Believe in yourself and stay away from people that tell you, “you won’t make it”, “it doesn’t pay”, “I have tried but it didn’t work out”. No! focus on your dreams no matter what, don’t let anything to draw you back. Your page may be different from another person, so never compare yourself with others, for comparison is a great thief of Joy.

#6. Action

Take action it create motivation, it speaks louder than voice,“I will make it in life”, “I will do it”, “I will ride the latest car some day”, “I will make my mother proud”,“ I will surprise people”. I will, I will when will you. Take action and start now, work on your dreams because time wait for no one. Stand up and fight for the word“ success”.

#7. Prayer

It is the act of communicating with God. Communicate with God and tell him your problems because the devil is always roaming around look for whom to destory. Roman 10 vs13 says, God will be there for you, whenever you call upon his name. No matter what, don’t think you are not worthy to come in his presence Matthew chapter 9 vs13 says, But go and learn what this mean: I desire mercy not sacrifice for I have not come to call the righteous but the sinners.

  Refuse to give up. Believe what God made you, he never made a failure believe God has a purpose for your life. Time is limited, save time life is not a game. It just a matter of time, you need to struggle, hustle and always pray. There is no way a successful man will succeed without crossing the street of failure. 

Therefore, make everything count in your life, be hardworking, self confidence, determined, focus, take action and never forget God which is the key to “success” and “happiness in life”.

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11 Reasons money don’t stay with you

Here are 11 ways you are staying in debt, and don’t know what to do about it.

1. Your expenses are too high

This one is obvious. If you have backed yourself into a corner by amassing a huge house payment, huge car payments, large insurance premiums, and other gigantic fixed costs, then you are never going to have any money to pay down your debt.

If you want to pay your debt, you must reduce your expenses. Get a used car. Downsize to a smaller house. Shop around for insurance. Cancel recurring subscriptions. Question everything. Do anything you can to lower your expenses so you can begin to put that saved money towards your debt.

2. You have no additional income

If you only have one source of income, odds are that you base all of your expenses on that.

AThe secret to being able to save money and pay down debt is doing things on the side that you enjoy that will also make you extra money. Pick up freelance work that can make you an extra few hundred a month.

You can then leverage this money to build a side business, which can turn into an enjoyable way to get extra cash flow to begin paying down your debt.

3. You have no picture of your money

Do you know where your money goes each month? If you look at your bank account and just sit there wondering, “What did I spend all of that on?” then you have an issue.

Sign up for an automated financial tracking site, like, to get a better idea of what you’re spending where without having to do all of the manual work of balancing your income and expenses. This can help you perform a detailed analysis of where your money goes, and make changes based on the results.

4. You don’t take advantage of technology

The technology that exists today is incredible. You can literally pay your debt on autopilot. All it takes is a few minutes to set up an automated transaction to your creditors each month. You’ll find ways to adjust.

5. You use your time poorly

How many hours a week do you work? 40? Do you do anything after work to make extra money? Are you furthering your education to increase your worth? Are you networking to increase your level of influence?

Expenses, if left alone, will almost always increase over time. If you’re not using your time wisely, you’ll never increase your ability to earn more to keep up with those expenses, keeping you at the same level of income and plunging you further into debt as your expenses increase over time.

Always be improving your ability to earn more.

6. You run a balance on your credit cards

Credit card debt is the absolute worst type of debt you can have, because the interest rates are so high. You can literally rack up tens of thousands of dollars in interest alone in just a few years. Yet so many people just view them as a way to pay for things without actually having to pay for them.

But the fact is, that minimum payment is going to grow and grow over time as you spend more, and you eventually won’t be able to get any more credit. At that point, you’re going to have to pay before you can buy anything else. That’s no way to live.

Use credit cards wisely. Only put items on them that you can pay off each month. The day you start to run a balance on your credit card is the day you start racking up hundreds of dollars in interest, and it’s hard to escape from the high rates of credit cards.

7. You worry about everyone else

The quickest way to get into debt and stay there is to start worrying about what everyone else thinks of you. The fact is, not everyone makes the same amount of money, but everyone likes to try to act like they do.

Stop worrying about what the image your car, house, clothes, and whatever else says about you and just live the life you are able to without going into debt. At the end of the day, those things are just liabilities on your balance sheet, nothing more.

8. You don’t have a spending plan

Money is made to be spent, but if you do not have a plan for what you are allowed to spend it on, then you’re going to be throwing it around everywhere.

Sit down and think about what brings you the most joy to spend your money on, and allow yourself a guilt-free spending fund each month. Spend it on one or two things that bring you joy and cut it off there.

9. You afford things

“Affording” things is a very quick way to get into debt. Because when you afford things, you are only thinking about how you can leverage all you own to buy them. Unless it’s your house, only buy things you can pay off completely in less than two years.

Otherwise you’ll spend your whole life with monthly payments towards things that are probably worth less than you owe on them.

10. You buy too many little things

10 bucks here, 20 bucks there, $8.50 there—it all adds up. It’s very easy to tell yourself that “It’s only $10. Go ahead and spend it.” But the problem with that is when you keep saying that day after day, eventually you’ve spent $300 on nothing but a bunch of little trinkets, snacks, and things you ultimately don’t need that will just end up in a yard sale.

Resist the urge to spend money on little things. You’ll be a lot happier with one high-quality, large purchase.

11. Your money is not working for you

With a boatload of debt, you’ll never be able to invest in anything.

At some point in your life, your money must make money for you, not the other way around. Instead of spending all of your money, save some of it to invest in assets that will make you money over time.

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